September 05, 2008

yeah, this may not be good.

Yeah so they updated the path of Hanna this morning....see that little "S" at 2 AM Saturday? That would be Myrtle Beach. Again, it's not going to be a strong storm, but still. It wigs me out a bit to know it's coming right for us. We were expecting peripheral effects, but this way will be a bit more. I'll keep y'all posted. Again, as far as I know I have to work at the station tonite. I'll be able to post from there, but once home, most likely not. Ack.

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Missy said...

uhg.... Not good. I'll be thinking of you guys this weekend. I can't imagine having to leave home because of a storm. Here we hunker down in the basement and hope that we don't see the sky over head. I will have to tune into the national news over the weekend to see how things are going down there.