December 29, 2008

Holiday pictures

Hey everyone! We had a great couple days, mostly due to the fact I didn't work for FIVE DAYS! I'll have a four day weekend this week, depending on radio station schedule, which has been pretty sparse.
Anyway, I wanted to throw up some pics from Christmas, and refer you all to Myspace for the videos because I'm too busy at work to take the time for the vids.

Nephew A with his new slipper socks! (Obviously the eye patch is because his prosthetic isn't fully 'installed'. Soon, tho. I think he looks awesome as a pirate!)

My mama watching (she would so totally kill me for posting a pic of her in the net.)

Bubba and HIS slipper socks, with Mom, A and my brother P in the background.

Bubba at home, Christmas Eve with his special jammies, waiting to open his present from W's aunt and uncle, which is one of three videos on Myspace.

My son the redneck, with his first .22 caliber rifle. He already has a BB gun rifle that he's really good at hitting targets with. Squirrels be on the run!

He asked Santa for this, and Santa at first thought it was a waste of money, but it's AWESOME! (oh, it's Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii.)

Outside, right before opening the shed for the big Santa gift (four wheeler), video also available on myspace, as is his first ride. Sadly, I have no still pictures of him on the four wheeler in his Santa jammies and huge helmet.

I know it's not real clear, but this is a close up of him with the helmet on, and I just love it.
Enjoy. Talk again soon. Happy New Year, in case I'm not back. I have NO plans except SLEEP, tho I'll probably stay up to watch the ball drop. Haven't gone out drinking in years.

December 23, 2008

Have a holly jolly...

Hey ya'll. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I'm starting off with no work until MONDAY after I finish my two hour shift at the station tonight!! WOO!

Happy Birthday today to my daddy, my daddy in law, and Andrea! (I'm too lazy to remember how to link to her, she's over there --->)

Question: what is your favorite Christmas song, and you may list more than one.

Mine are Little Drummer Boy, Ukranian Bell Carol, and Oh Holy Night. Please lemme know what yours are. I may not get them until after, because I don't think I'll be bothering with the computer much for a while.

Merry Merry Christmas my dearies. Love you all.

December 15, 2008

December 12, 2008

Did you know....'s impossible to wrap your Christmas presents when you can't seem to find your wrapping paper???

December 08, 2008

Tales from Deer Camp

So I survived a week in PA with some of W's relatives, a week of snow and rain, and COLD temperatures. Of five layers of clothes while sitting or standing in the woods waiting for deer that never materialized (at least for me.)

Let's start with the early part of the vacation.

With all the snafus dealing with getting my Caliber fixed, it of course wasn't ready when it was supposed to be. Had to leave my mom in charge of getting it picked up from the stupid dealer I will never do business with again. So instead of having my car back in my driveway while I was out of town, it was stuck at the dealer until this past Thursday. Anyway.

W refused to hook up the quad to the trailer and the trailer to the truck on Thanksgiving night. Of course. Said it would only take a few minutes Friday morning....famous last words...instead of leaving at six like he wanted, we didn't leave from dropping the rental car off until oh, 9:30.

So Roxie (short for Roxanne, the GPS unit) had us on the way, and I promptly took a nap. Everything was going fine. We got up to Thomasville, NC or somewhere or another and we needed gas in the truck, and also put some in the quad. Now, as I had my wallet in my hand, I specifically told myself, "Self, do NOT put the wallet down on the side of the truck you'll forget it and that would be a mess." So I did not. I DID however, set it ON THE QUAD, while putting gas into it. Five and a half hours later, we stop for food and pee break, and lo and behold, my wallet is NOT IN MY PURSE. Commence total freak out, because I knew the damn thing was gone, and we were facing the prospect of a five and half hour backtrack trip, on the total lark of a chance of finding the wallet at the gas station or close to thereabouts. I was screaming, because I wouldn't have been able to get on a plane for the trip home, wouldn't have been able to spend any money because we'd have had to cancel both debit cards, plus the Amex that was in the wallet. Luckily, as I was beginning to totally lose it, W FOUND the wallet on the foot area of the quad. It survived I don't know how many miles, even after we had to swerve hard to the left and back to the right when a huge tree branch was in the middle of the road. I was thanking God left and right, it wasn't luck, it was an outright miracle.

After recovering from that, Bubba threw up, luckily in the toilet at McDonald's. He's still not quite right, after a week. Very bad lingering cough, no other problems. W may be taking him to the doc today or tomorrow up there.

The rest of the trip was uneventful with the exception of it being a bit long. Bubba got dropped off at the mall Saturday morning with Grammy for a vist with Santa, the picture is adorable. W and I attempted to shoot my rifle in, to discover it didn't want to fire. Four hours later and a trip to the gunsmith, it was fixed, and I proceeded to hit a great shot into the target, along with a smack to the side of the nose with the scope. OUCH! No bruise, no black eye, lucky me.

Sunday was a loaf day. Slept in, didn't really do much. Early to bed, so we could get up early. Which we did. It was cold. I had tons of clothes on, walked up the hill with W and sat. Saw a buck about an hour in, which W shot at and missed. When I got too cold, I went in to eat and thaw out. Lather, rinse repeat for the week. I never saw a deer again while in the woods. One evening, the big buck came down off the hill into the back yard and I almost got a shot off before he disappeared into the thicket. Spent six plus hours in a tree stand in the snow and wind on the day W shot a doe from the dining room. Two neighbors brought us deer, so we spent Thursday night and all day Friday processing them (and I do mean all day, started cutting/cleaning, chopping meat around eight in the morning, and finished grinding and packaging at nine that evening. Thursday was the skinning and cutting meat off the bone.) 90 percent of the meat was ground up for the multiple things I use ground meat for. We have three nice big roasts, and about 10 pounds of sirloin steaks. Provided W doesn't get a buck while he's still up there, we have probably a hundred pounds or so of ground meat. I'm thankful, even though I didn't get to shoot anything.

I spent Friday night at Grammy's with a still sick and coughing Bubba, who kindly woke me up at almost two in the morning to puke. Didn't get much sleep after that. Got dropped off at the airport plenty early, breezed through security, tho the pricks took my unopened bottle of water. Spent my last two bucks cash on a 20 ounce bottle of soda. The plane out of Atlanta coming to Pittsburgh was late. Keep in mind I had a whopping 35 minutes between flights in Atlanta in the first place. So we didn't take off on time, but the pilot made up some time in the air. However, we landed at 12:45 and my flight out was 1:04. ACK! Luckily I flew in at gate C4 and was flying out of C10. That normally doesn't happen at Atlanta, normally you have to traipse all the way across the airport. Found a place to pee, horked down half a cigarette, raced back to my gate and sat to text W that I had made it. Now normally, I wouldn't have bothered with the smoke, but when I walked past C10 to the potty, there were plenty of people still sitting, so I figured they weren't boarding yet. How wrong was I. As soon as I hit send on W's text, I heard from the little podium dude, "Again, Final Boarding call, so and so and Beachgal!" Holey hell, I ran up there, totally freaked out. I literally JUST made the damn flight. I got my bag in the overhead, (after having to walk back three rows cause some dickhead rudely insisted I not put my bag on his suit which was in MY overhead, when he was sitting across the aisle. Dude hadn't even put his own bag in HIS overhead. I wanted to smack him. The flight was part empty so I moved anyway and had a window seat.) Anyway, I no sooner stowed my bag when the plane started moving.

