September 04, 2008

Tropical Update

Ok, Hanna is moving north of us, as projected now. I'm not very worried about it, since she'll barely manage to make a Category 1 Hurricane at this point. While our Governer has issued voluntary evacuations of some coastal areas, we aren't going anywhere. If it stays on track right now, landfall will be well north and west of us, and the east side is normally the weakest. So Hanna doesn't pose a HUGE threat to us, but we will still have rain and wind and probably flooding. Not a big deal, probably no worse than a regular big thunderstorm.

We are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Ike, however. He's a Category 4 right now, and he's heading towards the Florida coast, but it's not known whether he'll travel up the coast or cross Florida and go in to the Gulf. There's also Josephine out there to deal with, but she's a lot farther off.

As it stands now, I'll be working tomorrow night at the radio station, whether it's for the high school football game or for the race remains to be seen. First they postponed the game, then set it for Wednesday night, and now it's back to original date and time. I'm waiting for the call that they've postponed again. Then I'll be doing the race. Saturday is up in the air depending on how bad things get (won't be bad) and if we lose power or not, which I doubt.

Anyway. I'll check in some time, but don't worry much about us yet.

ETA: just got word that football game was moved to Monday. and court for tomorrow has also been cancelled. Boss1 now has nothing and I spent all that prep time for nothing.

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Missy said...

Wow... that's alot of storms. Stay safe.

I think I got most of it back up and running. All I really lost was the links to all of the music sites and stuff. I have those saved to my pc anyhow. I also lost my list of projects that I have done this year, but I can just go back threw my blog and redo that. Whoo hoo not messing with that again for a while.