November 30, 2006

How my son makes me laugh.

We went to the radio station yesterday after work to pick up my schedule for this weekend (incidently, there is nothing on it, but my shift to tape) and he said he need to pick up his schedule, too. I chuckled. I told him, "Bubba, you don't have a schedule." And in complete toddler fashion, he says, "Yes I do!" So I explained, "This is what your schedule says, baby: Wake up, play play play, eat, go to Nanny's, play play play, eat, nap, wake up, play play play, eat, go home with mama, play play play, bath and bed." He goes on to tell me, "Mama, you missed something. You forgot stories, rocking, lullabies, and THEN bed. You forgot." So, yeah, Ok, "Sorry bud, you're right."

After going in and goofing off in the station for a few minutes, wherein, he grabbed an empty time card as his 'schedule' I had him buckled back into his seat and was getting ready to back out. He was holding up his schedule, and looking and it, and he goes, "Mama, my schedule doesn't say 'Play play play!" "It doesn't??" I say. "No, mama." "So what DOES it say," having no clue what he was going to spout out next. With the utmost serious look on his face he says...................................."Poop!"

I am glad I was ony backing out, and not flying down the highway, because I laughed so fricking hard, I was coughing. Such a silly little man. I love him to pieces.

November 27, 2006

Oy, I ate too much.

Thanksgiving was a blast! The boys played great together, a few meltdowns by one or the other throughout, but they had a wonderful time. We all ate way too much food, took our after dinner walk, then ate more. While W went off hunting on Friday, Bubba and I headed off to G-ma's again for our long standing, but lately, much skipped, tradition of making Mashed Potato Donuts with all the left over taters. It's a difficult mixing process, but lordy, the results are so worth it. We netted about 20 dozen, after sampling while still working on them. So good. And no, you cannot have the recipe, it's a close guarded family secret. hahahahah. I've never looked, but I imagine theres something to be found similar on the great world wide web. Muhahahah.

Down to ONE measly gift left to buy, for one of two bosses. I think I'll wimp out and buy him a hat for his favorite college football team. Last year I got them sports books. They liked them, but I don't think I want to do that every time, it will lose it's appeal.

I explained in an email to Laz about the Christmas Club, but if anyone else doesn't know, it's simple. You simply open a new account at your bank, if it's offered, and I imagine most do. It's just a separate account that you can put money in as often as you want, most are interest bearing accounts. So I tucked money away every week or so, all year long, and in the beginning of November the money gets transferred into our regular checking account. So off shopping we went, using our debit card. I didn't technically add the amount into our balance, but I kept track separately so I could know what I had spent Christmas wise, and not affect our meager regular checking account balance. Anyway. One gift left, barring anyone we've forgotten, and there's still enough left for a hat, should that be the way I go.

Work wasn't too bad to return to, umm, wait, lemme rephrase that. It SUCKED getting up this morning after being off since TUESDAY!!! What I really meant is that my desk wasn't as trashed as I expected because really, I only missed one day because we were closed Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday was W's new opinion appointment. Not much news came out of that appointment, other than he ordered the test our caseworker has wanted for a while now and noone would order it. We can't make much other decisions on what we are doing until after that test is done and interpreted. It may NOT be good, however.

Gotta go, someone in the lobby, and then off to lunch, I'm starving.

November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm stealing a few moments while my boys are in the shower to do my post. Some things I am thankful for.

Bubba and W, and their hysterical laughter coming from the shower right now.
The surprise visit from my brother and his son, who are down at G-ma's waiting for us.
My job, even tho I dislike it, because there are plenty who don't have one.
All of my family, friends and internet buddies.
The plain simple fact that I have a roof over my head, a car to drive, a healthy son, a *somewhat* healthy husband.
My four-legged kids, Dusty, Emmy, Jack and Angel. They bring a lot of joy, even tho Emmy likes to growl at Bubba. It's hard to sleep lately without Angel curled up next to me, and Jack loves to hog my pillow.

Ok, so this is kinda the run of the mill thankful list, but it's true.

I am greatly looking forward to gorging on turkey at my parents this afternoon and watching the boys play together. Hopefully no blood will be shed, as Bubba can get a bit rough.

