March 25, 2008

Darlington Pictures

Okay, it took me a while, but here's some of the pictures from Darlington. I have more if anyone wants to see them, and I think there are a few different on myspace.

This is me sitting in the IRL car, Indy Racing League, I believe. This is my favorite shot of ME, too bad W didn't zoom.

This is as I just got my helmet and was ready to wait for my turn. The person dancing in the background is the woman of the couple we hung out with all day. She was a trip, and I don't know her name.

This was right after the ride around the track.

This was with the guy who drove me on the drifting track in the mustang. Also not a bad picture of me, except I always seem to do stupid things with my arms. If you click on it to make it big, you'll see W in the background, last guy standing on the right, in the black and white jacket.

I wish I could have kept the suit, it was awesome, and you know, I probably WOULD wear it to work. I wouldn't be cold, that's for sure.

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Missy said...

Great pictures!!!