June 30, 2007

long overdue

Finally pulled the race pics off the camera, so it would be empty when we got to PA next week. I haven't started packing yet and I haven't even made a list!!! I need to make a list. But here's some pics.

My mom hates having her pic taken as much as me.

The nicest one I managed of me, in my new Dale, Jr. hat.

Carl Edwards....this picture came out great! He was at his merchandise hauler, but we didn't get autographs, you had to have a ticket, and we didn't get there in time.
Jeff Gordon's burnout.

June 23, 2007


There is something about being at the radio station that always seems to make me hungry. I could show up for work after eating a normal size meal, and be totally full, but then be ravenous about an hour later. It's insane. Maybe it's the snack machine filled with junk. I purposely come after eating, or bring something with me, but it's always the same. It's hard on long days like today to try to stay on my healthy(ish) eating plan. I brought some chicken to cook, not remembering there was no oven, so I had to microwave it, and it didn't come out as good. That was around 2 pm. I worked until six, and have a break until 8 when the race starts. So I ran out to Arby's for dinner. I still feel hungry after a medium roast beef sandwich and fries. I know it's not thirst, which lots of people mistake for hunger, because I've already downed two bottles of water throughout the afternoon, plus the drink that came with dinner. I feel like I could eat another sandwich. I'm going to try to resist raiding the snack machine. I doubt I will since I'll be here working until 11 pm. I'm not on the clock right now, so I'm just hanging out, cause there wasn't much point in driving home, for about an hour, then driving back. Arby's was just a quick trip down the road. I'm playing Pogo in the meantime. Some twerp just came in my empty room, and I'd rather be playing alone....gonna have to change rooms. Jeez, I am sitting in here goofing, and I look at the screen where the music is, and notice, hey, there's no voicetracks, who is supposed to be on the air right now. HAHAHA, I look at the schedule and IT'S ME!!! I had to go flying into the second recording studio and track up until 8 when the race starts. I never even noticed it on the schedule I picked up, it wasn't hilighted like my stuff normally is....too funny. I did miss one spot, but got all the rest in, if hurried a bit. I'll have to do some more for after the race is over up to midnite, but I have plenty of time to do that. Now it's gonna be weird to be sitting here listening to the radio and hearing me while I'm right here. Will pay more attention next time to the schedule.

Bubba is hanging out at G-ma's. We all went down this morning, because my brother and nephew came down for the weekend. He was so excited when we were getting ready, and kept asking in the car, "Are we there yet?" He's NEVER done that before. The boys played really well together, and had so much fun. They got drenched in this new sprinkler toy my mom got. After lunch, we hit an expected issue, because A was going to nap in 'Bubba's' room and Bubba was going to have to nap in G-ma's room. We eventually got it settled, and shortly after he snuggled into his sleeping bag, W and I left so I could get here. He'll sleep over tonite, which hopefully, since he'll still have to sleep in G-ma's room, won't be a problem. They were supposed to take a trip to the beach after naps, which will tire them out some more. A is doing ok, as far as his eye goes. It's as healed as it's going to get I think, and he has it open now, the last I saw him, he still couldn't hold it open. His eye is all cloudly like he has a huge cataract. Bright lights bother him, so he wears shades when he's outside. He's been told that A is a perfect candidate for an artificial cornea and there's a doctor in Rochester, NY who is reviewing the medical records. He has no sight, or very, very little sight, from that eye now, but a new cornea would change that. He just needs to arrange some help with travel, expenses when up there, and what not. He's checking into the Ronald McDonald house, or maybe the Shriners or something. I don't know the timeline for when it will all take place, and I don't think he does yet, either. Pat also went to see a malpractice lawyer, and will having some other consults as well. The first told him he had a case but he had a conflict and wouldn't be able to actually handle it. Apparantly the first of almost 7 or so doctors A saw told Pat that he, the doctor, didn't take the infection serious enough, that lead to all the problems, with it becoming a staph infection and all the countless surgeries. Such a mess, and a total shame that A has had to go through so damn much.

Picked more veggies out of the little garden the other nite. The beets didn't get as big as they could/should have, but there is another batch of them coming up in the big garden. W called the other things I picked snow peas, but I thought they were supposed to be beans. I only remember planting one thing of peas, and they got picked a few weeks ago. Still have oodles of cucumbers growing and some are about ready to pick. That will do it for the little garden. The corn, pumpkins and watermelons are moving along nicely in the big garden, but something, a bug of some sort, has disovered the leafy corn stalks and has been munching away. Hopefully the repellent I sprayed will put a stop to that, because I want lots of corn.

