March 25, 2008

Easter pictures

The loot. The big unopened box was from Grammy and the gang up in PA for Bubba. The little bunny bags were one for each of us, plus some other stuff, and the little yellow egg shaped one was Easter Bunny for Bubba.

The Easter Bunny brought suncatchers he gets to stain himself...we've done two already...he loves them!

Grammy sent a Lightning McQueen Nightlite. Cause we don't have enough Cars stuff.

The eggs from Grammy and everyone had MONEY! Here he is with all his riches. This is my newest favorite picture of him. The cuteness is overwhelming. Too bad I know how inherently EVIL he really is.

Grabbing eggs at G-ma's later in the day. Easter Bunny should have learned by now not to leave chocolate out in the sun in South Carolina, when it's 75 degrees outside....everything had to go in the freezer for a bit. This picture also features his fancy new Lightning McQueen light up tennis shoes, also from Grammy.

Darlington Pictures

Okay, it took me a while, but here's some of the pictures from Darlington. I have more if anyone wants to see them, and I think there are a few different on myspace.

This is me sitting in the IRL car, Indy Racing League, I believe. This is my favorite shot of ME, too bad W didn't zoom.

This is as I just got my helmet and was ready to wait for my turn. The person dancing in the background is the woman of the couple we hung out with all day. She was a trip, and I don't know her name.

This was right after the ride around the track.

This was with the guy who drove me on the drifting track in the mustang. Also not a bad picture of me, except I always seem to do stupid things with my arms. If you click on it to make it big, you'll see W in the background, last guy standing on the right, in the black and white jacket.

I wish I could have kept the suit, it was awesome, and you know, I probably WOULD wear it to work. I wouldn't be cold, that's for sure.

March 18, 2008


Hopefully this works. You'll hear my voice at one point. I say three words! Is that what I sound like for real? Gah.

March 17, 2008

Words totally fail me.

Y'all. That was such an awesome experience. I have to start with the biggest of kudos to my husband, first because he won the prize, and second because he chose to go even knowing he couldn't participate, just so that *I* could participate. The whole overall experience was just incredible. All the workers from Marlboro were great. They were totally into all of us having the time of our lives. And it was just that. I've got some great pictures and some videos, I'll get them uploaded as soon as possible. The drivers were phenomenal, they must have loved how excited all of us were, and having just as much fun doing what THEY love to do for us fans who were lucky enough to experience their JOB!

I wanna do it again. I hope I can do it again, this time with W experiencing the same thrill. He was such a trooper. All the standing, sitting on uncomfortable chairs, and then the drive home was hard for him. He had a rough afternoon, and was still hurting bad yesterday. It sucks.

Once we got checked in, we got our little bag of goodies, with a hat and some other stuff in it. We then got driver suits. That was fun. W got to wear one, too, even though he wasn't riding, because they took a fancy picture of us in them in front of one of the race cars. After that, we went to helmet fitting, where I got a nifty fire sleeve to wear on my head, and gloves, which we got to keep, W got his own set, too. No surprise, I'm a small helmet. After that we went outside, got to take pictures of a couple different cars, get a snack and a drink, and then they started up with our intro to stuff. First up was the track ride. The cars they were using were Dodge Avengers, which were actually used in the IROC circuit until 1999. These cars were actually driven by some of the greats of NASCAR, like Earnhardt, which was totally cool to know.

We were assigned numbers at check in, and that is how they called you to line up. Once they called your number you had to suit up in the earplugs, fire sleeve and gloves, and then go get your helmet. Then up to the line of cars while they unloaded the last person and put on the neck safety device. W got some silly pics of me climbing into the car. Then they buckled us in and off we went. It was absolutely breathtaking to be in that car, feel the power, the rumbling of the engine, the sounds of all that horsepower. Not to mention the track zipping by so fast and being so close to the wall you could reach out and touch it. I was hooting and hollering the whole time wanting to go faster and faster. Three laps went by very very fast. Too fast, I just wanted to keep going.

Once I got out, which was harder than getting in, I got to take the firesuit off cause the drift track we could do in street clothes. We sat around a bit, waiting for the rest of the group to finish up, then it was off to the drift track.

The Mustangs were so sweet. They told us the only difference on the cars from a regular Mustang is that they put the Viper version tires on for better traction. Bright red, just like the IROC cars, with the Marlboro logo on it. I shot a great video of what drifting is, and hopefully I can post it here, or more likely on Youtube. Same drill, we waited for our number to be called, got a helmet again, then waited for a car to be free. They were running three cars on the track at once, spaced out enough that we moved quickly through the line. The drifting was a lot more rough then the racecar...violent isn't quite the word, but I was really thrown around in the car, and once you see the video you'll understand. Again, three laps were over quite quickly and I wanted to go again. We got to watch the rest of the folks go and a couple of times the drivers lost control a bit and spun out in the middle of the track. I got a picture in front of the car I was in with my driver. After everyone finished up it was off to lunch.

I was expecting like wings, or chicken tenders and fries when they said we'd have a catered lunch. Very surprised to find jasmati rice, curry chicken and beef flank steak on the buffet line. There was also a fancy mixed greens salad and (fitting in well with the redneckish aspect of the day) a hot dog station. The food was awesome and there were cookies for dessert. We got some more freebies, they had printed out two prints of the pic they took of us in front of the car earlier, and then for filling out the survey we got a fancy travel coffee mug. I need to find a way to scan that pic in, it's pretty good. My favorite one of me is when I was sitting in the Indy or IRL car.