I settled in with my Grisham book (the new one, it's good) and soon enough we were in Charleston. Found my parents and off we were for yummy food and the drive back to the beach. I did NOT hug my car when I got to their house, tho I was tempted because, dudes, they not only fixed it, they washed it and detailed the inside. Some brownie points there, but I'm still not using that dealer again. I collected the Wii that was kindly left with them to play while we were out of town, however, I forgot my turkey soup.

Got home to dogs who were happy to see me, but kept looking for W. Kitties showered me with kisses as well. Tons of mail sorted and tossed or whatever. I didn't stop for over an hour once I walked in the door. Laundry, cat box, unpacking, yadda yadda. Spent three hours reading emails and blogs. Then crashed. Yesterday was DVR catch up day and some more computer stuff. Finished up the laundry and watched the Steelers pull one out over the cowgirls and then finished my book.

Work not so bad so far, but I've only played catch up with one attorney. This afternoon will be worse I'm sure. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. W is planning on coming home this week, maybe....depends on a lot.

November 30, 2008


hope all had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I'm currently in Pennsylvania, and it's cold and it's raining and it's supposed to turn to snow any minute. yuck.

Gearing up to go hunting in the morning. PRE buttcrack of dawn. I've already bonked myself in the head with the scope of my rifle, but I hit the bullseye on the target so I guess it's worth it. Don't think I'll have a ton of computer time again, but I'll try to check email before the end of the week. I'll be home Saturday afternoon.

November 18, 2008

car update and miscellany

Well our deductible is 500 bucks. Good thing I have enough in the savings to cover that. I keep reminding myself it could have been worse. Initial estimate on my car is 1,654 in damages. Don't know about the other vehicle, it wasn't badly damaged at all. After talking to Boss1 about the ticket, we requested a continuance on the court date, instead of our usual procedure of requesting a jury trial. He'll go to the new date and negotiate a lesser fine for us. If he can knock about half of it off I'll be happy, well not as upset.

My rental car is pretty sweet. A 2009 Chevy Impala. It's like a gunmetal blue/grey. The seat is a bit uncomfortable and I already miss my Caliber. Hoping to have it back by the end of the week. I keep forgetting to take camera to work, but once I do I'll upload pics of the damage, because of course I took some. Boss2 wants to borrow my camera so I'm supposed to take it in tomorrow.

Hanging at the station for a BobFM remote. Do any of y'all have BobFM? I love it. An example of the play list, and this is just from what is coming up in the next half hour:

Stone Temple Pilots
Fleetwood Mac

Had some Aerosmith and Eagles before that. As far as I know, these BOB remotes will be the majority of my hours now that NASCAR is over. At least one more football game this Friday. If they lose it's over, and if they win, I won't be around for the following weeks game. I am getting a voicetrack shift for this Sunday, which I'm not sure when I'll tape. I'll either have to come in early to do it before the football game, or stay late and do it after. I could also just come in on Saturday and Sunday to do it, but that would kinda ruin the first full weekend off I've had in forever.

Hoping to finish off Christmas shopping before we go up to PA. If not, I'll have time during my week to myself to try to get some done. That's probably when I'll get some Bubba stuff done, plus search for some new clothes for me. I'm still in need of warm weather stuff, it's gotten so damn cold here.

Well, almost time to do the last break, then head home.

Oh yeah, Bubba and I have been playing Guitar Hero a bit this week. He lost Wii privileges for some unimportant issues, not sure it makes much sense to allow Playstation, but we're doing it. He's getting a little better, but still doesn't do great. He has a lot of fun though. I, however, amaze myself with how well I do, even though my fingers HURT when I'm done. I'm playing on easy, and my career is about half done. I battled Slash of Guns 'n' Roses last night and then played Welcome to the Jungle with him, it was kinda awesome. May try to advance to medium, if we keep up playing. We haven't played in forever, and once the Wii is back, we'll most likely stick with it. I finally bowled a perfect game on the Wii. Took me long enough, but I'm glad I finally did it.

Okay, I'm really done now. Talk to y'all later.

Missy, you ok? You've been a bit quiet.

p.s. haahhahah, my blogger ad right now if about traffic tickets!!! hahahahahaha.

November 16, 2008

My husband is totally in the doghouse

Why you ask? Cause I know y'all are dying to find out the latest reason why I'm ticked off at the man. Well, it's simple really. HE WRECKED MY CAR!!!!!!!

He was driving to my mom's to finish up the installation of my anniversary present, a remote starter contraption, and drifted into the other lane and caught the back bumper of another vehicle. That vehicle isn't too messed up. My front quarterpanel and headlight are all smashed up. Luckily, noone was hurt, Bubba was in the car with him at the time, I had just pulled into the station in the truck, which I NEVER get to drive. He got a warning, because we couldn't seem to find the registration for the Caliber, and a ticket for unlawful lane usage. I have no clue what our deductible is, but needless to say it's going to drain the savings account to pay it. The ticket will cost us 150 bucks, but if we go to court they'll drop the fine a bit. I'll talk to Boss1 about it and see if it's worth his involvement, I'm not sure the Trooper would drop it to a 0-point violation, he even said as much, that they'd just drop the fine if he went to court. However, the court date is when we'll be in Pittsburgh.....I'm willing to just eat the fine most likely, don't wanna make too many waves, considering the Trooper could have done worse. The downside of working at the firm and doing traffic tickets is knowing all the what-if's.

I missed about an hour of work, cause I left once someone came to cover the race. But I'm back now, and W has the unenviable task of calling the insurance company, plus he'll have to go and get me a new registration card. Now that I think about it, I'd rather the Trooper would have written the registration violation, so we could have tried to make a deal to dismiss the other one and pay the fine on the other. But whatever, it could have been much worse.

Must go voicetrack and then watch the last race of the season. And the last race for the radio station. Blah.

November 09, 2008

The in law visit

It went well...we pulled off the surprise amazingly. W insists he had no clue, but I was starting to think maybe he did, but who knows. Bubba was so shocked. The party went off great, a bunch of the neighbor girls came over, my mom and Aidan showed and Bubba got spoiled rotten. Tons of new toys and clothes.