Okay, I'm off to Pogo some more. Have a great weekend y'all.

June 21, 2007

busy busy

I didn't mean to let almost two weeks pass between posts. I've been slammed at work, and busy at home, as well.
W and Bubba arrived safe and sound last Sunday morning. Things are back to normal as far as scheduling, but he's still kinda fussy about bedtime, he stays in his room babbling, singing, and generally not going to sleep until almost ten or so. Bubba boot camp has progressed, we're dealing with normal three year old behavior. He talks back, smart mouths, tantrums. We're working on it, just don't know if it will actually do anything.

Jeez, I don't really have much to talk about. Hopefully going to be seeing my brother and nephew this weekend. I have a full day at the radio station on Saturday.

Still planning on the trip to PA for the 4th. We've hit a snag on dog care, tho, because our neighbors we'd hoped to do it will also be going up to PA, but are leaving a few days later than us. Which means we'll have to ask the other neighbors and they did a shitty job of it in December.
W had another MRI last week, in hopes of trying to find some cause for all his problems. They seem to be multiplying and it's more than just the pain issue. He went all the way back up to Florence yesterday for his followup appt. only to be told the doctor was called into surgery and after waiting almost two hours, they just rescheduled him. It's a good thing I didn't go this time, because I get really pissed off when stuff like that happens. We're feeling so helpless at this point, because they keep telling us there is nothing else they can do. Neither one of us can deal with all this much longer, and the thought that this is how he'll be forever is absolutely terrifying. I just don't know what else to do. I see him deteriorating and can't do anything to fix it. Gah!
Well, I've gotta get some work done before the boss' show up, or I'll be all behind again. If something post-worthy comes up, I'll be back soon.

June 09, 2007


W and Bubba were supposed to leave this morning for the trip home, but W woke up with a migraine, so he went back to sleep for a while. I haven't been able to reach him so I don't know if he's on the way by now or not. I hope so.

Also, we have decided we are going up to PA for the game/concert. I am very excited. BIL, M, bought the tickets, as birthday presents for the two of us, so we'll only be on the hook for gas up and back. I can totally manage that. I love concerts, and have so many great memories, this will be another one. It is easy to understand our affinity for good concerts, because we MET at a rock concert up in PA so many, many years ago. (15 if anyone is wondering.)

Gah, I don't know if I ate something that was yucky, whether something just didn't agree with me, or I'm getting sick, but I've lost track of the times I've run willy nilly to the bathroom, not sure if I'd make it in time. Not so bad when at home, but kinda complicated when there are times when I am tied to the board here at the station. I hope it stops soon. I'm up to my fourth bottle of water today, in an effort to keep hydrated. I don't feel sick, just tired, as usual. But man, I would really like to stop shitting.

Work was horrendous on Friday. More drama, having to deal with the same characters. A few of us had a bitch session, and who do you think got singled out for 'running their mouth'? ME. It didn't end well, and I am so damn tired of that place. I'm hoping to find a solution sometime soon that doesn't entail me sucking it up and putting up with all of it.

On an absolutely awesome note, W took Bubba fishing for the first time yesterday, and he had so much fun. W kept sending me phone photos of the fish Bubba was catching ALL BY HIMSELF. Including one that was as big as his head! I"m gonna see if he'll email it to me and I'll try to post it. I was so proud and so jealous all at the same time. That led to some of the emotional turmoil at the office, because I miss them so much, and really wish I could have been with them. So when things started going haywire I just broke down and was a stupid crying mess and couldn't stop. I HATE feeling like that.

