June 23, 2007


There is something about being at the radio station that always seems to make me hungry. I could show up for work after eating a normal size meal, and be totally full, but then be ravenous about an hour later. It's insane. Maybe it's the snack machine filled with junk. I purposely come after eating, or bring something with me, but it's always the same. It's hard on long days like today to try to stay on my healthy(ish) eating plan. I brought some chicken to cook, not remembering there was no oven, so I had to microwave it, and it didn't come out as good. That was around 2 pm. I worked until six, and have a break until 8 when the race starts. So I ran out to Arby's for dinner. I still feel hungry after a medium roast beef sandwich and fries. I know it's not thirst, which lots of people mistake for hunger, because I've already downed two bottles of water throughout the afternoon, plus the drink that came with dinner. I feel like I could eat another sandwich. I'm going to try to resist raiding the snack machine. I doubt I will since I'll be here working until 11 pm. I'm not on the clock right now, so I'm just hanging out, cause there wasn't much point in driving home, for about an hour, then driving back. Arby's was just a quick trip down the road. I'm playing Pogo in the meantime. Some twerp just came in my empty room, and I'd rather be playing alone....gonna have to change rooms. Jeez, I am sitting in here goofing, and I look at the screen where the music is, and notice, hey, there's no voicetracks, who is supposed to be on the air right now. HAHAHA, I look at the schedule and IT'S ME!!! I had to go flying into the second recording studio and track up until 8 when the race starts. I never even noticed it on the schedule I picked up, it wasn't hilighted like my stuff normally is....too funny. I did miss one spot, but got all the rest in, if hurried a bit. I'll have to do some more for after the race is over up to midnite, but I have plenty of time to do that. Now it's gonna be weird to be sitting here listening to the radio and hearing me while I'm right here. Will pay more attention next time to the schedule.

Bubba is hanging out at G-ma's. We all went down this morning, because my brother and nephew came down for the weekend. He was so excited when we were getting ready, and kept asking in the car, "Are we there yet?" He's NEVER done that before. The boys played really well together, and had so much fun. They got drenched in this new sprinkler toy my mom got. After lunch, we hit an expected issue, because A was going to nap in 'Bubba's' room and Bubba was going to have to nap in G-ma's room. We eventually got it settled, and shortly after he snuggled into his sleeping bag, W and I left so I could get here. He'll sleep over tonite, which hopefully, since he'll still have to sleep in G-ma's room, won't be a problem. They were supposed to take a trip to the beach after naps, which will tire them out some more. A is doing ok, as far as his eye goes. It's as healed as it's going to get I think, and he has it open now, the last I saw him, he still couldn't hold it open. His eye is all cloudly like he has a huge cataract. Bright lights bother him, so he wears shades when he's outside. He's been told that A is a perfect candidate for an artificial cornea and there's a doctor in Rochester, NY who is reviewing the medical records. He has no sight, or very, very little sight, from that eye now, but a new cornea would change that. He just needs to arrange some help with travel, expenses when up there, and what not. He's checking into the Ronald McDonald house, or maybe the Shriners or something. I don't know the timeline for when it will all take place, and I don't think he does yet, either. Pat also went to see a malpractice lawyer, and will having some other consults as well. The first told him he had a case but he had a conflict and wouldn't be able to actually handle it. Apparantly the first of almost 7 or so doctors A saw told Pat that he, the doctor, didn't take the infection serious enough, that lead to all the problems, with it becoming a staph infection and all the countless surgeries. Such a mess, and a total shame that A has had to go through so damn much.

Picked more veggies out of the little garden the other nite. The beets didn't get as big as they could/should have, but there is another batch of them coming up in the big garden. W called the other things I picked snow peas, but I thought they were supposed to be beans. I only remember planting one thing of peas, and they got picked a few weeks ago. Still have oodles of cucumbers growing and some are about ready to pick. That will do it for the little garden. The corn, pumpkins and watermelons are moving along nicely in the big garden, but something, a bug of some sort, has disovered the leafy corn stalks and has been munching away. Hopefully the repellent I sprayed will put a stop to that, because I want lots of corn.

Okay, I'm off to Pogo some more. Have a great weekend y'all.

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J. Cullinane said...

God, what an awful story for that poor little boy! At the very least, I hope he gets his eye fixed and all expenses paid. Shriner's is great for that.

And hooray for gardens!