We are planning a trip to PA the week after Thanksgiving, for hunting. For the first time since I was a kid, I'll be hunting this year. Look out deer in Greene County, Beachgal is gunning for ya, hoping to fill my freezer. Also, since I can only stay a week, and W likes to spend two weeks, we shopped around and booked me a plane ticket back for 75 bucks. It's flying into Charleston, which isn't too far, and my mom will be able to pick me up. The best part is that I only have to endure the drive UP to PA instead of up and back. That is totally worth the 75 bucks, I tell ya. Bubba will spend the extra week with Grammy and the rest of W's family, and I will have a week home alone, which will be glorious!!!

Watched a fabulous episode of Crossroads on CMT, featuring Def Leppard and Taylor Swift. First, Joe Elliott is still hot, second he sounds fantastic singing country music. Since it was on the DVR, I plan on watching it again, it was that good. Missy, I highly recommend that you catch it if you haven't already.

Ok, well, I'm at the station, for the second to last race of the year, and I'm also flipping over and watching the Steelers game. As of now, it's halftime and they are winning.

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA. We've told you all day that it's your LAST day ever as a four year old and you are so excited for tomorrow. We love you very much and I look forward to what life with a five year old brings.

November 05, 2008

So glad all that's over

Wow, is pretty much all I have to say. I'm not sure I really thought Obama would win, but I certainly expected it to be a closer race. My husband is all doom and gloom, however I am cautiously optimistic that things may just change for the better. Noone knows for sure. And no, I won't tell you who I voted for. (bubba keeps asking me and it's annoying.)

November 04, 2008


Not that I'm such an influential blogger that people will read this and run out and vote or anything. But really, if you're reading and haven't voted, please do so. I waited in line for about an hour after registering. Wasn't so bad. I couldn't go after work because I have to be at the station, and have to have time for dinner and such. W will try to go after his doc appointment, depending on Bubba's behavior. I did find out that he can get curbside assistance, since he cannot wait in line that long. Hopefully that works out.

October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y'all. I didn't get to go trick or treating with Bubba....I'm at the radio station. But I've been told he had a fantastic time down with my mom, and W gave out candy for a while at her house. Then Bubba gave out candy, and after having a treat from his stash, he fell asleep on the couch snuggling with my dad. How awesome is that?

Life is about the same. W still miserable, he hurts so bad all of the time. I see him going further and further downhill and it scares me. Still haven't gotten any settlement paperwork from workers comp but it's supposed to be in the works. We started the process for filing for disability, but haven't got anything finished yet. W is dragging his feet, but we have to get it in so we can get the process going, since they always deny, then we have to appeal, then wait after the second denial for a hearing. Then hopefully we win the hearing and can start getting the disability. Meanwhile, we have to keep our heads about water the whole time. Blah.

Not much else going on. Since I don't think W ever reads this, I can say that the in-laws are coming for a surprise visit next weekend for Bubba's birthday. My child will be FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!! Holy hell how did that happen?

We have a date night tomorrow night, so Bubba is sleeping over at G-ma's tonite and tomorrow. W and I are going to see Larry the Cable Guy, courtesy of the radio station. No meet and greet tho, which I'm a little bummed about. JW, the boss, is going to try to get Bubba's tshirt signed, which will be cool. Haven't run out of room on it yet, but it is starting to fill up.

K, I'm gonna sign off. Got a quarter plus left of this damn football game, then I can go to the grocery store. Planning on doing some heavy cleaning tomorrow, in advance of the inlaw invasion, which I can't tell W about, just have to pretend it's overdue (which it really really is.) Then our big night out. Got a smashing outfit for it, courtesy of Carmen at the office. She's been giving me a bunch of clothes she doesn't wear anymore, which is awesome, she has great taste in clothes and they all fit me well, too.

I scored a pair of brown dress boots at the mall today, for twenty bucks. And since I still had a gift card to the mall, I didn't technically spend any money! Woo!

Happy Haunting, catch ya later.

October 24, 2008

Something for all.

Something I think is completely awesome.

I've always loved this song, this just blew me away.

(yes i'm too lazy to do the linking stuff)

October 21, 2008

Ho Hum

Hey y'all. How are you doing? About the same here. Hasn't been much to talk about so I've kinda just avoided this place. Still reading every body, commenting here and there, but I'm just lying low I guess.

W's back is still bad.....waiting on settlement paperwork from worker's comp because they say there's nothing else they can do. We started to process for filing for disability, which is going to be long, drawn out and not easy. I know they'll deny him, which we'll then appeal, and then they'll deny again and we'll have to get a hearing which takes forever to get.

Bubba still isn't in preschool. I've heard they are working on the waiting list and getting kids in, but so far, no word for him. He has until March.

I've been working way too much. Between the office and the extra shifts I'm pulling at the station, it seems like that is all I do. Then of course I have endless amounts of chores at home.

We are still addicted to the Wii. Bubba has so much fun with it and honestly, I do too. We love to do the fitness challenge every day and see how our age changes. I also got W and Bubba both hooked on Monopoly on Pogo. Such a fun filled life we lead....playing video games and watching TV is pretty much what we do at home.

Ok, the office work all piled up is calling to me, I just don't wanna answer it (but I have to.) Hope to hear from y'all.

Happy Halloween, since I don't know if I'll be back by then. Bubba will be going to G-ma's with W because I'll be working at the station.

October 02, 2008

Something NOT written by me.

I swiped this from one of my Yahoo Groups. No clue the real author, and I've put the link to the yahoo group post below....this really makes you think. I know it would never happen, but wouldn't it be nice? Again, I'm not big into politics but this really makes sense. And I cannot wait for all the damn ads to be done with on the radio and tv for this election. Blah

....this was sent to me by a creative mind that is a single parent struggling not to go into foreclosure. I thought that it had its merits so I'm passing it on; If nothing it would give the big money people that put us in this mess something to PONDER; while we the average citizen can only wonder WHY? Perhaps it's time to take back OUR AMERICA!!!.

To All My Friends Who Think "Outside the Box"....I'm against the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout of AIG.Instead, I'm in favor of giving $85,000,000,000 to America in a We Deserve It Dividend.

To make the math simple, let's assume there are 200,000,000 bonafide U.S. Citizens 18+.Our population is about 301,000,000 +/- counting every man, woman and child. So 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up..So divide 200 million adults 18+ into $85 billon that equals $425,000.00.My plan is to give $425,000 to every person 18+ as a We Deserve It Dividend.

Of course, it would NOT be tax free. So let's assume a tax rate of 30%.Every individual 18+ has to pay $127,500.00 in taxes. That sends $25,500,000,0 00 right back to Uncle Sam.But it means that every adult 18+ has $297,500.00 in their pocket. A Husband and wife has $595,000.00.What would you do with $297,500.00 to $595,000.00 in your family?

