February 26, 2008

even quicker update

Blood patch was successful yesterday, however we spent the entire day at the doc. I ended up with migraine from hell for whatever reason, and by the time we picked Bubba up from the sitter I was positive I was dying. Made it home, crashed on the couch, moaning. Took two (normally I only take one) sleeping pills and woke up with no headache around 3 am. Then managed to oversleep, because W didn't hear my alarm (I stayed on the couch.) W woke up with ANOTHER headache, but don't know if it is spinal or just migraine. I've had about enough.

Side note: My sitter is quitting after Thursday and I have no alternative child care, except for W. Which is no big deal except we have a bunch of doc appointments upcoming and Bubba cannot attend them. Must find a preschool or something, but I have no time to research and go visit, etc. etc. BLAH!

February 24, 2008

quick update

How do I put this without sounding totally pathetic? W's procedure went. How's that. I don't wanna say it went good, because that would imply he's getting relief from the thingamajig, and he's not. I don't wanna say it went bad because the surgeon didn't actually have to cut him, like we expected. However, since he DIDN'T cut him, he didn't get optimal placement so he's not getting much relief. Also, he's been the lucky recipient of a spinal headache, and any ladies out there who had complications after an epidural for childbirth will know what I mean. Basically it means he's had to be flat on his back for as much as possible since we got home Friday night. So, things have been crappy here....There may be a trip back to the doctor tomorrow, depending on what they say when he calls in the morning. They weren't concerned when I called them yesterday morning with our concerns about the headache. When someone who's gone to the hospital for a migraine in the past says it's worse than his worst migraine, I'M CONCERNED!!!!!

One positive thing to say. Here's the link to the Muzik Mafia webpage showing me as one of the winners of the trivia contest. YAY! http://www.muzikmafia.com/gonecountrytrivia.php

Catch y'all soon, hopefully with better news about W. Now off to bed. Gonna be another long day tomorrow.

February 19, 2008

I swear I'm not trying to compete with Andy with sweepstakes things

Cross post from Mafia site:

While it didn't contain any official notification about the trivia contest, my husband informed me this afternoon that a package arrived from Nashville for me. Nashville, I questioned? Open it, it's gotta be from Gone Country!! AND IT WAS!!!A tshirt, autographed pic of the entire cast, including JR and a Muzik Mafia poker chip. WOOO HOOO! I've entered three of the trivia contests so far, but it specifies the first FIVE correct responses win, and there's no way I've been among the first five. But I got stuff for some reason and it's AWESOME!! I'm so excited, I can't wait to get home and look at it!!!!!YAY for me, and Missy, I hope you get something, too!!!!

February 16, 2008

well damn

I no sooner dropped Bubba off at Nanny's on Thursday morning, all prepared for his double night sleepover, when W calls me with news...seems the doctor's office called him. To reschedule his appointment. So no surgery yesterday. It'll be next week, instead. Bubba got a sleepover anyway because we didn't want him to be disappointed. That basically allowed us to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day. It was nice. We ate way too much food, but had a good time. I should have taken a picture of W's steak, it was gigantic.

Otherwise, things are about the same. I'm a bit sad about something, tho. My good friend A, she of the all nite ER excursion went back to Pennsylvania. It's supposed to be for about six months, in order for her to get her medical issues straight, but I'm worried she won't be back, at least not permanently. Her husband wanted her back so that he could better watch over her and get her fixed up. Turns out, well so the first doctor says, that it isn't her sinuses that are the problem, but cluster migraines. What most people don't know about serious migraines is that they act like mini-strokes. If you get one and simply suffer through it waiting for it to get better, it leaves your brain weak, and susceptible to another one. Then you get them over and over with less time in between. There are meds that will stop the cycle. Basically, she's going to see a neurologist, because she is showing signs from the bad migraines of stroke damage. So in addition to being sad about her being so far away, I'm worried about her, too. She called W two days in a row, and they had the exact same conversation, because she didn't remember calling the first time. I really hope she gets better.

I was supposed to be off today, but I didn't want two weekends off from the station, so I called and asked to be put back on. Luckily, they let me. Oh holy hell, I forgot something BIG!!!

W won a trip to Darlington raceway, where I went last Mom's day with my parents for the race. It's a Marlboro Hot Laps Experience. We'll get toted around the track in an IROC car, which is a racecar, but not as big as the regular NASCAR cars. They can make about 200 miles per hour, but I don't think they'll go that fast with us in the car. We'll be suited up and all and it's gonna be great. We'll also get to climb in and strap into a souped up Mustang, and go around the slick track, where they go really fast, turn hard and slide for like ten feet through the turn, then again, over and over. AWESOME!!! I'm very excited. It's next month. I'll keep you posted, and I guarantee LOTS of pictures. (and no comment about the fact I still haven't posted Christmas pics.)

Well, about time to get some work done here. I'll catch ya'll soon. If I don't post before next week, if all goes well, W will have surgery on the 22nd. And if it works, he'll be better. It's more complicated than that, obviously, but I wish it was that plain and simple.

Have a great weekend y'all. Sorry I haven't been commenting much, either. I've been swamped at the office and there's no sign of that changing anytime soon.

February 09, 2008

Gentlemen, START YOUR ENGINES!!!!!

WOOOOO! I'm in my glory again, y'all. Bud Shootout tonite, the precursor to the Superbowl of Motorsports, the Daytona 500. Very excited. I know none of y'all are into racing, but this is exciting for me. Obviously I'm at the station right now. Just about done taping my shift for tomorrow nite, pre-race still going on and then it's time to go racin'!

The docs changed W's surgery date to FRIDAY!!!! So completely unprepared. Bubba will sleep over at Nanny's two nites, I have to make arrangements for Angel Food pickup since we don't know when we'll get back on Saturday, or even IF he'll get discharged on Saturday. Trying not to freak out, but the closer we get, the more I do. I think W is stressing a bit too, he's nervous and all that. Just pray for us, k?

Ok, off to finish my shift, and then glue myself to the radio board and the TV. GO DALE JR!!!

February 05, 2008


Ya'll, I gotta say, life is boring and dull around the hideaway lately. Unless you count the four hours I spent in the ER with my bestest bud, A, last nite. Got home around midnite. Exhausted today. She's fine, was just a wicked migraine that needed some pain meds to fix. One IV, (two sticks) one shot of drugs and she was much better. She even forgave me for making her go, and neglecting to mention that her mom would be waiting for her at home (flew in by husband from PA.)

otherwise, things are about the same. I work and work and work. I fight with the boys, but that has been improving lately.

W has a date with a scalpel again. I'm praying for results this time. At least some relief would be appreciated, considering this makes surgery number 3. I'll keep you (somewhat) informed.

Bubba is doing well for the most part. We got Guitar Hero 3 from W's brother, M for Christmas, complete with TWO guitars! Lordy, it's addicting. I never really had the desire to play it before we had it, but now I want to spend hours on it, and I can't. So a little here and there must do. Bubba likes trying to play, but has resorted to dragging his little drum set to stand next to me and drum while I play. Too cute, honestly.

Work sucks. But to be expected, it's work. Radio station time should pick up next weekend, as racing is back on the schedule!!!! Man I've been waiting for it. However, it will mean big chunks of Saturdays away from the boys, again. However, Bubba came to work with me last weekend for a quick remote, two hours. He did great...watched a movie, hogged the computer. Not sure I'd want to try that for a race, but it's on option if necessary.

K, I gotta go back to ignoring my work. No, I've gotten a lot done today, I'm just totally unmotivated because I'm so tired. I'd love to crawl into bed soon as I get home, but that won't happen.

Catch y'all later.