November 28, 2007

I just realized....

I never posted birthday cake pictures...

Here it is, half decorated. And yes, I put the cake on the floor for the picture.

Here it is with the cars on it and some finishing touches with the icing. Notice the wrecked car, he loved that.

This was so incredibly easy to make, but I have no clue what I'll do next year.

Tales from Grammy's

So Bubba is having a great time with Grammy, and I have some stories to share, because they are worth sharing, and it's my blog and I'll write what I want to, HA!

First, he's been skipping a LOT of naps lately, missing more than he's taking. Monday nite, around 8 p.m., he walks up to Grammy and says, I need you to put my jammies on because I'm tired and want to go to bed. (he has NEVER asked to go to bed here, NEVER!!) So by the time she gets his jammies on and reads one story, he's sound asleep. My silly, silly boy.

The night before W's brother, M, was visiting his daughter, don't get me started on the fiasco that is his visitation. They were driving back to drop her off, and she was fussy in the car. M, was just starting to sing Hush little baby and Bubba interrupts and says, "No, M, you dont' know the words, I'll do it." And he proceeds to sing her the FULL lullaby (which he hears just about every night from me) and wouldn't you know, she not only calms down, she goes to sleep. M says he about cried it was so sweet.

Also, we got M a little snow innertube for the baby, not that she can use it yet, and Bubba says, "She's too little, so *I'll* sit on it, and hold her and I will protect her." (They just need the snow!)

Too cute, man I miss that little bugger.

P.S. W got his first deer of the season, here's hoping there's more to come.

November 23, 2007


Umm, hi. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, which we did at the Hideaway. Well technically, at my parents hideaway. Ate too much food. Wanted to drink too much wine, but better judgment prevailed. Craving leftovers and have none.

Things have been dark and gloomy here, just a lot of things. I keep praying it all gets better, but......

W and Bubba have (finally) headed out for PA for second round of mad hunting in an effort to fill our freezer. (They got delayed almost a whole day by a screw up with the pharmacy and waiting on scripts to get filled properly) Bubba will get spoiled rotten again, and then come home and be evil demon child from hell. His behavior lately has prompted us to discuss getting him evaluated for some deeper issues than just tantrums and four year old stuff.

I now have two weeks to stay up late, goof on the computer and watch all my trashy tv shows when they are actually ON instead of DVR'ed.

See ya.

November 09, 2007

I feel compelled to post this

In honor of Veteran's Day, and for all those who serve, have served, or will serve. Thank you. I am the only child of my family that did not join the military, with a father and grandfather that also served, not to mention uncles and cousins, family friends, what not. I am a devoted supporter of our Armed Forces and have had countless holidays with my loved ones at war. (Thankfully, my middle brother is not overseas right now, but he may be going back soon.) My father spent over 30 years in the Air Force. My oldest brother has been in the Navy for 19 years. And the middle brother has been involved with various branches for about 10 years or so, I'm fuzzy on his time.

Regardless of your political views on the President, the war, whatever, support of the troops is of the utmost importance. Someone emailed me this link and I had to share it.

Again, to all our troops. Thank you. We wouldn't be America without our troops of the past, present and future.

If you have the opportunity, thank a Veteran today. And every day.

If I remember, I'll try to edit this with links to the video for 8th of November by Big & Rich. (I can't do it right this minute.) Otherwise, if you're intrigued, do a youtube search for it, it's awesome.

Halloween pictures

The pumpkin carving:

The end result. (this was his third pumpkin this year and first he let us make that was scary.

My little fireman

Let's GO MOM!


Playing NASCAR Thunder on Playstation. He drives by himself, wait, no, he wrecks by himself, we have to help him stay on the track, but he doesn't like it when we do. He likes the wrecks.

And finally a goofy one of W, because I want to:

November 07, 2007

how lame am I?

I'm live blogging the CMA's on the Muzik Mafia site. I think that's lame. I'm seriously rooting for Big & Rich, but they are so underappreciated, I doubt they'll get anything. Check it out. Real time, or once it's all done. Lemme know what you think, either there or here. I'm having fun with it.

Birthdays and whatnot

So Bubba's birthday is Saturday. While I had planned on just getting a cake from the store, W kinda expressed dismay at that. So I searched for cake ideas online and came up with this year's masterpiece. A racetrack cake. Shouldn't be all that difficult to decorate, and hopefully it will top last year's pirate ship cake. We'll just have to see. W has promised to help me decorate, I'll be baking tomorrow, freezing them and then either decorating Friday night or Saturday morning. Getting all the stuff tonite. Have I mentioned I still haven't bought the child a present? Gah, I'm a bad mommy. Maybe I'll use the jammies I have tucked away for Christmas. W has something he wants to get, but never got around to it, and I'm not driving out to the store where it is.

