September 18, 2008

in an unrelated note

In another cosmically unfair turn, I can't find my hairdresser friend. She's done my hair for like two years, the last few times at her house instead of at the salon, obviously to save money. Well, I am in desperate need of a perm and trim, and gave her a call to get it scheduled....yeah....her cell phone doesn't work anymore. And she isn't at that salon, anymore, either. They don't know where she went. I SUPPOSE I could stop by the house, but I don't wanna freak her out, especially if she moved or something. We have a wedding next weekend, which I am performing, and was really hoping to have my hair under control by then. Now, if I can't track her down (I've been trying since Monday) I'll either have nasty hair or I'll have to pay twice as much somewhere else. By the way, this is the second time I've lost track of my hairdresser....the last time I saw my other favorite one, I was six months pregnant....went back to the salon for a trim when Bubba was a few months old, GONE. Noone could tell me where she went. SO yeah, don't have the best of luck with hairdressers.....

Also, one of my mom's cats died Monday night. She was 16. had been going downhill for a while, and she called me to meet me at the vet for the euth, and before they got her out the door she was just gone. Honestly, mama shouldn't have waited so long, but she just couldn't bear to lose her. She had been eating/drinking up until the very end, which is why mom never called the vet. Farewell Baby, Littlefoot, Miss Priss. We'll miss you.

Oh, yeah, 16 years ago tonite was the first time I laid eyes on W. We've been a couple ever since. Life hasn't been too kind to us lately, babe, but I love you very much. Here's to another sixteen years, hopefully a little easier. Mwah.

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Missy said...

Wow, 16 years with the same man. I'm suprised I haven't strangled mine after 5 years. LOL

Good luck hunting a hairdresser down. I don't have one that I really like either. I moved away from mine about 5 1/2 years ago.

I am so sorry about your cat. :(