Pay off your mortgage - housing crisis solved.
Repay college loans - what a great boost to new grads
Put away money for college - it'll be there
Save in a bank - create money to loan to entrepreneurs.
Buy a new car - create jobs
Invest in the market - capital drives growth
Pay for your parent's medical insurance - health care improves
Enable Deadbeat Dads to come clean - or else
Reset the Welfare and Medicare/Medicaid Systems to weed out the fraud.

Remember this is for every adult U S Citizen 18+ including the folks who lost their jobs at Lehman Brothers and every other company that is cutting back, as well as those that lost everything in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas after the hurricanes. And of course, for those serving in our Armed Forces.If we're going to re-distribute wealth let's really do it...instead of trickling out a puny $1000.00 ( "vote buy" ) economic incentive that is being proposed by one of our candidates for President.If we're going to do an $85 billion bailout, let's bail out every adult U S Citizen 18+!As for AIG - liquidate it.Sell off its parts.Let American General go back to being American General. Sell off the real estate.Let the private sector bargain hunters cut it up and clean it up.Here's my rationale. We deserve it and AIG doesn't.Sure it's a crazy idea but it is extremely LOGICAL!How do you spell Economic Boom? Talk about an American moral booster! This plan is about all Americans and is not based on race, gender, or socio-economic status.I trust my fellow adult Americans to know how to use the $85 Billion We Deserve It Dividend more than I do the geniuses at AIG or in Washington DC.And remember, The Family plan only really costs $59.5 Billion because $25.5 Billion is returned instantly in taxes to Uncle Sam.Ahhh...I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

Kindest personal regards, A Creative Guy & Citizen.Perhaps a few more creative minds in Washington and a few managers who can manage would serve the American people from getting into such direPositions. Make your vote count in placing some new blood in Congress.Time to turn over the controlling party politicians and elect those thatCan act in the interest of all Americans. Thought this is a creativeIdea to help Americans."

full post here:

September 26, 2008


That's me lately. Not much to talk about because just about every day is the same.

I have started exercising again, hoping to tone up a little, I've gotten a bit flabby since I haven't exercised regularly in about a year.

W found a Wii cheap on Ebay, so we've been Wii-ing quite a bit. Should I be concerned that my toddler bowls better than me sometimes? He's also beaten me at baseball. I seem to be the best at the tennis. It's a lot of fun and W is getting some exercise. THAT alone is worth the price. We've not encountered any issues with a used game system, so yippee.

Already talked to Missy a little about this on half of the morning show was fired last week, completely out of the blue. The new guy started on Wednesday and he seems ok. I googled him, and to my surprise, the dude has a CMA award. For best radio personality, medium or large market...that seems like a huge thing to me. One of the other part timers was also fired THIS week, for being a complete dumbass and not turning off his mike before telling a joke with an inappropriate punchline. That has led to more hours for me, including having to work Tuesday night, and I'll have to work a fairly long day on Sunday, which is normally my only day off. It will only be a temporary thing, they plan on hiring at least one person to do what he did. I'm actually off tomorrow, performing another wedding, this for a friend of W's. Nowhere near as fancy as the last one, we'll be changing out of our dress clothes right after the ceremony and then gonna PARTY!!!!! Football is slowly winding down for the night, I'm ready to go home and watch the finale of Gone Country II.

Hope everyone out there in the internet land is doing well. Haven't heard from my mud chicks in a while, but I know how busy we all get, and besides, I haven't been posting much.

Happy Fall, I am so ready for some cooler weather and smaller electric bills.

September 18, 2008

in an unrelated note

In another cosmically unfair turn, I can't find my hairdresser friend. She's done my hair for like two years, the last few times at her house instead of at the salon, obviously to save money. Well, I am in desperate need of a perm and trim, and gave her a call to get it scheduled....yeah....her cell phone doesn't work anymore. And she isn't at that salon, anymore, either. They don't know where she went. I SUPPOSE I could stop by the house, but I don't wanna freak her out, especially if she moved or something. We have a wedding next weekend, which I am performing, and was really hoping to have my hair under control by then. Now, if I can't track her down (I've been trying since Monday) I'll either have nasty hair or I'll have to pay twice as much somewhere else. By the way, this is the second time I've lost track of my hairdresser....the last time I saw my other favorite one, I was six months pregnant....went back to the salon for a trim when Bubba was a few months old, GONE. Noone could tell me where she went. SO yeah, don't have the best of luck with hairdressers.....

Also, one of my mom's cats died Monday night. She was 16. had been going downhill for a while, and she called me to meet me at the vet for the euth, and before they got her out the door she was just gone. Honestly, mama shouldn't have waited so long, but she just couldn't bear to lose her. She had been eating/drinking up until the very end, which is why mom never called the vet. Farewell Baby, Littlefoot, Miss Priss. We'll miss you.

Oh, yeah, 16 years ago tonite was the first time I laid eyes on W. We've been a couple ever since. Life hasn't been too kind to us lately, babe, but I love you very much. Here's to another sixteen years, hopefully a little easier. Mwah.

September 16, 2008


...I normally keep out of politics, but this election is driving me mad. I hate politicians, I think they are all crooks and scum and promise whatever to get elected and then do whatever they want. I do NOT want to start a political discussion about the current candidates, I just wanted to say, that either way it goes, it scares the crap outta me. I don't know enough about either to make a judgment and I have no clue yet how I'm voting. I DO know that Ms. Palin scares the hell out of me, as a woman who wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. Potentially having a VP with that mission is scary, at least to me. Again, I do NOT want to start a great debate, this is just something that has bothered me for a while and wanted to throw it out there.

September 15, 2008

Woah. Edited, AGAIN,

The link no longer goes where I meant it, but I found a picture I was able to save and then upload. It's a picture of a place near Galveston, an entire subdivision wiped out, except for one house left standing, appearing totally untouched. I took the link out, since it didn't work.

This picture scares the hell out of me on one hand, and then totally amazes me on the other.

God Bless all of y'all in Texas and elsewhere dealing with Ike. I'm sorry anyone ever has to go through this kind of devastation.

September 06, 2008

all is well

Hanna was a sissy, if you ask me, at least for us. Had some heavy rain, some wind and the lights flickered twice but never went out. We've spent the day indoors, because somehow my child has come down with a cold. I'm hoping to avoid catching it, but that's not likely.

Catch y'all later.

September 05, 2008

rain rain rain

It's about 1045 pm. Boys are in bed. I'm on the laptop that keeps crashing on me. It's been raining hard for a while. Front yard is pretty flooded, too dark to see into the back yard. I'm sure it's pretty flooded, too. Since it's so dark, I can't really see how windy it is, but every once in a while we hear a good gust that kinda rattles the house a bit.

The poor dogs want to go out and pee, but I won't let them. I'm hoping for a small break in the rain so my house doesn't smell like wet dog. But eventually I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and let them go out. Another reason why cats are so much easier.