Because, gas prices are insanely insane. We are normally among the cheapest down here in the south, and lemme tell ya. It's now $3.00 a gallon at our cheapest place. It's outrageous and it's killing me.

Work is blah. Crazy busy for the most part, and I have been a good little girl and getting bunches done, normally right after it comes in, instead of holding off. Preparing for the upcoming onslaught, when I'll be even busier, I suppose. Still getting to play around a little, but not as much.

We're trying to sell the last of the stuff out of the neighbor's house. A bunch I've taken care of, even tho it was supposed to be W's thing, but go figure, he's out of town. No hits on the electric, fancy wheelchair, and I'm hoping to be able to do something with it before the bank comes for the house, it would suck to have it be gone.

I didn't tell the story about our utility trailer, did I? Well, we got this used trailer, forever ago and the four wheeler fit on it perfectly for running to and from places, and it helped in the yard with stuff. W used to be able to put the four wheeler in the back of the truck but when he added the tool box it didn't fit any more, hence the need for the trailer. Anyway. In order to get the fourwheeler to PA, it would have to go on the trailer. But the trailer can't leave the state without a plate, it's not necessary to have one instate (stupid, but there ya go.) Well, since this was a used trailer, we didn't have the paperwork for a title, which you need to get a plate from the DMV. He tried everything he could and no go. So faced with either lots of tickets if he used our trailer anyway, or no four wheeler in pa, we went out and bought a new fricking trailer. See, when you buy them new the store gives you the paperwork for a plate. Grumble grumble grumble.

W is leaving PA on Friday morning to get in sometime that night. Bubba has convinced Grammy that he needs to travel with them, so they'll be all down together, leaving Friday night. I can't wait. I miss my family. I've loved the independence, of doing what I want, whenever (like going shoe shopping after work yesterday, I bought TWO much needed pairs, but fear not, budget is intact because I used giftcards!!!), but I can't keep it up forever. I have no discipline, and I've stayed up too late either on the computer or watching trashy tv. The only thing I've been GOOD about is my eating, sticking with grilled chicken, either in wraps, in salad or with rice for dinners. Wish I could keep that up when W gets back but alas, I know that won't happen.

A list of things I haven't been missing: Bubba's tantrums, W's flatulence and snoring. Hum, that's not too long, is it. I think that's good. If I wasn't starting to get too much thrown at me at work, I'd have more, I'm sure. Gotta wrap it up now and deal with the boxes of office furniture for Boss1 now piled in the hallway.....hopefully he doesn't expect me to help build it, because that wouldn't end well.

Have a great rest of the week y'all, I'll probably be MIA once the family gets here.

November 01, 2007

Home alone

Shortly after Trick or Treat, my boys left. Off to Pennsylvania for hunting for W and fun and games with Grammy and everyone for Bubba. He dressed up as a fireman and hauled in the candy, I tell ya. I have a lot of pictures on the camera, and will try to upload some tomorrow.

I'm getting a perm tonite. So excited. Been six months on this one, and it's not looking horrible, but it's time. Got a trim about six weeks ago, so I may have her trim it a bit too. Also, we won't be at the salon, she offered to do it at home, which will save me bunches of money. Couldn't turn that down.

Christmas Club money is in the bank account now. I have a huge pending order at an online store, just waiting for me to click pay. I'm searching for free shipping coupon codes, but they did send me a coupon for joining for 10% off, which amounts to about the same thing. So when I get home tonite, since that is where I left the code, I will put it through and scratch a bunch of names off our list. Then I'll do more online stuff, probably, because it's easy.

Between you, me and the lamppost, I don't want to do this personal injury stuff at the office. It's complicated, I don't have a clue what I'm doing, I'm terrified I'm going to mess something up and have Boss1 all mad about it. He's all gungho for it, but he's not taking the calls from the idiots who want money for nothing. I had one lady say she never even knew the other person hit her until they walked up to her window. Yet she is so injured she wants money. Gimme a break. Oh, I'm getting a nameplate for my door! Awesomeness. Maybe I'll do a picture, but I'd have to blur it or something. Too much work.

I miss my child and it's been less than a day. I guess I miss the husband, too, but not any of the drama we've been dealing with the last few months. They won't be back until next week, in time for Bubba's birthday.

Off to lunch at my desk. Take care and Love Everybody!