December 28, 2006

More stress for me.

Okay, so the deal with W's back. The new surgeon we saw has recommended further surgery. He is positive that the fusion failed. Basically, he'll go in, yank out the rods/screws, flip him over, spread stuff around, inject some goo designed to harden up and then close him up, flip him BACK over and put the rods/screws back in. Twice the pain and twice the recovery time. Sounds like fun, huh. We've agonized over what to do, but the only other real option is to live the way he is now, and that isn't really an option. We're awaiting worker's compensation approval, and trying not to worry whether they'll try to not approve it. The guy in Florence has agreed to take the case, because we do not want the original surgeon to touch him. We need to get a list of questions/concerns together and hopefully meet with the surgeon to address them.

I'm very scared about all this. Same risks are involved, including paralysis. W is worried about that the most. Mostly, we're angry that the first surgeon blew us off so much with our concerns that he wasn't getting better. We're leaving it alone for another week, then will start making the calls about setting up appointments and what not.

I am not looking forward to spending at least a week in Florence, over an hour from home. Most, if not all, of W's family will come down for surgery, and hopefully some will stay after. Bubba can go stay with G-ma or Nanny when we're in Florence, but someone will have to also take care of the dogs. I'm hoping to be able to stay in the hospital, and not have to go to the expense of getting a hotel room since I can't afford to do that. I surely don't want to have to drive back and forth every day. It's just a logistical nightmare for someone like me, who likes to have every little detail planned out, so I know exactly what is going to go on, etc. I've tried to loosen up in that department, but it's not so easy.


Jennifer Goertzen said...

Yikes, babe, that sucks. I don't really know what to say except that the right decision will make itself clear and, who knows, the second surgery may change his life to the point where this is all a distant memory in another year or two...I'll continue to pray for y'all.

Laz said...

I second that motion in my hopes - that this is the right thing and will eventually fade to nothing but a memory (albeit a crappy one). Hope you had a very Merry Christmas (sounds like you did!) and have a great New Year.