September 26, 2008


That's me lately. Not much to talk about because just about every day is the same.

I have started exercising again, hoping to tone up a little, I've gotten a bit flabby since I haven't exercised regularly in about a year.

W found a Wii cheap on Ebay, so we've been Wii-ing quite a bit. Should I be concerned that my toddler bowls better than me sometimes? He's also beaten me at baseball. I seem to be the best at the tennis. It's a lot of fun and W is getting some exercise. THAT alone is worth the price. We've not encountered any issues with a used game system, so yippee.

Already talked to Missy a little about this on half of the morning show was fired last week, completely out of the blue. The new guy started on Wednesday and he seems ok. I googled him, and to my surprise, the dude has a CMA award. For best radio personality, medium or large market...that seems like a huge thing to me. One of the other part timers was also fired THIS week, for being a complete dumbass and not turning off his mike before telling a joke with an inappropriate punchline. That has led to more hours for me, including having to work Tuesday night, and I'll have to work a fairly long day on Sunday, which is normally my only day off. It will only be a temporary thing, they plan on hiring at least one person to do what he did. I'm actually off tomorrow, performing another wedding, this for a friend of W's. Nowhere near as fancy as the last one, we'll be changing out of our dress clothes right after the ceremony and then gonna PARTY!!!!! Football is slowly winding down for the night, I'm ready to go home and watch the finale of Gone Country II.

Hope everyone out there in the internet land is doing well. Haven't heard from my mud chicks in a while, but I know how busy we all get, and besides, I haven't been posting much.

Happy Fall, I am so ready for some cooler weather and smaller electric bills.


Missy said...

Hope that you are having a great day at work. How did the wedding go?

Missy said...

You just won an award on my blog!