June 01, 2007

T minus four days...

and counting until Bubba is home. W is sending me lots of pictures on the phone but I can't snuggle a picture. They buzzed his hair, which needed it, but it seems awfully short this time. Oh well, it will grow, and next time we won't have to do it so short. I love having hair to run my hands through when we're rocking before bed. He's getting spoiled rotten, getting to stay up late and skip naps. Bubba boot camp will commence upon his return, to get him back into acceptable behavior.

I'm doing ok, otherwise. Doing whatever I want around the house, which includes lots of computer time, reading time, pool time and sleeping in a bit in the mornings. I still have to get up for work, so it's not like I can really sleep in. But tomorrow! I don't have to work at the station until 2:30, so I don't anticipate getting out of bed before ten at the earliest. Will be glorious. Must force myself to do some cleaning, because I haven't at all since the boys left. I've done the dishwasher and stuff, but no laundry, no dusting, nothing. Which isn't that big of a change from when they are home. hahah.

W was having some trouble with the truck up in PA, but luckily we have a good mechanic in the family. J found the issue with the brakes and fixed it, and also added some stupid muffler thing that will make the truck louder or something. Whatever. He didn't charge us anything, so I shouldn't complain, I guess.

Off to cover the phones for a minute. Have a good weekend.


Laz said...

I am massive jealous of your me-time. I'm glad you're enjoying it, even if you're missing your tot!

Beachgal said...

Awww, don't be jealous. I'm BORED! But I guess with a new little one and the toddler to keep entertained, you are short on me time. I don't get it often, tho, soon enough things will be back to (crazy) normal around here.