June 17, 2008

Bad news two days in a row is NOT a good way to start the week.

My mama was 'downsized' yesterday. In other words, fired. Stupid piece of crap company. I never should have told her about that job, it's with the same place that fired W under the loophole of FMLA. A whopping two weeks severance, which doesn't include her accrued sick or vacation time. Bastards. Not to mention her health insurance will expire at the end of the month, and there's no way she can afford the COBRA. (same problem we had with it. who has an extra grand a month for inadequate health care?)

Bubba did not get into the preschool. We got the rejection letter today. Mainly, because he's too smart. His evaluation showed he didn't need any remedial help. I suppose I could have been dishonest on the questionnaire *I* filled out about him, but that is just not me. I don't even think that would have made much of a difference because of the testing they did on him. W is supposed to check with the other school, not our district, to find out what we need to do about getting him transferred into there, if we even can. He'd already be in regular daycare if I could afford it and then he wouldn't have the issue with social skills and he'd be fine to wait a year to start kindergarten.

Other news I'm expecting soon, and I'm surprised I haven't gotten it yet: A man who is like a grandfather to me is on his deathbed. He's the patriarch of the close knit family that I grew up with. I used to babysit one batch of his granddaughters (one of which just graduated high school), and his other granddaughter is my best friend up in Ohio. He is currently under hospice care at home, they are simply keeping him medicated while his body shuts down. I wish it wasn't going to end this way, but it is. We love you George and we'll miss you.

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Missy said...

I am so sorry to hear of the impending loss. That is always sad to hear. I can't believe that they are skrewing your Mom like that. That really sucks. But... It's good to hear that your lil one is smart thou. Maybe he can teach mine to crap on the potty? Take care!