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

P.S. I don't need to go shopping tomorrow, because I am almost done shopping for Christmas. Two gifts left, for my bosses, the hardest to buy for ever! Anyone have any good ideas for two attorneys who have the money to buy themselves whatever they want, and normally do?

November 20, 2006

A few more pictures

The bride and groom, mid-toast by W.

W and Bubba. who has helped himself to MY cookies.

Bubba with the bride, during the money dance, right before he went home to bed.

Boring posts are back!

Friday was a 'daddy' day for Bubba. He stayed home from the sitters to goof off with W. They stopped by the office for a surprise visit, did some shopping, and just had a fun day. Then we went out to dinner, for our anniversary and we pigged out on pizza.

Wow what a weekend. Went shopping all day with my mom and dad on Saturday and then worked a bit that night. I got two new outfits for work, drastically on sale. Plus a few gifts. W had been hunting, home just in time for me to go to work. Work was boring, I didn't pay much attention to the race, I just read blogs pretty much the whole time, once I finished taping my shift. Did I mention, I have a new timeslot? No? Well I do, from 8 to midnight every Sunday. I won't be pre-empted by Nascar, especially now since the season is over.

Sunday, W and I went shopping some more with Bubba, and started all our Christmas shopping. Our Christmas Club money went into the account, finally, so we could finally start. We got a large amount of stuff done, maybe ten more people to do for. I just hope we don't run out of money. It's a good possibility we will, but we may work it out just fine.

Once we finished shopping, we got home in time for lunch/nap for Bubba and then the last race of the season. I actually got to sit and enjoy it, because Bubba slept through the majority of it, and Daddy was on duty for the rest. Once it was done, we played with some of his new toys from his birthday and did bath and bed. It was a really nice day.

There's a sleepover with G-ma planned for tomorrow night because W has his second (third) opinion on his back, two hours from home at 8:00 AM!! Not looking forward to that drive on Wednesday. Then I'm off Thursday and Friday from work, for Thanksgiving. We did a petition at worked that the big boss approved and the day after Thanksgiving is now a paid holiday! Most of us took it off as a vacation day or without pay, and we were utterly shocked when he agreed to pay us all for the day from now on. So I'm only working two days this week at the office. SWEET! I have a few hours at the station on Saturday, and then back to the normal grind. I won't be having as many hours there now that racing is over, so my extra income from that is going to be miniscule.

Not much else going on. I've picked out my gift from my bosses for Christmas. A digital camera!!!! WOOT! They always spoil me, normally with a chunk of cash, but have always said if there was a 'toy' I wanted, to let them know and they'll hook me up. Last year I got a new office chair, plus cash. This year we really wanted a good digital and rather than ask for that from W's family, we asked them, and they said cool. So I've picked out a Sony Cybershot that will fully suit our purposes. (I should also still get a check, too, which will help.) I really just wanna be able to take lots of pics of Bubba and such, and the one I like will do that just fine. It will be neat to not have to develop film anymore. We can easily delete the ones that stink, and then get the good ones onto the computer for emailing/posting. I'm considering a Flickr account.

I'm exhausted, lately, all the time. I went to bed early last nite, and I guess I just didn't sleep well, cause I'm really really tired. It's getting annoying. My thyroid could be out of whack, too, and I'm gonna get that bloodwork done this week, even though it will have to get paid for with the credit card. Same with Bubba's three year pediatrician appointment, that I keep forgetting to make. Maybe I'll do that right now.

Ok, back to work, even though I'm pretty caught up again. Have a great week, in case I don't make it back. And Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate. I may try to do a "What I'm thankful for post" but who knows.

November 15, 2006

9 years

To W:

It's been nine years now since we've said "I do." I still love you as much, if not more than I did on that day. We've changed, grown, matured, together all this time. It's not been a totally smooth road, and we've had far more downs lately but there is very little I would change. In our darkest times, I hope you will always realize that I would stick by you through anything. We will persevere through all the issues with your back and everything else, and I hope we become even more dedicated to each other.

I may not be the easiest person to live with, and I have my faults, but who doesn't. I look forward to what the next nine, ten, twenty years have in store for us, as we raise our beautiful child together. It's a ripoff from one of our favorite movies, but I can't wait to grow old with you.

