July 29, 2008

how we spent the last week without Bubba

converting this:

into this:

Bubba's own racing themed bathroom. Total cost: about a hundred bucks, and a week of our own labor. Not pictured: some stickers on the wall, the new toilet seat and fuzzy cover. We also added a new towel rack, toilet paper holder, hand towel hook and bathrobe hook, all in silver.
W and I managed this project without killing each other, which is utterly surprising. I somewhat enjoyed it, but it would have been better if he wasn't injured. I didn't mind doing the majority of it, including the actual ripping up of the nasty carpet, but the pain made him grumpy and if I wasn't doing something exactly as he described it, he got upset.
We MAY put the leftover floor in the laundry room, but that would be a bigger pain, since it would have to get done in like one day, since I have no place to put my appliances other than on the back porch (which is tiny) in order to empty the room. We'd probably call in my dad as back up, and it all depends on if there is enough floor left to actually do it.
Best news of the day: BUBBA COMES HOME TONITE!!!!!
Lemme know what y'all think of the new room. I'm worried, because since we painted our bathroom purple, he's been saying he wants HIS bathroom purple, too. He has no clue we did this, it's his surprise when he comes home from vacation. Lord help me, let him like it.


peeing sheep said...

I will NEVER understand what possesses people to put carpet in a bathroom.

Especially if a guy will ever use it.

Missy said...

I am in agreement with the poster above. I love it thou.

Beachgal said...

Yeah I'll never get it either. WE didn't put it in, the house came that way, stupid cheap nasty mobile homes. Never again, if I'm ever able to get out of this one.

Cabol said...

So did he like it? I think it's pretty groovy.

Beachgal said...

Yeah he did like it. but still said he'd like purple walls. silly bubba boy.

Cabol said...

Well, purple is pretty neat.