Okay, I'm gonna try to pogo for a bit, if the computer cooperates.

Oh yeah. NASCAR postponed tonites race and even tomorrow nites and they will run back to back on Sunday, with the Cup race first. However, JW at the station basically took me off the schedule, since the other guy was scheduled for Sunday anyway, and they are only going to broadcast the Cup race. I don't even have to go in to voicetrack. Two weekends in a row off, I don't know what to do with myself. I believe I'll still have to go in Monday nite to run the football game, and that will suck, but you do what you gotta do for a paycheck.

Catch y'all later.

4:30 Edited 4:45

Cloudy again but not raining. This is my last update since I have a ton to finish before leaving for the weekend....I'm picking as much up off my floor as possible so if it floods the damage will be minimal. I kinda hope my actual desk gets damaged so I can ask for a new one. hahahahaha.

Stay safe everyone, everywhere.

Ok, came back quick enough to mention that it's now POURING again. Heavy heavy downpour...guess how many stops I have to make on the way home. At least TWO! DAMMIT.
They've also added a tornado watch in effect until tomorrow sometime, in addition to the tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. Wonder how many more we can add? ahahhahah.

See ya.

3:05 PM

Bright and sunny outside. Newest update wasn't much different. Hanna is coming, but they can't positively predict where. Anywhere from about 4o miles south of us, to 40 miles north of us, with us in the middle. She's almost a Hurricane last I looked. She isn't expected to get much stronger than a MINIMAL hurricane.

1:30 pm.

Okay it's now pouring down rain. One of the outer bands is coming ashore far north of the main system. They keep changing landfall, so I don't really know what to believe...anywhere from 40 miles south of us to RIGHT ON US.

Still don't know if I have to work tonite or not. Landfall is predicted between midnite and 2 am, but conditions deteriorate well before then. Left a message for the boss, haven't heard back.

I'll try to post before leaving the office.

Just talked to boss at station. No race tonite...they'll be having folks in live to keep doing reports. and a live shift in the morning for aftermath, but I don't have to go in until tomorrow nite for the Cup race, which will probably get rained out as the stupid storm heads north. grrrrr.

yeah, this may not be good.

Yeah so they updated the path of Hanna this morning....see that little "S" at 2 AM Saturday? That would be Myrtle Beach. Again, it's not going to be a strong storm, but still. It wigs me out a bit to know it's coming right for us. We were expecting peripheral effects, but this way will be a bit more. I'll keep y'all posted. Again, as far as I know I have to work at the station tonite. I'll be able to post from there, but once home, most likely not. Ack.

September 04, 2008

Tropical Update

Ok, Hanna is moving north of us, as projected now. I'm not very worried about it, since she'll barely manage to make a Category 1 Hurricane at this point. While our Governer has issued voluntary evacuations of some coastal areas, we aren't going anywhere. If it stays on track right now, landfall will be well north and west of us, and the east side is normally the weakest. So Hanna doesn't pose a HUGE threat to us, but we will still have rain and wind and probably flooding. Not a big deal, probably no worse than a regular big thunderstorm.

We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Ike, however. He's a Category 4 right now, and he's heading towards the Florida coast, but it's not known whether he'll travel up the coast or cross Florida and go in to the Gulf. There's also Josephine out there to deal with, but she's a lot farther off.

As it stands now, I'll be working tomorrow night at the radio station, whether it's for the high school football game or for the race remains to be seen. First they postponed the game, then set it for Wednesday night, and now it's back to original date and time. I'm waiting for the call that they've postponed again. Then I'll be doing the race. Saturday is up in the air depending on how bad things get (won't be bad) and if we lose power or not, which I doubt.

Anyway. I'll check in some time, but don't worry much about us yet.

ETA: just got word that football game was moved to Monday. and court for tomorrow has also been cancelled. Boss1 now has nothing and I spent all that prep time for nothing.

September 02, 2008 is fun!!!!

Gustav won't affect us at all, however Hanna is headed straight for us at this point. Last I checked landfall would be south of us, which is bad. the northern end is normally stronger. However, if it stays as a Category one or two, we'll simply batten down and ride it out....stronger than a two, with landfall south and we're GONE. Life is in limbo right now, till we know what's up with this storm. I dread the thought of evacuating, I really do. I'll keep y'all posted.

We didn't go to the zoo over the weekend. We just stayed home, to let A recover a bit. In about six months to a year the doctors will remove his eye and fit him for a prosthetic. My brother is doing much better, but we're still pretty bummed out. We had a great family weekend, between just me, W and Bubba and some EVERYONE time, with my parents, brother and A. I got too much sun, not enough sleep and ate too much food. Good times.

Hope y'all are well.

August 27, 2008


I've not been purposely neglecting my blog, there just isn't anything worth blogging about. Work sucks. So insanely busy all the time, I rarely get a break. It's mostly immigration work which I'm so over, but I can't do anything since Boss2 loves it. We had it out a bit today, since he sided with a client who said I was rude/short/unprofessional. Whatever. She started it, and I'm sick of taking abuse from clients who don't want to leave messages for the attorney when I can't answer their questions. So yeah, I'm ready to go home for the day.

Bubba has been behaving pretty well, which is so nice. Some mornings I'm still really grumpy with him, but only when he wakes up insanely early and won't go back to sleep.

W isn't feeling good today, so I'm expecting a round of puking to sweep through the house, since not just one of us can ever catch it.

We have a trip planned to the zoo in Columbia with my parents, brother and nephew. So it figures, something that *I'm* looking forward to will probably get botched up with illness. Guess we'll just have to see.

We avoided the mess that was Fay, for the most part, and it remains to be seen what Gustav does. That said, yesterday was a messy, nasty day full of thunder and lightning and tornadoes in the area all totally unrelated to tropical stuff. Summer in the south, y'all, never a dull moment weather wise.

August 09, 2008

what a week

Last post was prophetic, friend died Monday night about 10:15. Mom and Dad and I, along with Bubba went out Thursday morning, for the viewing that evening, chipped in for a room and the funeral was Friday. Bubba didn't behave great, but he wasn't drastically horrible. As bad as funerals are for us, they are impossible for kids, who don't fully understand. I thought George was being cremated, but he hadn't been YET, so when we walked in to the viewing, I thought there might be some awkward moments with Bubba, since I hadn't mentioned anything about a body. He sailed through, thankfully.

I hate funerals. The only upside was spending (too little) time with our group of extended family from back home (you know - folks you've known forever who are just as family as blood.) I FINALLY got to meet my wonderful friend K's twins, who are so freaking adorable. Bubba, for the first time, was the oldest of the little ones, with the next age up being a ten year old. He shared well, which surprised me....he just got way too loud and rowdy for the funeral, and I don't even wanna talk about how he behaved at church for could have been worse, but it wasn't great, either.

