June 12, 2008


We lost. Bad. Not too upset, because our team was a bit shorthanded and they had plenty. We kinda sucked. But again, I'm not upset. The total count is two games all, but I'm not playing again, as I've told my boss. I'm done. Too much drama, too many chiefs, not enough indians. Very little teamwork on our part and that had me quite mad yesterday. Not hurting as bad today, maybe because I stretched out really good, or because I didn't play as hard. It was so damn hot, it was hard to get motivated. My head hurts, thanks to the fly ball I completely missed, and took it on the head. Funniest play of the night, thanks to me. Oh well. I'm not dead, no serious bruise, just some aches.

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Missy said...

ouch...! I hate drama too! There is just no point in it.