I had a traumatic end to my night Thursday. I had been BSing with my brother on the computer and stayed up a little later than I wanted. No biggie. I let the dogs out for the last time, and was taking stuff out of the dryer when I heard them carrying on, more than just the barking they do if someone is outside the fence. It was real ferocious barking and growling. I'm in my nightgown, of course, but I step out onto the back porch and peek down to see them both confronting a baby possum, they had it cornered against the side of the house. The poor thing wasn't very big, maybe half a foot long? I threw shoes on real quick, run down the ramp, yelling at the dogs to come, get up the ramp, whatever. Needless to say, they ignored me. I got between them and the varmint and still they wouldn't budge. Finally Dusty went up the ramp, but I couldn't get Emmy to leave it. I grabbed Bubba's little toy wheelbarrow and cover up the possum, but even that didn't fool her. So I run in the house and get a bribe, a piece of cheese. I get back outside, she's about flipped the wheelbarrow. I dangle the cheese in front of her, and she follows me back up the ramp into the house. Phew. But now I have a poor scared possum to deal with. I'm already sweaty and wound up, because it was quite muggy. I put on a pair of pants, call W and say, what should I do? He suggests getting the net from the shed, which meant I had to go BACK inside for the shed keys. Then I had to go inside again after unlocking the shed because I needed a flashlight to see in the shed. Gah. So net in hand, I pick up the wheelbarrow. I had a slight freak out moment cause the thing was lying on it's side, not moving, but then the light bulb went on, DUH it was playing possum. So I'm trying to flip it into the net, and it wasn't working so I wanted to grab something to flop it into the net. Bigger light bulb goes on when I pick up the pooper scooper and instead of flipping it into the net, I scoop him up, walk him over to the fence and gently flop him onto the ground outside the fence. At this point I expected him to get up and run into the woods, but he stayed put, curled up, mouth gaping open. Whatever. Realizing the dogs hadn't done their business, I put them back out, while I wiped off all the sweat that was dripping off of me. And, of course, Emmy tracked the fucking thing to the fence and stood there barking and growling at it some more. I had to bribe the bitch again with a piece of cheese to get her back into the house. By then, a half hour had passed, I can't believe it took so much time. I was so fired up, it took me another half hour to get to sleep. By morning the varmint was gone. I can only hope he doesn't decide to visit my yard again.

We really need to harvest the little garden soon, some of the beans are like four inches long. Ready to pick are those beans, peas and the beets. Not sure if the carrots are actually going to make it, but maybe they just take longer than the beets. The cucumbers aren't ready, either, and there's another kind of bean that has just sprouted, itty bitty little beans, they are very cute. In the big garden are the tomatoes that W transplanted, corn, pumpkins, watermelons, more carrots and beets and ummm, I think that's it. About half of the tomato plants died, but I think there's four that should give us some maters. I must water when I get home, but it might be too late, so I'll probably do it in the morning before it gets too hot.

Wow, this got really long. Maybe I should've made it more than one post. Nah, that's too much like work. Have a good weekend y'all. Hopefully I can spend a glorious day with my little rugrat tomorrow. I imagine W will need a day to sleep to recover, so we'll probably just run down to my parents since they haven't seen him in forever, either.

June 06, 2007

deep breaths

Ok, I am trying very hard NOT to get too excited about this, because we ALL know what happens when *I* get excited about something. I have noticed for a long time now that Big & Rich, one of my FAVORITE bands has a date listed on their Myspace page, for July 4th, in Pittsburgh. I casually mentioned it to my husband on the phone last nite, that I'd love to go. Not ever thinking we could swing it. BUT, he says, if you want to that bad, we can tie it in for a week up here for Bubba and we'll do it. I commenced to freaking out a little. He had first mentioned that his brother gave him a voucher for two tickets to see Poison at the House of Blues down here, on July 3rd. Yikes. We can't do both, and I'd MUCH rather see Big & Rich.

Anyway, after searching at the wrong venue for a while at work, I actually went to the Myspace page (wait, am I lame for having Myspace and using it as much as I do? I hope not) for B&R and got the proper venue. Then, heartbreak, I couldn't find any ticket information for the RIGHT venue, I even called the ticket office. There is a Pirates baseball game scheduled for that day.

I sent a sobby, boo hoo text message to W and he calls me and lets me know that his brother checked himself in town today. Seems there IS a show, and it IS on the fourth, and it's AFTER the Pirates game. You just gotta buy a ticket to the ballgame. No general admission seats are left, just 20 and 25 buck seats. I so badly want to do this. My big concern however, aside from how much gas will cost us to get up and back, is what seating arrangements for the concert will be like. If we get the GOOD seats for the ball game, are we gonna be screwed for the show? I want to be CLOSE, if I'm finally able to get to see these guys. Will they open the floor of the field up, like other venues I've been to for floor seating? Who gets those seats? ARGH! And who do I have to blow to get backstage? hahah, I'd never do that, but I WANT TO MEET THEM!!! Is it totally insane to drive almost 800 miles to go see a band??? They will NOT be in concert anywhere near here for the rest of the year. This could be my only shot to see them anytime soon. And it's already going to be somewhat of a let down, simply because with their new album, their 3rd just out, they will not play any where near as long as I'd like. I SHOULD have insisted on going to see them when they first came out and were in concert an hour from here.