I spent my Saturday morning cutting the grass, and raking the grass. Got too worn out to do the weed whacking, so that's tomorrow. Ugh. Plus, I had two days worth of other home chores to catch up on, because W didn't do squat, other than put clothes in the dryer and run (but not empty) the dishwasher. Oh well.

We're also having a cook out for W's belated birthday, and the neighbor's birthday sometime tomorrow.

I'm hanging at the station, doing a race I don't even wanna pay attention to at all. Silly road course races.

August 04, 2008

family portrait

One of the advantages of a professional photographer in the family is great pictures. This is our newest, and I think only real, family portrait, taken at camp I think on the 5th of July. My husband is actually smiling, which is rare to begin with, and rarer still in pictures.

Our bedroom closet decided to implode last nite. We were both just about asleep when CRASH BOOM BANG, all the contents of the shelves, including jewelry boxes, on the floor, spilled. My dress clothes for work, on the floor, because the shelving unit had fallen to about a foot off the floor. So we have a new project, which I was NOT expecting at all. W went out for the wood to make better shelves, whatever else today. So I'll get schooled in home improvement again, as I learn how to hang shelves, etc. I swear we have a black cloud over us again.

I'm expecting the call about the family friend any day now. I'll be going out for the funeral, but probably not staying over, because there just wouldn't be room, and neither my parents or I can really afford a hotel room right now. The gas to and from is gonna be bad enough. Don't think Bubba will go because his behavior is too erratic after three plus weeks being spoiled by Grammy and company (not that they admit that of course.) W just couldn't handle the trip, and being up and on his feet all day so he'll stay home, too.

Will update soon if I can.

July 31, 2008

nothing of substance

He's yawning, really, but doesn't he look like he's screeching or laughing or something.

Jack, the fat boy.

July 29, 2008

how we spent the last week without Bubba

converting this:

into this:

Bubba's own racing themed bathroom. Total cost: about a hundred bucks, and a week of our own labor. Not pictured: some stickers on the wall, the new toilet seat and fuzzy cover. We also added a new towel rack, toilet paper holder, hand towel hook and bathrobe hook, all in silver.
W and I managed this project without killing each other, which is utterly surprising. I somewhat enjoyed it, but it would have been better if he wasn't injured. I didn't mind doing the majority of it, including the actual ripping up of the nasty carpet, but the pain made him grumpy and if I wasn't doing something exactly as he described it, he got upset.
We MAY put the leftover floor in the laundry room, but that would be a bigger pain, since it would have to get done in like one day, since I have no place to put my appliances other than on the back porch (which is tiny) in order to empty the room. We'd probably call in my dad as back up, and it all depends on if there is enough floor left to actually do it.
Best news of the day: BUBBA COMES HOME TONITE!!!!!
Lemme know what y'all think of the new room. I'm worried, because since we painted our bathroom purple, he's been saying he wants HIS bathroom purple, too. He has no clue we did this, it's his surprise when he comes home from vacation. Lord help me, let him like it.

July 18, 2008


I'm not really capable of forming the words I need right now. My mind, my life, my world is just in a state of confusion, worry and fear. Without getting into all the nitty gritty, Workers Comp is releasing W saying there is nothing else they can do for him. We know we'll have to file for disability, and we know we'll get denied and have to fight for it. I don't have that fight in me anymore. We know a settlement is on the horizon, but don't know how much, and once his weekly checks stop I have no clue how I'm going to pay the bills. If I'm away for longer than usual, it's because I just can't deal. I'm having a hard time dealing as it is. I see W slipping farther and farther away from himself every day and I fear I'll never have the real him back.

I also miss Bubba fiercely, he's still in PA.

July 15, 2008

camping pics

Because I don't feel like writing, here's some pics.

The beautiful Lana. She's about 13 months old now.

My handsome Bubba.

Bubba, Aunt Mitch (nickname for Michelle) and Uncle M

The silly booger butt with Mitch.

Bubba and his new best friend, M's new girlfriend's son. He's bigger but not older, and Bubba is a bit slouched in this pic.

Bubba insisted I take one of myself, and since it isn't horrible I'm posting it.

The brothers, W and Hoser (Mitch's hubby, the little brother.)

At the fair, on a ride, such an awesome smile.

July 10, 2008

drunken blogging

To sum up:

Vacation kicked ass, with the exception of how much gas cost us up and back.

life now sucks ass, thanks to W's injury and workers comp bullshit.

I'm drunk. Drowning my sorrows in hard iced tea. Short term solution I know, but whatever.

Hope ya'll are faring better.

peace out ( hahahah that sounds so lame.)

July 01, 2008

road trippin'

Okay, so hey. Real quick. Hope everyone has a great fourth of July. I'll be out of town from tomorrow night until like Monday sometime. No computer. Will be in withdrawal, but whatever.

Pray we get there (and home) safely, as we're hauling the camper behind us, and we've never taken it long distances before. To say I'm worried is an understatement.

Things have been so so around the homefront. Bills are piling up and that's stress. W's health hasn't been great, and that's stress. Work sucks and that's stress. So the vacation is much needed, but also an additional cause of stress. It would be so nice to not have money problems, health problems, etc. etc. I'm trying to remember that others are much worse off, but when this is MY reality it's still hard.

We'll be camping, and having fires and cooking on the fires and maybe fishing (oh I hope so) and who knows what else.

We'll also be leaving Bubba for his summer visitation with the inlaws. at least a week, maybe two. The quiet is going to kill us, that's for sure. I'm so wrapped up in being mama when I'm home, I swear we don't know how to really be a couple anymore.

Anyway. Hope you all are fine. Have a great holiday however you celebrate it.

June 24, 2008


The rumoured show with James Otto at the local country bar has been confirmed. I was initially extremely excited, until I saw the date. Now I'm heartbroken. It's next Saturday night. I will not be in Myrtle Beach next weekend. I would have been able to meet him and everything. I'm so upset. I held out on going to the huge music festival he was performing at because I knew he was supposed to come to the Beachwagon. While I know there are more important things to be upset about, this is just about the last straw in all the things that are just not working out in my life. I can't even mention it to my husband because he won't understand, which really, not many people will. All the little things I look forward to, the minor stuff I enjoy is all going to crap.

I'm incredibly stressed out about this trip next week (did I even mention it?) We're going camping for the fourth, up in PA, it's W's mama's birthday. No big deal, with the exception of gas prices and the fact we'll be hauling the ginormous camping trailer all the way up there, including through the treacherous mountains in WV.

I'm trying to stay positive, I really am. It's just not working. I'm not sure it'll ever work.

June 23, 2008

Since it's the internet...

and I can say whatever I want:


RIP George Carlin. I remember playing my parents RECORD of Class Clown with the above monologue and loving it. I was like ten or something.

for the record, I use four of these on a pretty regular basis....any guesses as to which?