May our next year together bring healing, of your back, and other issues so that we can concentrate on each other and Bubba without the stress and drama. Again, I love you baby, and Happy Anniversary.

Volume 3

W being goofy in the spirit of Halloween!

This is in the kids play area, but I liked the dragon.

Volume 2

Jack Hanna's Wild Reserve at Busch Gardens


Too bad W didn't zoom.

Overdue vacation pics, volume 1

In the stocks at the courthouse in Colonial Williamsburg:

November 10, 2006

This can't compare to Dooce's newsletters, but here it is.

Three years ago, dear Bubba, you came kicking and screaming into this crazy world. After 18 hours or so of labor, and five pushes, your wriggling little self slithered on out of me and even more into our hearts. What an amazing three years it has been. You have grown into such an intelligent, imaginative little rascal. I love you more than I ever thought imaginable *okay, what mama doesn't say that, really* and there is little I would change. You have my little dimples, which you love to show off whenever you smile, which is often. Hard to say whose eyes you got, since me and daddy both have blue. You did get Daddy's blond hair and regardless of how badly mama wants it to turn red, it refuses. It's ok, though, because you are absolutely adorable. Wherever we take you, people are floored by how polite, cute and intelligent you are. I used to think you would never talk enough to fully understand you, and alas, now there is rarely a moment of silence when you are awake. The things that come out of that little mouth of yours is another wonder. You see/hear something once and have it so committed to memory that you can repeat it or duplicate the action easily. You are a master of the new computer and blow me away with how quickly you learned how to make it do what you want it to do.

You are getting a little less snuggly with me, lately, because everything is all about Daddy. I know it's a phase, and I'm trying not to let it bother me, but deep down, I miss all the snuggles and kisses. I recently taught you butterfly kisses and it is so sweet when you ask for them on each cheek, and then insist on doing both cheeks for me. You also love eskimo kisses.

The only major improvement I seek for you, darling, is your eating habits. Really, I promise that eating vegetables won't kill you. Same goes for fruits. A boy really doesn't need to consume just french toast sticks, french fries, mac n cheese, spagheti, bread and mashed taters forever. Sure, we get some chicken nuggets into you, but why won't you embrace the wonder that is turkey, and steak? All in good time, I'm sure.

My wish for you, as always, dear son, is that you continue to grow up to be a bright, creative, handsome man. I may not be the most patient mama, but never doubt that I love you fiercely and will stop at nothing to give you the best chances in life. I hope you never have to struggle the way W and I have lately, with finances, emotional health and even his physical health. Things were bleak for a while, but we've recommitted to each other to make everything work, and to muddle through all these issues with his back. Hopefully it will all be resolved before long and you won't remember Daddy not being able to do this or that with you because he hurts too much.

I love you, little man. You are my inspiration to be a better person, mom, wife, everything. I can't wait to see what other wonders you have in store for us as you learn more and more. I live for those dimply smiles of yours and of course, the giggles and full body laughter we evoke when we have tickle fests.

I don't know how else to wrap this up, other than to say: Guess what, chicken butt! *yes we have this exchange all the time, alternating with an "I love you" answer instead of chicken butt. We are easily amused.

I hope you like your pirate ship cake and pirate themed party tomorrow, dear boy. Arrr!

November 08, 2006

I'm saddened by this.

"S.C. voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment Tuesday that would ban gay marriage, while the state's property tax amendment also appears to have passed, according to early returns." whole article here:

The main reason I voted was for this, and I should have known this southern state would approve this ban. Idiots. Not to mention they passed a sales tax increase to pay for road improvements. We pay enough fricking taxes, dammit.

November 06, 2006

*blink* *blink*

I don't really have anything to talk about, so I've not been posting. Who really wants to hear about my crappy existence right now, anyway?

Hope all is well with whoever stops by. Jen, hope you are moving along, and I guess the same words apply for you, too, Laz. :)

In laws are invading this weekend for Bubba's birthday. And I'm not really looking forward to it. I keep getting into trouble with them for one reason or another. And it appears we're going to PA for Christmas. Not too thrilled about that, either. *sigh*

I'll try to check in later this week. Way too much to do at home right now and work has been busy, too.