I'll try to upload the pics before I leave work this afternoon and then post some tomorrow. Both my bosses were in with folks, that is how I was able to get this done today. Mondays are crazy and today was no exception.

If I think of anything else to add, I will do so in the picture post.

March 15, 2008

Almost time to go

W is in the shower, I'm dressed except for shoes. Big bag/purse is prepped...Cooler for the drive is prepped. Just checked the weather for Darlington and the chance of rain is now 60%!! FUCK! Supposed to be in the afternoon, but y'all know my luck, right? i do know we're going to be the early group, so hopefully...........enough prayers have been said so I just have to have faith.

Quickly, some other things. Bubba has been a bit better about eating lately. Some of the things we've gotten him to eat without a fight: tacos! hamburger helper (made with deer meat); fried shrimp! and the biggest victory: CARROTS!!!! I don't know if some switch flipped in his head about food or what, but he's been so cute saying things like, "I'm gonna try that mama." I hope this trend continues.

W found out he's in for not one, but TWO surgeries. More on that later, as we get closer to it.

Ok, I am gonna piddle around a bit more and then keep W motivated to get dressed. He's only going so I can do this, because he can't take part, and that bugs the shit out of him. I've told him repeatedly how much it means to me that he's doing so. For all his flaws, he's still a great man. And I love him dearly.

March 14, 2008

Damn, I thought of a witty title earlier, but I can't remember it

Ok, so tomorrow is the big race track thing at Darlington. I'm so ready for it, but I'm worried that it's gonna rain. Keep your fingers crossed for me, huh?

I am out of time, because work is crazy. I am leaving early, W has or will soon take Bubba down to G-ma's. I'm stopping for gas, groceries and then going home to eat and clean and battery is charged, and we have an extra memory stick. Lots of pictures will be taken. I'll post again as soon as I can.

March 07, 2008

pictures pictures pictures

Some Christmas:

Bubba playing with his cousin, about a week apart in age....They had a blast!!

This is opening the gift from me and W, I love the expression....another pic with him IN this gift is coming up.

The newest addition, little L. This is brother M's daughter...

This is from Christmas morning, I just love how BIG he looks here, all in the foreground and whatnot. The elf is little brother B. W on the left, and the other is bro in law J, oh and the dog, Princess.

One of many vehicle themed gifts.

This is W's mom and aunts. I swear my mother in law doesn't really have antlers.

Bubba's wish from Santa: Shake 'N Go Crash Ups racetrack. Santa found this while IN Pittsburgh for the vacation, because we weren't sure what he was talking about.

W being goofy with his gift, a new gun safe. That makes two that now inhabit my bedroom corner.

Not Christmas:

The orange penis marshmallow in a bowl of generic lucky charms. Luckily this was W's bowl.

Skater boy, my oh my he looks so grown up here.

My dog looks like she has lightbulbs in her eyes.....I need to learn how to fix these things.

Disney loves us...these are all Cars diecast cars.

March 04, 2008

Bubba picture

My dad took this at the circus over the weekend..not the best, but darn it's cute. Click to make it bigger, and ignore the red eyes, he's not really possessed, he only acts like it sometimes!

I think he's trying to say he didn't want his pic taken?

Again, Thanks Missy

The lovely Missy created the new background soon to be featured here. Because I'm a nincompoop, I gave her admin rights so she could do it for me!! More evidence that I'm way too obsessed with John Rich.

Thanks again Missy!

March 03, 2008

Thanks Missy!!!

The wonderful Missy made that sparkly banner thing up there. Thanks so much darlin, I love it.I managed to figure out how to put it here. Go me! She even made me one for Myspace!! Go send her some love. (I don't have time to put the link in here, but she's over there in the list!)

March 01, 2008

sooo. some randomness

After a week that saw four trips to the doctor (hour and a half each way, 143 miles roundtrip), two separate spinal headaches, insertion, then removal of the stimulator thing and the loss of a babysitter, it's no surprise, I'm ready for a break. W has one more planned appointment on Monday to ensure all is well. Then we wait for them to schedule the next surgery. Blah.

My mom and dad kidnapped Bubba today, took him up to Columbia, to the circus with my bro and nephew....can't WAIT to hear all about it. I'm at the station now, and W is home in bed, per doc orders. He's not out of the woods for the headache to come back, so the easier he takes it the better. (Which leaves everything for me to do. I'm so ready for him to get the clear to do SOMETHING.)

I got a new computer at work yesterday. Didn't get it completely set up before time to go, but I got most of it. It's blazing fast and comes with a fancy, 19 inch, wide flatscreen monitor. It's unreal. Some of the other girls are jealous, but I had nothing to do with it. Boss2 was in my office a few times and saw how slow and lame my old one was and couldn't believe that's how I worked all day every day. I was just so used to it, sure it bothered me, but I never expected to have anything done about it.

I had a big lunch when I got here this afternoon, but I'm really hungry again. I shouldn't raid the vending machine, but I still have about two hours to go. Blah.

I'm really not into the race today. It seems like they can't quit wrecking long enough to get going for long. Hopefully it won't be the same for the race tomorrow.

Not much else going on here. Got some cleaning done before coming in today, as well as the grocery shopping.

Hope you all have a great weekend.