November 30, 2006

How my son makes me laugh.

We went to the radio station yesterday after work to pick up my schedule for this weekend (incidently, there is nothing on it, but my shift to tape) and he said he need to pick up his schedule, too. I chuckled. I told him, "Bubba, you don't have a schedule." And in complete toddler fashion, he says, "Yes I do!" So I explained, "This is what your schedule says, baby: Wake up, play play play, eat, go to Nanny's, play play play, eat, nap, wake up, play play play, eat, go home with mama, play play play, bath and bed." He goes on to tell me, "Mama, you missed something. You forgot stories, rocking, lullabies, and THEN bed. You forgot." So, yeah, Ok, "Sorry bud, you're right."

After going in and goofing off in the station for a few minutes, wherein, he grabbed an empty time card as his 'schedule' I had him buckled back into his seat and was getting ready to back out. He was holding up his schedule, and looking and it, and he goes, "Mama, my schedule doesn't say 'Play play play!" "It doesn't??" I say. "No, mama." "So what DOES it say," having no clue what he was going to spout out next. With the utmost serious look on his face he says...................................."Poop!"

I am glad I was ony backing out, and not flying down the highway, because I laughed so fricking hard, I was coughing. Such a silly little man. I love him to pieces.


J. Cullinane said...

This almost makes me want to go and get pregnant right now. Well, almost.

Beachgal said...

Hee Hee!!!