February 16, 2008

well damn

I no sooner dropped Bubba off at Nanny's on Thursday morning, all prepared for his double night sleepover, when W calls me with news...seems the doctor's office called him. To reschedule his appointment. So no surgery yesterday. It'll be next week, instead. Bubba got a sleepover anyway because we didn't want him to be disappointed. That basically allowed us to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day. It was nice. We ate way too much food, but had a good time. I should have taken a picture of W's steak, it was gigantic.

Otherwise, things are about the same. I'm a bit sad about something, tho. My good friend A, she of the all nite ER excursion went back to Pennsylvania. It's supposed to be for about six months, in order for her to get her medical issues straight, but I'm worried she won't be back, at least not permanently. Her husband wanted her back so that he could better watch over her and get her fixed up. Turns out, well so the first doctor says, that it isn't her sinuses that are the problem, but cluster migraines. What most people don't know about serious migraines is that they act like mini-strokes. If you get one and simply suffer through it waiting for it to get better, it leaves your brain weak, and susceptible to another one. Then you get them over and over with less time in between. There are meds that will stop the cycle. Basically, she's going to see a neurologist, because she is showing signs from the bad migraines of stroke damage. So in addition to being sad about her being so far away, I'm worried about her, too. She called W two days in a row, and they had the exact same conversation, because she didn't remember calling the first time. I really hope she gets better.

I was supposed to be off today, but I didn't want two weekends off from the station, so I called and asked to be put back on. Luckily, they let me. Oh holy hell, I forgot something BIG!!!

W won a trip to Darlington raceway, where I went last Mom's day with my parents for the race. It's a Marlboro Hot Laps Experience. We'll get toted around the track in an IROC car, which is a racecar, but not as big as the regular NASCAR cars. They can make about 200 miles per hour, but I don't think they'll go that fast with us in the car. We'll be suited up and all and it's gonna be great. We'll also get to climb in and strap into a souped up Mustang, and go around the slick track, where they go really fast, turn hard and slide for like ten feet through the turn, then again, over and over. AWESOME!!! I'm very excited. It's next month. I'll keep you posted, and I guarantee LOTS of pictures. (and no comment about the fact I still haven't posted Christmas pics.)

Well, about time to get some work done here. I'll catch ya'll soon. If I don't post before next week, if all goes well, W will have surgery on the 22nd. And if it works, he'll be better. It's more complicated than that, obviously, but I wish it was that plain and simple.

Have a great weekend y'all. Sorry I haven't been commenting much, either. I've been swamped at the office and there's no sign of that changing anytime soon.


Cabol said...

I think Andy is jealous 'cause ya'll one a trip, and he's only won a loaf of bread and a tide pen. (Okay, there's a few other things, but not trips.) Even though I'm not a racing person, that still sounds cool.

Winning Sheep said...

Hey, man, I won a pair of shoes tonight!

Missy said...

I hope your friend starts feeling better soon. That is really scary. Hopefully this week works well for your hubby's surgery too. Have fun at that race. I have always wanted to go to one of them!!! Have a great week you super busy woman. Still don't know how you pull it all off!!! ha ha ha