November 01, 2007

Home alone

Shortly after Trick or Treat, my boys left. Off to Pennsylvania for hunting for W and fun and games with Grammy and everyone for Bubba. He dressed up as a fireman and hauled in the candy, I tell ya. I have a lot of pictures on the camera, and will try to upload some tomorrow.

I'm getting a perm tonite. So excited. Been six months on this one, and it's not looking horrible, but it's time. Got a trim about six weeks ago, so I may have her trim it a bit too. Also, we won't be at the salon, she offered to do it at home, which will save me bunches of money. Couldn't turn that down.

Christmas Club money is in the bank account now. I have a huge pending order at an online store, just waiting for me to click pay. I'm searching for free shipping coupon codes, but they did send me a coupon for joining for 10% off, which amounts to about the same thing. So when I get home tonite, since that is where I left the code, I will put it through and scratch a bunch of names off our list. Then I'll do more online stuff, probably, because it's easy.

Between you, me and the lamppost, I don't want to do this personal injury stuff at the office. It's complicated, I don't have a clue what I'm doing, I'm terrified I'm going to mess something up and have Boss1 all mad about it. He's all gungho for it, but he's not taking the calls from the idiots who want money for nothing. I had one lady say she never even knew the other person hit her until they walked up to her window. Yet she is so injured she wants money. Gimme a break. Oh, I'm getting a nameplate for my door! Awesomeness. Maybe I'll do a picture, but I'd have to blur it or something. Too much work.

I miss my child and it's been less than a day. I guess I miss the husband, too, but not any of the drama we've been dealing with the last few months. They won't be back until next week, in time for Bubba's birthday.

Off to lunch at my desk. Take care and Love Everybody!


Missy said...
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Missy said...

Sorry… I deleted the first post due to a spelling error!

Sounds like your little one had a fun Halloween. My kids did too. It was the first time they went out trick or treating so there was a little resistance with the costumes. I wish I had that one tape. Have fun being home alone. That sounds like heaven!!!

plump juicy sheep said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but I keep meaning to ask this every time you post about it, because I'm curious as a cat...does W really go shoot a shotgun with his back so bad when he goes hunting up in PA?!? I know my dad only threw his back recently (not anything requiring surgeries), and he pretty much has passed on the whole deer season this year because of it.

Beachgal said...

He does go out, simply because he hurts all the damn time anyway, so it doesn't actually aggravate him any more than say, doing laundry does. And archery is in right now, so he's using a crossbow, (with a cheater thing to cock it)rifle season is after Thanksgiving.

I didn't take that the wrong way at all. I often question his judgement on things, so why shouldn't others?

sheep hood said...

I always wanted a crossbow. I don't think Cabol would trust me with one though. :(

My secret word just now is 'vladfax'. A necessity for the business-minded vampire.

Beachgal said...

I wasn't thrilled with the crossbow idea, but his brother has one, so he wanted one, too. Silly sibling rivalry. He'd never be able to use a real bow now, so it's a bit of a compromise. As long as he brings back some meat, I'll be happy.

vladfax, that's funny.

Cabol said...

Andy would shoot himself in the foot if he had a crossbow.