June 24, 2008


The rumoured show with James Otto at the local country bar has been confirmed. I was initially extremely excited, until I saw the date. Now I'm heartbroken. It's next Saturday night. I will not be in Myrtle Beach next weekend. I would have been able to meet him and everything. I'm so upset. I held out on going to the huge music festival he was performing at because I knew he was supposed to come to the Beachwagon. While I know there are more important things to be upset about, this is just about the last straw in all the things that are just not working out in my life. I can't even mention it to my husband because he won't understand, which really, not many people will. All the little things I look forward to, the minor stuff I enjoy is all going to crap.

I'm incredibly stressed out about this trip next week (did I even mention it?) We're going camping for the fourth, up in PA, it's W's mama's birthday. No big deal, with the exception of gas prices and the fact we'll be hauling the ginormous camping trailer all the way up there, including through the treacherous mountains in WV.

I'm trying to stay positive, I really am. It's just not working. I'm not sure it'll ever work.

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Missy said...

It will work out... it will. Sorry you don't get to meet James though, and I am too. I would have loved to have seen thoughs pictures!!! I understand. Simple little things like music and yarn keep me sane. It's my way of dealing with all of the other BS.