July 01, 2008

road trippin'

Okay, so hey. Real quick. Hope everyone has a great fourth of July. I'll be out of town from tomorrow night until like Monday sometime. No computer. Will be in withdrawal, but whatever.

Pray we get there (and home) safely, as we're hauling the camper behind us, and we've never taken it long distances before. To say I'm worried is an understatement.

Things have been so so around the homefront. Bills are piling up and that's stress. W's health hasn't been great, and that's stress. Work sucks and that's stress. So the vacation is much needed, but also an additional cause of stress. It would be so nice to not have money problems, health problems, etc. etc. I'm trying to remember that others are much worse off, but when this is MY reality it's still hard.

We'll be camping, and having fires and cooking on the fires and maybe fishing (oh I hope so) and who knows what else.

We'll also be leaving Bubba for his summer visitation with the inlaws. at least a week, maybe two. The quiet is going to kill us, that's for sure. I'm so wrapped up in being mama when I'm home, I swear we don't know how to really be a couple anymore.

Anyway. Hope you all are fine. Have a great holiday however you celebrate it.


Missy said...

Happy 4th of July!!! Your reality is going to be more stressful for you because others around you can and will never fully comprehend the situation. Everyone deals with every aspect of life differently based on how they were raised and previous life experiences. I really admire you for being a strong woman, wife and mother.

J. Cullinane said...

Have a wonderful time, and try to forget all that mommy stuff and just let yourself go!

Que sera sera!