December 04, 2006

A few things

Happy December y'all. Goodness, I can hardly believe it! Hurricane season is over, as well, HOORAY!

Someone had his first trip to see Santa this weekend. Pic will follow at end. He did so dang good, I'm so proud of him. Waltzed right up and gave him a hug, had a great conversation, which I did *not* overhear! This age is so fun, with Christmas. We tell him, hey, don't throw that tantrum boy, Santa is watching! His little eyes get big, and normally he calms down. After Christmas, we're gonna be screwed however.

I neglected to give a HUGE welcome to the world post. My friend, K, in Ohio, who was pregnant with twins, bedrest, all that drama, gave birth to happy, HEALTHY babies on November 14. I hesitate to print the names, or the adorable pics she just emailed me, because I haven't asked if I could. So, instead, WELCOME to our huge scary world, A and J. Your parents are so happy and so deserving. And you are undeniably filling their lives with cuteness, poop and love. I can't wait to meet you in person, and smoosh those baby cheeks. Tho by the time I get to meet you you'll probably be 8 months old. We are thinking maybe in July, since I can't swing a plane ticket anytime soon.

Moving on. Christmas shopping is completed. I still have unreal amounts of things to wrap. I may pick up some little things for W, but really, the thingy I ordered him from Woot and what he picked out as what he wanted, should be enough. I know he keeps buying me silly little things, so I feel like I need to do more. We still don't know if we are going to PA for Christmas, gonna be a last minute thing due to weather. The old neighbors will most likely handle dog care, since the wonderful, new, I love to pieces neighbors WILL be in PA for sure. Big BUMMER.

We put our tree up last nite, and Bubba got to really help decorate. Very fun. He did pretty good, and I'm the only one who broke something. And I dropped a ton of ornaments, for some reason, I couldn't hold on to them.

W's test is set for Thursday, and I may have to take the day off. It depends on how long after the procedure until he's allowed to drive. If it's only a few hours, then his buddy will take him to and from, and he'll hang out there until he can drive home. If it's like a whole day, we still may do that, with him just crashing up there. Otherwise, I'll take the day. I'll also take the day for the follow up appointment with the doctor to discuss the results. I'm really hoping we get some information that will lead to healing/whatever. Two years is long enough to have been dealing with this. However, we are prepared for not so good news, considering what he had already told us when we first saw him.

That is all, must go back to making the attorneys some money.

P.S. I got paid for my 'clothes' challenge from the new attorney. If I didn't explain all that, I can if anyone is interested. I did my shopping his weekend, and plan on sporting a new outfit every day this week. I love HAMRICK'S. Five dresses AND a pair of pants for less than fifty bucks. PLUS I got bras and panties at one place, then a shirt and more bras at another, and still have money left over. WOOT! We're also gonna carry the challenge onto next year, too, so I will have to keep dressing up. I was hoping to slack off a bit. Okay, really I'm done now. Bye.

Here's Bubba and Santa:

Isn't he just adorable? And what an awesome Santa!

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