August 27, 2008


I've not been purposely neglecting my blog, there just isn't anything worth blogging about. Work sucks. So insanely busy all the time, I rarely get a break. It's mostly immigration work which I'm so over, but I can't do anything since Boss2 loves it. We had it out a bit today, since he sided with a client who said I was rude/short/unprofessional. Whatever. She started it, and I'm sick of taking abuse from clients who don't want to leave messages for the attorney when I can't answer their questions. So yeah, I'm ready to go home for the day.

Bubba has been behaving pretty well, which is so nice. Some mornings I'm still really grumpy with him, but only when he wakes up insanely early and won't go back to sleep.

W isn't feeling good today, so I'm expecting a round of puking to sweep through the house, since not just one of us can ever catch it.

We have a trip planned to the zoo in Columbia with my parents, brother and nephew. So it figures, something that *I'm* looking forward to will probably get botched up with illness. Guess we'll just have to see.

We avoided the mess that was Fay, for the most part, and it remains to be seen what Gustav does. That said, yesterday was a messy, nasty day full of thunder and lightning and tornadoes in the area all totally unrelated to tropical stuff. Summer in the south, y'all, never a dull moment weather wise.

August 09, 2008

what a week

Last post was prophetic, friend died Monday night about 10:15. Mom and Dad and I, along with Bubba went out Thursday morning, for the viewing that evening, chipped in for a room and the funeral was Friday. Bubba didn't behave great, but he wasn't drastically horrible. As bad as funerals are for us, they are impossible for kids, who don't fully understand. I thought George was being cremated, but he hadn't been YET, so when we walked in to the viewing, I thought there might be some awkward moments with Bubba, since I hadn't mentioned anything about a body. He sailed through, thankfully.

I hate funerals. The only upside was spending (too little) time with our group of extended family from back home (you know - folks you've known forever who are just as family as blood.) I FINALLY got to meet my wonderful friend K's twins, who are so freaking adorable. Bubba, for the first time, was the oldest of the little ones, with the next age up being a ten year old. He shared well, which surprised me....he just got way too loud and rowdy for the funeral, and I don't even wanna talk about how he behaved at church for could have been worse, but it wasn't great, either.

I spent my Saturday morning cutting the grass, and raking the grass. Got too worn out to do the weed whacking, so that's tomorrow. Ugh. Plus, I had two days worth of other home chores to catch up on, because W didn't do squat, other than put clothes in the dryer and run (but not empty) the dishwasher. Oh well.

We're also having a cook out for W's belated birthday, and the neighbor's birthday sometime tomorrow.

I'm hanging at the station, doing a race I don't even wanna pay attention to at all. Silly road course races.

August 04, 2008

family portrait

One of the advantages of a professional photographer in the family is great pictures. This is our newest, and I think only real, family portrait, taken at camp I think on the 5th of July. My husband is actually smiling, which is rare to begin with, and rarer still in pictures.

Our bedroom closet decided to implode last nite. We were both just about asleep when CRASH BOOM BANG, all the contents of the shelves, including jewelry boxes, on the floor, spilled. My dress clothes for work, on the floor, because the shelving unit had fallen to about a foot off the floor. So we have a new project, which I was NOT expecting at all. W went out for the wood to make better shelves, whatever else today. So I'll get schooled in home improvement again, as I learn how to hang shelves, etc. I swear we have a black cloud over us again.

I'm expecting the call about the family friend any day now. I'll be going out for the funeral, but probably not staying over, because there just wouldn't be room, and neither my parents or I can really afford a hotel room right now. The gas to and from is gonna be bad enough. Don't think Bubba will go because his behavior is too erratic after three plus weeks being spoiled by Grammy and company (not that they admit that of course.) W just couldn't handle the trip, and being up and on his feet all day so he'll stay home, too.

Will update soon if I can.