September 27, 2009

hey there

Hey guys and gals. Sorry I've been non existent in the blog world. Just surviving day to day.

Notable happenings in the past while:
we went to a Pelicans game, the minor league ball club here at the beach. Bubba loved it and is anxious to go again, however the season is over.

I've gone to two concerts, Trent Tomlinson, with inlaws and girls from the office. Had a blast. Rode the mechanical bull, which was a lot of fun. Kenny Chesney was the other show, down in Charleston. W and I went to that and he put on a fantastic show. Future planned concerts are James Otto, which I am very excited about, and also Jason Aldean, again incredibly excited about. Both shows are in November, so still have to wait a while. There's a possibility we'll go see Chris Young, too, but not sure about that yet.

Bubba started school!!! He absolutely loves it, and is doing well. I think he's adjusted great, with the exception of getting up at six am. Mama hasn't adjusted to that too well, either.

W is about the same, if not worse. The swelling continues to come and go, and sometimes it takes longer and longer to go away even with the heavy duty meds he takes to fix it. Doesn't look good. Still no word from disability, but once it comes down, it probably won't be good. If we have to request a hearing, I believe it takes 18 months to be heard. Crazy, huh. Then if we actually get it from the hearing, there's other problems, like the fact that his monthly amount still won't really be enough to live on.

Mama is still unable to find work. She's incredibly frustrated and I don't blame her.

The inlaws came for a visit the week Bubba started school, and it was fun. They had a beach house again, and we spent a lot of time there. I saw dolphins the one morning I went for a walk on the beach alone. Wish I'd had someone to share the experience with, but it still was a big boost for my mood.

let's see...Bubba has had his first sinus infection. His allergies have really kicked in, and since he doesn't like to blow his nose, it all stayed up in there and led to the infection. he still has a few more days of antibiotics, but he's feeling better. Cough gets better every day, and I'm hoping it quits soon. he missed two days of school from it too, which he was very upset about.

Other than that, it's the same around here. Hope all is well with everyone. As usual, I'm always on Facebook if anyone has the desire to check in.