June 24, 2008


The rumoured show with James Otto at the local country bar has been confirmed. I was initially extremely excited, until I saw the date. Now I'm heartbroken. It's next Saturday night. I will not be in Myrtle Beach next weekend. I would have been able to meet him and everything. I'm so upset. I held out on going to the huge music festival he was performing at because I knew he was supposed to come to the Beachwagon. While I know there are more important things to be upset about, this is just about the last straw in all the things that are just not working out in my life. I can't even mention it to my husband because he won't understand, which really, not many people will. All the little things I look forward to, the minor stuff I enjoy is all going to crap.

I'm incredibly stressed out about this trip next week (did I even mention it?) We're going camping for the fourth, up in PA, it's W's mama's birthday. No big deal, with the exception of gas prices and the fact we'll be hauling the ginormous camping trailer all the way up there, including through the treacherous mountains in WV.

I'm trying to stay positive, I really am. It's just not working. I'm not sure it'll ever work.

June 23, 2008

Since it's the internet...

and I can say whatever I want:


RIP George Carlin. I remember playing my parents RECORD of Class Clown with the above monologue and loving it. I was like ten or something.

for the record, I use four of these on a pretty regular basis....any guesses as to which?

June 19, 2008


I should totally have a media type blog for all the tv stuff I watch.

Anyway, in case anyone else is as addicted to F/X network shows like me, I finally found out when The Shield is starting back up (not soon enough, actually) and found this page that has all kinds of one on one interviews with cast members.....enjoy if you are interested.


June 17, 2008

Bad news two days in a row is NOT a good way to start the week.

My mama was 'downsized' yesterday. In other words, fired. Stupid piece of crap company. I never should have told her about that job, it's with the same place that fired W under the loophole of FMLA. A whopping two weeks severance, which doesn't include her accrued sick or vacation time. Bastards. Not to mention her health insurance will expire at the end of the month, and there's no way she can afford the COBRA. (same problem we had with it. who has an extra grand a month for inadequate health care?)

Bubba did not get into the preschool. We got the rejection letter today. Mainly, because he's too smart. His evaluation showed he didn't need any remedial help. I suppose I could have been dishonest on the questionnaire *I* filled out about him, but that is just not me. I don't even think that would have made much of a difference because of the testing they did on him. W is supposed to check with the other school, not our district, to find out what we need to do about getting him transferred into there, if we even can. He'd already be in regular daycare if I could afford it and then he wouldn't have the issue with social skills and he'd be fine to wait a year to start kindergarten.

Other news I'm expecting soon, and I'm surprised I haven't gotten it yet: A man who is like a grandfather to me is on his deathbed. He's the patriarch of the close knit family that I grew up with. I used to babysit one batch of his granddaughters (one of which just graduated high school), and his other granddaughter is my best friend up in Ohio. He is currently under hospice care at home, they are simply keeping him medicated while his body shuts down. I wish it wasn't going to end this way, but it is. We love you George and we'll miss you.

June 12, 2008


We lost. Bad. Not too upset, because our team was a bit shorthanded and they had plenty. We kinda sucked. But again, I'm not upset. The total count is two games all, but I'm not playing again, as I've told my boss. I'm done. Too much drama, too many chiefs, not enough indians. Very little teamwork on our part and that had me quite mad yesterday. Not hurting as bad today, maybe because I stretched out really good, or because I didn't play as hard. It was so damn hot, it was hard to get motivated. My head hurts, thanks to the fly ball I completely missed, and took it on the head. Funniest play of the night, thanks to me. Oh well. I'm not dead, no serious bruise, just some aches.

June 11, 2008

My new addiction

I'm an animal nut...this link goes to a live camera feed of a mama lion and her babies...I've been watching them (off and on) all afternoon...all they've done is sleep and I'm hoping they'll wake up before I leave for softball. Oh, I found the link on Cute Overload. (They said it was mountain lion, but I disagree....could I be wrong? maybe, but I don't think so.)


minutes after posting, some of the babies are moving around! hooray! Also, my boss just informed me I will be batting lead off....no pressure, but FUCK!

June 09, 2008

Some pictures.

The tshirt for softball..we're playing again this Wednesday. argh.

This is how he fell asleep in my bed the other nite. Doesn't look too comfy.

My handsome brother P and his handsome son A, he of the eye issues.

Oh yeah, I'm at the beach, having a good time!

He was COVERED with sand, he was digging like a dog.

After a dip, WAAAY out in the ocean. Bubba was loving it. That's my parents with us.
After getting cleaned up, hanging at G-Ma's.

June 07, 2008

Hello from radioland

Hangin' at the station again this afternoon/evening. Started at three, had a break, back on the clock at seven for the race and a remote. Currently watching firefighters battle a blaze a hop, skip and a jump away from the station. Some industrial buildings across the way were ablaze....I think they are about under control now, but I can't stay outside watching.

It's freakin' hot as Hades around here lately. We tried to get the grass cut and the weed whacking done, but only got the back done. It just got plain too hot, so we took a lunch break, and then went swimming. My face is sunburnt, but I had sunscreen on the rest. Bubba has developed freckles on his face, even through 50 SPF....I LOVE them. I'll have to try to get a picture, but I doubt he'll cooperate, he isn't as fond of them as we are. He keeps asking how to get rid of them, poor thing. He'll most likely get more and more, since I'm absolutely covered in them, and W has his fair share as well.

Only plans for tomorrow, aside from trying to finish the yardwork early is to go to my parents. Haven't been down there in a while....we may make a beach trip, but they've warned that parking is atrocious. It's a small beach area we go to down there, and parking is sparse....it used to be a locals only location that the tourists didn't know about, but that's not the case anymore. I'll let you know. I'd like to go, and get pictures of Bubba in the waves, he has so much fun. Would be worried about dropping my camera in the sand or something though, I can be a bit of a klutz.

Ok, I'll sign off now. Not much else going on. Just working hard at the office, trying to play hard with Bubba and W in the evenings. Have a great weekend y'all.