November 23, 2007


Umm, hi. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, which we did at the Hideaway. Well technically, at my parents hideaway. Ate too much food. Wanted to drink too much wine, but better judgment prevailed. Craving leftovers and have none.

Things have been dark and gloomy here, just a lot of things. I keep praying it all gets better, but......

W and Bubba have (finally) headed out for PA for second round of mad hunting in an effort to fill our freezer. (They got delayed almost a whole day by a screw up with the pharmacy and waiting on scripts to get filled properly) Bubba will get spoiled rotten again, and then come home and be evil demon child from hell. His behavior lately has prompted us to discuss getting him evaluated for some deeper issues than just tantrums and four year old stuff.

I now have two weeks to stay up late, goof on the computer and watch all my trashy tv shows when they are actually ON instead of DVR'ed.

See ya.


Missy said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and now your getting some more Mommy time!!! That sounds great! Maybe it's just a boy thing. My almost 4 year old son has just been unrulely lately. Seriously makes me wonder why I ever EVER wanted kids just about every day. I hope things get better soon!

J. Cullinane said...

Hooray for "Me Time." Beau is my favorite place to be, but I admit to the same love of being home alone at night, watching what you want on TV, eating what you want (guilty pleasures!), etc. Enjoy yourself, sleep in, relax, and have fun!