June 05, 2007

Still T-minus maybe 2 days

They are staying a few more days so instead of home today, Thursday or Friday at the latest. Egads, I miss that kid. He's having so much fun tho. Nanny is really missing him, too, but she has her hands full with K who has been back in the hospital for her heart issues. She had a defibrillator put in, possibly a pacemaker as well, I haven't heard a full update yet today. Once they can get her disability status taken care of she will most likely go on the transplant list. Which means Nanny will have to be down in Charleston with her, at a hotel for the long haul. She's at the big university hospital down there, and it's about an hour at least, so she won't be able to watch him when that happens. Not sure what time frame they are looking at for that, though. W will be taking over Bubba duty at that point.

We have another girl from the office in the hospital, as well. She had a massive heart attack Sunday nite, and was technically dead. They shocked her about 10 times before getting her back. Her dad drove her to the hospital, doing chest compressions at the same time!!! Can you imagine! She's only 45, so young for such bad stuff. She had two stents put in, and seems to be recovering well. She's griping about wanting to go smoke, so we know she's doing better. She's up for serious lifestyle changes once she's out. Hopefully going to step down ICU today or tomorrow, a regular room soon after that, and possibly home by the end of the week, early next week. We were all so numb yesterday from it, because most of us didn't hear about it until we walked into the office.

I've been slammed at work, still, and really need to get back. The tropical storm dumped oodles of rain over the weekend, and now it's hot and sunny again.

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