September 27, 2006

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Okay, we'll really be in my Dodge Stratus, but I'M GOING ON VACATION!!!

Ahem. And why, you ask am I up this early? My genius husband planted the idea in my head that instead of leaving at 7 or 8, we should get up early and beat some traffic. Do you know where my darlin, lovely husband is right now? STILL SLEEPING! I've already taken a luxuriously long shower, complete with shaving yet he's still snoozing. But nothing bothers him more than to hear me typing away, so I'll use this to wake him up. ahahahaha.

Anyway. We're heading off to Virginia this morning, and I'm so excited. I was able to wrap things up at work yesterday without any problems. One boss was actually out of town, in Virginia, and is coming back today. The other took it easy and had no appointments, so there wasn't any new work to worry about. Yipee!! I actually managed to get everything I wanted to finish off my desk.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, my friends. When I pop onto the computer to pay bills tomorrow, maybe I'll swing by and say hello, but no promises. I know I'm gonna be in blog withdrawal, tho, I read WAY too many people pages.

Catch ya Saturday or Sunday most likely.

September 25, 2006


Can anyone, and it's probably you, Jenn, tell me where the heck I'm supposed to put the Adsense code so ads show up??! I swear this is more trouble than it's worth. I see the part in the Template where there is a bunch of code, and when I try to put it there, it won't save the changes and says the code stinks. So where else am I supposed to put it, and it came straight from the Adsense site. I know how frustrated you are, Jenn. I don't know how much more time/effort I'm going to put into it.

September 24, 2006

Oh yeah

Welcome to whoever has come over from MSN. I finally got this address posted over there, and now I have to make sure when commenting on blogs to list this on instead. If any of you have my old site bookmarked, kindly update to this one, could ya? Thanks. Now that it will be easier to comment, I hope to have more people leaving comments.

For some reason in the last post, I could not get spaces between paragraphs, and that is bugging me. I'm not messing with it anymore but hopefully that isn't a long standing problem. I like spaces between my paragraphs!

see ya!

A week later

So last Sunday we all trekked back to the Pavilion, the amusement park that is closing down at the end of this month. We went with W's family last time, this time it was my mom and dad, and our new neighbors. Bubba was a little cranky, because again, we couldn't get him to take a nap, but the day was awesome and he really had a good time. We all got ride all day passes, except for W because really, he couldn't ride anything, cept kiddy rides, and the rest of us took turns doing that with Bubba. Having the ride all day, we were able to ride a bunch of different things I didn't get to ride last time. It was great. HOT, most of the day, however. And I totally indulged and got a funnel cake, topped with powdered sugar and apple filling. OMGoodness it was sooo fricking good. We walked around enough that we earned it, that's for sure.
So that was last weekend. This weekend has all been about finalizing vacation stuff and working, I got both shifts at the radio station. They offered that in an effort to make up for only two hours last week, and being off next week. Bubba is at G-ma's today, and I'll head down there after the race for dinner, Bubba's favorite, spaghetti and meatballs. He pigged out on pizza yesterday, I was so impressed, he at THREE pieces of pizza, minus crusts. That's a LOT for him. When he decides to eat, look out because he'll throw down. Like his daddy.
Okay, Cup race coverage is about to start, I gotta be paying attention.
Talk again soon, hopefully before vacation. But if not, I'll be home sometime on the 30th, and will try to update on the 2nd from work, but that's going to be hectic after three days off.

September 19, 2006

Okay, I've done some MORE work here, and I'm about ready to post the link to my old site. I don't know what happened to the Adsense stuff, cause it was showing up before. I doubt I would have made much, if any, money from it, so I'm not too concerned. A friend is having trouble with it too, so I'm just letting it slide for now. Maybe it will show back up again.

I have a post brewing about the weekend. Just too busy at work right now, maybe closer to quitting time.

Update: So I get the email from Adsense saying they've approved my account and all is well, but nothing is showing up, even the public service ads that were up last week. What gives? Bah, no biggy. Guess I'm just outta luck. Considering all the technology malfunctions at the office today, it's no surprise the internet is wonky, too.

September 14, 2006

*wave* HI!

Ok, so I've done a bit more messing around with this page, and I'm kinda enjoying it. Big time improvement I think from MSN, which has gotten to be a major pain. I think it will be fully running by the end of next week, I'm going to go post a note on the MSN page directing whoever cares to read, to come here.

September 12, 2006


Okay, so I still haven't decided if I'm keeping this place. If I knew how to transfer archives from my old site, I'd seriously consider it. But I've no idea how to do that.

I'm exhausted today. We were supposed to leave for vacation this morning. I'm so swamped at work, it's probably a good thing we changed dates. I have FOUR big immigration files to work on and two small ones. Such a pain.

See y'all later.