Am I really overthinking this? It's gonna easily cost us 200 bucks for gas alone. Sure we don't need to get a hotel or anything. I have a chunk in the savings I could use, but I'm constantly preaching to W that we are only supposed to be using that for emergencies, yadda yadda yadda. How big of a hypocrite will I be to almost drain the savings for a flippin' concert, regardless of how badly I want to go? Not to mention I'll have to take like four days off work. Three at the least. I *do* have vacation time. Gah.

As if I really needed another 'by the way' the fourth is also W's mom's Bday. And we wouldn't be spending much if any time with her that day if we do this. Double Gah!

Thoughts y'all?

June 05, 2007

Still T-minus maybe 2 days

They are staying a few more days so instead of home today, Thursday or Friday at the latest. Egads, I miss that kid. He's having so much fun tho. Nanny is really missing him, too, but she has her hands full with K who has been back in the hospital for her heart issues. She had a defibrillator put in, possibly a pacemaker as well, I haven't heard a full update yet today. Once they can get her disability status taken care of she will most likely go on the transplant list. Which means Nanny will have to be down in Charleston with her, at a hotel for the long haul. She's at the big university hospital down there, and it's about an hour at least, so she won't be able to watch him when that happens. Not sure what time frame they are looking at for that, though. W will be taking over Bubba duty at that point.

We have another girl from the office in the hospital, as well. She had a massive heart attack Sunday nite, and was technically dead. They shocked her about 10 times before getting her back. Her dad drove her to the hospital, doing chest compressions at the same time!!! Can you imagine! She's only 45, so young for such bad stuff. She had two stents put in, and seems to be recovering well. She's griping about wanting to go smoke, so we know she's doing better. She's up for serious lifestyle changes once she's out. Hopefully going to step down ICU today or tomorrow, a regular room soon after that, and possibly home by the end of the week, early next week. We were all so numb yesterday from it, because most of us didn't hear about it until we walked into the office.

I've been slammed at work, still, and really need to get back. The tropical storm dumped oodles of rain over the weekend, and now it's hot and sunny again.

June 02, 2007

frustration, then satisfaction!

dammit, i wanted to link to something adorable at cuteoverload, but my instructions are at work. lemme try a different way.
Courtesy of Cuteoverload.com. GIANT KITTY FEETS! This picture is just too awesome. Great shot, I wish I could take pictures this good.

June 01, 2007

Last time I joke about something like this.

I meant to add in the last post, how I've been walking around all day, joking, "Welcome to June 1st! And the 2007 Hurricane Season!!" Ya. Umm, I went to weather.com to check local radar to see if I need to water the garden tonite. There's a fucking named storm. Won't be very big, and it is headed our way eventually. So yipee and welcome to the Hurricane Season.

T minus four days...

and counting until Bubba is home. W is sending me lots of pictures on the phone but I can't snuggle a picture. They buzzed his hair, which needed it, but it seems awfully short this time. Oh well, it will grow, and next time we won't have to do it so short. I love having hair to run my hands through when we're rocking before bed. He's getting spoiled rotten, getting to stay up late and skip naps. Bubba boot camp will commence upon his return, to get him back into acceptable behavior.

I'm doing ok, otherwise. Doing whatever I want around the house, which includes lots of computer time, reading time, pool time and sleeping in a bit in the mornings. I still have to get up for work, so it's not like I can really sleep in. But tomorrow! I don't have to work at the station until 2:30, so I don't anticipate getting out of bed before ten at the earliest. Will be glorious. Must force myself to do some cleaning, because I haven't at all since the boys left. I've done the dishwasher and stuff, but no laundry, no dusting, nothing. Which isn't that big of a change from when they are home. hahah.

W was having some trouble with the truck up in PA, but luckily we have a good mechanic in the family. J found the issue with the brakes and fixed it, and also added some stupid muffler thing that will make the truck louder or something. Whatever. He didn't charge us anything, so I shouldn't complain, I guess.

Off to cover the phones for a minute. Have a good weekend.