June 19, 2008


I should totally have a media type blog for all the tv stuff I watch.

Anyway, in case anyone else is as addicted to F/X network shows like me, I finally found out when The Shield is starting back up (not soon enough, actually) and found this page that has all kinds of one on one interviews with cast members.....enjoy if you are interested.

June 17, 2008

Bad news two days in a row is NOT a good way to start the week.

My mama was 'downsized' yesterday. In other words, fired. Stupid piece of crap company. I never should have told her about that job, it's with the same place that fired W under the loophole of FMLA. A whopping two weeks severance, which doesn't include her accrued sick or vacation time. Bastards. Not to mention her health insurance will expire at the end of the month, and there's no way she can afford the COBRA. (same problem we had with it. who has an extra grand a month for inadequate health care?)

Bubba did not get into the preschool. We got the rejection letter today. Mainly, because he's too smart. His evaluation showed he didn't need any remedial help. I suppose I could have been dishonest on the questionnaire *I* filled out about him, but that is just not me. I don't even think that would have made much of a difference because of the testing they did on him. W is supposed to check with the other school, not our district, to find out what we need to do about getting him transferred into there, if we even can. He'd already be in regular daycare if I could afford it and then he wouldn't have the issue with social skills and he'd be fine to wait a year to start kindergarten.

Other news I'm expecting soon, and I'm surprised I haven't gotten it yet: A man who is like a grandfather to me is on his deathbed. He's the patriarch of the close knit family that I grew up with. I used to babysit one batch of his granddaughters (one of which just graduated high school), and his other granddaughter is my best friend up in Ohio. He is currently under hospice care at home, they are simply keeping him medicated while his body shuts down. I wish it wasn't going to end this way, but it is. We love you George and we'll miss you.

June 12, 2008


We lost. Bad. Not too upset, because our team was a bit shorthanded and they had plenty. We kinda sucked. But again, I'm not upset. The total count is two games all, but I'm not playing again, as I've told my boss. I'm done. Too much drama, too many chiefs, not enough indians. Very little teamwork on our part and that had me quite mad yesterday. Not hurting as bad today, maybe because I stretched out really good, or because I didn't play as hard. It was so damn hot, it was hard to get motivated. My head hurts, thanks to the fly ball I completely missed, and took it on the head. Funniest play of the night, thanks to me. Oh well. I'm not dead, no serious bruise, just some aches.

June 11, 2008

My new addiction

I'm an animal nut...this link goes to a live camera feed of a mama lion and her babies...I've been watching them (off and on) all afternoon...all they've done is sleep and I'm hoping they'll wake up before I leave for softball. Oh, I found the link on Cute Overload. (They said it was mountain lion, but I disagree....could I be wrong? maybe, but I don't think so.)


minutes after posting, some of the babies are moving around! hooray! Also, my boss just informed me I will be batting lead pressure, but FUCK!

June 09, 2008

Some pictures.

The tshirt for softball..we're playing again this Wednesday. argh.

This is how he fell asleep in my bed the other nite. Doesn't look too comfy.

My handsome brother P and his handsome son A, he of the eye issues.

Oh yeah, I'm at the beach, having a good time!

He was COVERED with sand, he was digging like a dog.

After a dip, WAAAY out in the ocean. Bubba was loving it. That's my parents with us.
After getting cleaned up, hanging at G-Ma's.

June 07, 2008

Hello from radioland

Hangin' at the station again this afternoon/evening. Started at three, had a break, back on the clock at seven for the race and a remote. Currently watching firefighters battle a blaze a hop, skip and a jump away from the station. Some industrial buildings across the way were ablaze....I think they are about under control now, but I can't stay outside watching.

It's freakin' hot as Hades around here lately. We tried to get the grass cut and the weed whacking done, but only got the back done. It just got plain too hot, so we took a lunch break, and then went swimming. My face is sunburnt, but I had sunscreen on the rest. Bubba has developed freckles on his face, even through 50 SPF....I LOVE them. I'll have to try to get a picture, but I doubt he'll cooperate, he isn't as fond of them as we are. He keeps asking how to get rid of them, poor thing. He'll most likely get more and more, since I'm absolutely covered in them, and W has his fair share as well.

Only plans for tomorrow, aside from trying to finish the yardwork early is to go to my parents. Haven't been down there in a while....we may make a beach trip, but they've warned that parking is atrocious. It's a small beach area we go to down there, and parking is used to be a locals only location that the tourists didn't know about, but that's not the case anymore. I'll let you know. I'd like to go, and get pictures of Bubba in the waves, he has so much fun. Would be worried about dropping my camera in the sand or something though, I can be a bit of a klutz.

Ok, I'll sign off now. Not much else going on. Just working hard at the office, trying to play hard with Bubba and W in the evenings. Have a great weekend y'all.

May 31, 2008

Some days

Man, I show up for work for a race at 2:30, only to find out it's been pouring down rain in Dover where the race is. So guess what. My shift that was supposed to be over at six? Yeah, not gonna happen. It's a little after five and they haven't even STARTED racing yet. My remote will still be over at six, but I'm stuck until the race is done. Of course, we had plans for after I got home which are now out the window, and guess who's in the dog house? Like I can control mother nature in DELAWARE!!! Dammit.

We got a ton of wood split between last night and this morning, though. We have almost reclaimed our yard. If I have the energy for splitting more tomorrow morning, that may just about finish it off. Some of the pieces that are left are ginormous so it may take more than one attempt to get it all done. Oh, we had to make a repair to the splitter before starting today because I broke something on it yesterday. Nothing major, just a bolt sheared off. W replaced two bolts, and we broke one of them today. It's not a seriously important piece, we may just remove what the bolts are holding anyway.

Well, here's to a good weekend for all of y'all. I'm hoping to get this racing done so I can get home in time to tuck my kid into bed.

p.s. Say hi if you've been reading....I"ve not had much in the way of comments lately, and I'm lonely. :)

May 29, 2008

Just checkin' in

Hey. Umm...nothing new going on here. Sure there are things I could gripe about, but what's the point? It wouldn't do me any good, so why bother?

Bubba got kidnapped by Nanny and K last night, for some much needed quality time for them. K is still not 100% after all her health issues, there was even a cancer scare to go along with everything else. But she's as well as can be expected, and missed him so off he went. I'll pick him up on my way home Friday night. I miss him horribly, the house is too damn quiet.

Bathroom basically done. I got it cleaned over the weekend. Our guy came to fix a few leaks to the new shower, and after a week or so of use, to make sure nothing is leaking underneath, he'll crawl under the house and do the last bit of work. I'm very tired of paying the man, that's for sure.

That's about it. Hope you all had a good Memorial Day Holiday. Ours was celebrated with charred meat and adult beverages and neighbors and the freezing cold swimming pool. Only the kids were brave enough to partake in the pool.

