March 01, 2008

sooo. some randomness

After a week that saw four trips to the doctor (hour and a half each way, 143 miles roundtrip), two separate spinal headaches, insertion, then removal of the stimulator thing and the loss of a babysitter, it's no surprise, I'm ready for a break. W has one more planned appointment on Monday to ensure all is well. Then we wait for them to schedule the next surgery. Blah.

My mom and dad kidnapped Bubba today, took him up to Columbia, to the circus with my bro and nephew....can't WAIT to hear all about it. I'm at the station now, and W is home in bed, per doc orders. He's not out of the woods for the headache to come back, so the easier he takes it the better. (Which leaves everything for me to do. I'm so ready for him to get the clear to do SOMETHING.)

I got a new computer at work yesterday. Didn't get it completely set up before time to go, but I got most of it. It's blazing fast and comes with a fancy, 19 inch, wide flatscreen monitor. It's unreal. Some of the other girls are jealous, but I had nothing to do with it. Boss2 was in my office a few times and saw how slow and lame my old one was and couldn't believe that's how I worked all day every day. I was just so used to it, sure it bothered me, but I never expected to have anything done about it.

I had a big lunch when I got here this afternoon, but I'm really hungry again. I shouldn't raid the vending machine, but I still have about two hours to go. Blah.

I'm really not into the race today. It seems like they can't quit wrecking long enough to get going for long. Hopefully it won't be the same for the race tomorrow.

Not much else going on here. Got some cleaning done before coming in today, as well as the grocery shopping.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Missy said...

Hey, sorry to hear you had such an interesting week. Sometimes boring is nice!

Missy said...

hey go to the mafia blog I have a draft saved with some blig bling for ya... just cut and paste the codes