June 06, 2007

deep breaths

Ok, I am trying very hard NOT to get too excited about this, because we ALL know what happens when *I* get excited about something. I have noticed for a long time now that Big & Rich, one of my FAVORITE bands has a date listed on their Myspace page, for July 4th, in Pittsburgh. I casually mentioned it to my husband on the phone last nite, that I'd love to go. Not ever thinking we could swing it. BUT, he says, if you want to that bad, we can tie it in for a week up here for Bubba and we'll do it. I commenced to freaking out a little. He had first mentioned that his brother gave him a voucher for two tickets to see Poison at the House of Blues down here, on July 3rd. Yikes. We can't do both, and I'd MUCH rather see Big & Rich.

Anyway, after searching at the wrong venue for a while at work, I actually went to the Myspace page (wait, am I lame for having Myspace and using it as much as I do? I hope not) for B&R and got the proper venue. Then, heartbreak, I couldn't find any ticket information for the RIGHT venue, I even called the ticket office. There is a Pirates baseball game scheduled for that day.

I sent a sobby, boo hoo text message to W and he calls me and lets me know that his brother checked himself in town today. Seems there IS a show, and it IS on the fourth, and it's AFTER the Pirates game. You just gotta buy a ticket to the ballgame. No general admission seats are left, just 20 and 25 buck seats. I so badly want to do this. My big concern however, aside from how much gas will cost us to get up and back, is what seating arrangements for the concert will be like. If we get the GOOD seats for the ball game, are we gonna be screwed for the show? I want to be CLOSE, if I'm finally able to get to see these guys. Will they open the floor of the field up, like other venues I've been to for floor seating? Who gets those seats? ARGH! And who do I have to blow to get backstage? hahah, I'd never do that, but I WANT TO MEET THEM!!! Is it totally insane to drive almost 800 miles to go see a band??? They will NOT be in concert anywhere near here for the rest of the year. This could be my only shot to see them anytime soon. And it's already going to be somewhat of a let down, simply because with their new album, their 3rd just out, they will not play any where near as long as I'd like. I SHOULD have insisted on going to see them when they first came out and were in concert an hour from here.

Am I really overthinking this? It's gonna easily cost us 200 bucks for gas alone. Sure we don't need to get a hotel or anything. I have a chunk in the savings I could use, but I'm constantly preaching to W that we are only supposed to be using that for emergencies, yadda yadda yadda. How big of a hypocrite will I be to almost drain the savings for a flippin' concert, regardless of how badly I want to go? Not to mention I'll have to take like four days off work. Three at the least. I *do* have vacation time. Gah.

As if I really needed another 'by the way' the fourth is also W's mom's Bday. And we wouldn't be spending much if any time with her that day if we do this. Double Gah!

Thoughts y'all?


J. Cullinane said...

I say, "Go for it!"

But then, I'm selfish, and i see concerts a really fantastic time with a forever great memory attached.

Jennifer Goertzen said...

Do what makes you feel good. You deserve it :)