P.S. Happy Birthday (again) to my brother P. He'll tell you he's 29, but really, he's 35!!! Don't let him fool you. Cause there's no way he'll ever be younger than me.

May 17, 2008


Hey y'all. How are you? Just fine here at the beach. Been working and working. Bathroom is coming along. Floor is finally in, but not totally finished. Our guy hopes to be done by Wednesday. I'm so ready for it to be done, even though it means some serious cleaning. The entire room needs scrubbed, then put back together. There is so much stuff on my dresser that should be on the counter in there. It will be nice to have everything back to normal.

No real improvement to speak of for W's back. We're frustrated to say the least. We were sincerely hoping for relief from this last procedure but I guess it's not meant to be. We're trying to come to terms with the fact that he won't be getting any better and this is how we'll have to live forever. Not a good thought.

Bubba has shown some improvement with his behavior. We're being more consistent with punishment and consequences, which seems to have sunk in a bit. He still has some horrible tantrums but they are less frequent, thank god.

I'm hanging at the station for the All-Star race. I would much rather BE at the race, since it's up in Charlotte. My brother got to go, and I'm happy for him, he needed a good time. ***ETA - I called him to see how his seats were, and he didn't go, cause he couldn't find anyone to go with. How horrible. Sorry dude.*** My parents will be going up next weekend for the next race, also in Charlotte. I really wish I could go, too, but man we are so broke right now.

Took mom and dad out for dinner last night for their 40th wedding anniversary, which is today. We had a great time, great food and got to see the folks I used to work for and even saw some customers I hadn't seen since I quit waitressing there. W and Bubba made cookies, and we took them a plate. They went bonkers with the cookie cutters, everything from handprints, dinosaurs, letters and numbers and I think even a dog and bear shape. Heart shapes, too. I've eaten more than I'd like to admit, but they are soooo good.

I got sunburned today while out working in the yard. We split some wood, burned up the burn pile in the firepit, stacked some more wood and piddled around with the pool trying to get it ready to swim. We are hoping to get my car washed up tomorrow, but I'll have to rethink the plan of a bikini top since I'm already burned. I neglected to use sunscreen today, and got more burned than I thought I would. It doesn't hurt really, just kinda warm and tingly. I'll either slather it on tomorrow or just cover up. I had a sports bra on today, as usual when I'm working outside, so I'd like to get some sun on the spots normally covered by that, I just don't wanna get fried. We'll see how I feel in the morning, if we're out early enough it shouldn't be a problem, but we got a late start today.

Oh yeah. Harley Bike week is finally coming to a close. There have been thousands of extra motorcycles riding around and making traffic absolutely evil. It's normally not great to begin with, and it'll only go downhill from here, because of all the darn tourists. I don't think there have been as many fatalities as past years, so that is good. There's another bike week, the so called "Black" bike week, and all the idiots on crotch rockets come and are rude and irritating and destructive. So many locals leave town during this rally because they don't want to deal with them. Not an option for me. Will just have to deal.

The best news I have to share is that I have new neighbors, only they are technically old neighbors. The couple that used to live next door, before A and C, have moved back, a few houses down. Miss D used to watch Bubba when he was newborn. Their girls have grown up so much, I didn't recognize them. They were busy unpacking the moving van when I left to come to the station. W used to golf with her hubby and it will be good for him to have someone else to BS with, even though W can't drink with him like he used to. I'm glad they are back.

Ok, I've rambled on enough about nothing, really. Have a great weekend y'all.

May 08, 2008

The sweet smell of................

BIOFREEZE!!! Heck, I'm hurting. My thighs, my hips, my butt, my shoulders, even my back. The batch I put on this morning seems to have worn off already.

BUT WE WON!!!!!! It was very fun, no serious injuries and no hard feelings. It was a close game, and we prevailed. I almost clocked my boss with a line drive due to the stupid rule that we pitch to our own team. I hated that rule last year. Very few questionable calls considering we have no umpire. There's talk of another game soon, but ugh. It's hard to give up a night from the family considering I'm going to hurt for three days. And I'm so exhausted right now.

Hope y'all are having a good week. I'm ready for mine to be over.

P.S. I have pretty purple walls in the bathroom, and it's just the primer. Two coats of purple to come, then lighter purple trim. The floor would be next, and then the shower, he's hoping to be done by Wednesday. I have pics, but I'll wait to take more once the real paint is up.

May 07, 2008

Lord help me

We're playing softball again today. The reason I have this office is because the one attorney left, and took his assistants. Well, he was the captain of the second team. So now it's us against them. The teams have changed around a bit, but the same rivalry. I've resisted getting excited for it because I know I'm gonna hurt like hell by the time we're done, and I just got sick of the drama and the crap. I have resolved to play and have fun, and not let the super competetive me come out and get out of control. I just want to have a good time and play some ball. Winning would be nice, too, but it's not as important.

May 05, 2008

Hot damn

That was a helluva show. The meet and greet was right before he went on stage, so we missed the opening act, but I had never heard of him, anyway. I obviously got my camera back there even tho they said we couldn't. The morning show duo was there and they made sure we were able to use it. What would be the point of a meet and greet without a good picture of it? House of Blues needs to lighten up a bit in that aspect. I got my station shirt signed, and he also signed the shirt we have for Bubba, which is really starting to fill up. I also took pics with my phone, but they kinda suck.

We were worried about having a place for W to sit since he'd never be able to stand through the whole thing. We talked to a security guard early on before going inside and he said if there wasn't any handicapped seating left after the meet that I should come back down and find him and he'd hook us up. And boy did he. We were in the balcony, which is where they have the handicapped seating, and he squeezed us in at the very end of the railing which was closest to the stage. So we were RIGHT THERE and could see everything. And they could see US! We got acknowledged by the drummer and the guitarist at different times. Even Jason gave us a nod and smile. Eye contact is awesome when you are an obsessed music fan like me.

The set list was great, he played a bunch of stuff from both CD's, especially my favorite from the second. 12 songs from his albums, and you would NOT believe what he encored with. I was expecting it to be Hicktown, his first smash hit, but he played that in his regular set. First the guitarists and the drummer came back out and jammed a bit, then Jason came back and did the classic "The Ride" about Hank Williams Sr, by David Allen Coe. Sounded fabulous. What really blew us away was how they then went into the chorus of Paradise City by Guns 'N Roses. Said they started playing that when they played clubs only. Next was another GNR, Sweet Child of Mine. Holy Moses it was unreal. The place went nuts. I wanted them to keep playing but that was the end. Below are some pics and I'll do some videos later.

Check out those eyes.

My darlin' hubby and Jason. He's holding Bubba's shirt that Jason signed.

A slightly drunk me with Jason, and W in the background.

The morning show duo, Blue and Korby Ray.