June 09, 2007


W and Bubba were supposed to leave this morning for the trip home, but W woke up with a migraine, so he went back to sleep for a while. I haven't been able to reach him so I don't know if he's on the way by now or not. I hope so.

Also, we have decided we are going up to PA for the game/concert. I am very excited. BIL, M, bought the tickets, as birthday presents for the two of us, so we'll only be on the hook for gas up and back. I can totally manage that. I love concerts, and have so many great memories, this will be another one. It is easy to understand our affinity for good concerts, because we MET at a rock concert up in PA so many, many years ago. (15 if anyone is wondering.)

Gah, I don't know if I ate something that was yucky, whether something just didn't agree with me, or I'm getting sick, but I've lost track of the times I've run willy nilly to the bathroom, not sure if I'd make it in time. Not so bad when at home, but kinda complicated when there are times when I am tied to the board here at the station. I hope it stops soon. I'm up to my fourth bottle of water today, in an effort to keep hydrated. I don't feel sick, just tired, as usual. But man, I would really like to stop shitting.

Work was horrendous on Friday. More drama, having to deal with the same characters. A few of us had a bitch session, and who do you think got singled out for 'running their mouth'? ME. It didn't end well, and I am so damn tired of that place. I'm hoping to find a solution sometime soon that doesn't entail me sucking it up and putting up with all of it.

On an absolutely awesome note, W took Bubba fishing for the first time yesterday, and he had so much fun. W kept sending me phone photos of the fish Bubba was catching ALL BY HIMSELF. Including one that was as big as his head! I"m gonna see if he'll email it to me and I'll try to post it. I was so proud and so jealous all at the same time. That led to some of the emotional turmoil at the office, because I miss them so much, and really wish I could have been with them. So when things started going haywire I just broke down and was a stupid crying mess and couldn't stop. I HATE feeling like that.

I had a traumatic end to my night Thursday. I had been BSing with my brother on the computer and stayed up a little later than I wanted. No biggie. I let the dogs out for the last time, and was taking stuff out of the dryer when I heard them carrying on, more than just the barking they do if someone is outside the fence. It was real ferocious barking and growling. I'm in my nightgown, of course, but I step out onto the back porch and peek down to see them both confronting a baby possum, they had it cornered against the side of the house. The poor thing wasn't very big, maybe half a foot long? I threw shoes on real quick, run down the ramp, yelling at the dogs to come, get up the ramp, whatever. Needless to say, they ignored me. I got between them and the varmint and still they wouldn't budge. Finally Dusty went up the ramp, but I couldn't get Emmy to leave it. I grabbed Bubba's little toy wheelbarrow and cover up the possum, but even that didn't fool her. So I run in the house and get a bribe, a piece of cheese. I get back outside, she's about flipped the wheelbarrow. I dangle the cheese in front of her, and she follows me back up the ramp into the house. Phew. But now I have a poor scared possum to deal with. I'm already sweaty and wound up, because it was quite muggy. I put on a pair of pants, call W and say, what should I do? He suggests getting the net from the shed, which meant I had to go BACK inside for the shed keys. Then I had to go inside again after unlocking the shed because I needed a flashlight to see in the shed. Gah. So net in hand, I pick up the wheelbarrow. I had a slight freak out moment cause the thing was lying on it's side, not moving, but then the light bulb went on, DUH it was playing possum. So I'm trying to flip it into the net, and it wasn't working so I wanted to grab something to flop it into the net. Bigger light bulb goes on when I pick up the pooper scooper and instead of flipping it into the net, I scoop him up, walk him over to the fence and gently flop him onto the ground outside the fence. At this point I expected him to get up and run into the woods, but he stayed put, curled up, mouth gaping open. Whatever. Realizing the dogs hadn't done their business, I put them back out, while I wiped off all the sweat that was dripping off of me. And, of course, Emmy tracked the fucking thing to the fence and stood there barking and growling at it some more. I had to bribe the bitch again with a piece of cheese to get her back into the house. By then, a half hour had passed, I can't believe it took so much time. I was so fired up, it took me another half hour to get to sleep. By morning the varmint was gone. I can only hope he doesn't decide to visit my yard again.

We really need to harvest the little garden soon, some of the beans are like four inches long. Ready to pick are those beans, peas and the beets. Not sure if the carrots are actually going to make it, but maybe they just take longer than the beets. The cucumbers aren't ready, either, and there's another kind of bean that has just sprouted, itty bitty little beans, they are very cute. In the big garden are the tomatoes that W transplanted, corn, pumpkins, watermelons, more carrots and beets and ummm, I think that's it. About half of the tomato plants died, but I think there's four that should give us some maters. I must water when I get home, but it might be too late, so I'll probably do it in the morning before it gets too hot.

Wow, this got really long. Maybe I should've made it more than one post. Nah, that's too much like work. Have a good weekend y'all. Hopefully I can spend a glorious day with my little rugrat tomorrow. I imagine W will need a day to sleep to recover, so we'll probably just run down to my parents since they haven't seen him in forever, either.


J. Cullinane said...

God, I am SO jealous that all your peas/beans are all ready to go. Mine are only JUST starting to flower! Stupid Montana weather. And it'll be real hot here one day, then freezing cold rain the next. If I get a decent crop of tomatoes, I'll be lucky.

Poor possum!!!!! I'm glad you took the time to save it. Your dogs would probably have ripped it to shreds, or shaken it a bit.

Laz said...

I'm also glad you saved the possum, I like stories where the critter gets saved rather than ravaged. I'm jealous of the both of you for having gardens! with vegetables and everything. All we have is a little strip of impatiens growing along our back walk, it looks quite sad.