March 25, 2008

Easter pictures

The loot. The big unopened box was from Grammy and the gang up in PA for Bubba. The little bunny bags were one for each of us, plus some other stuff, and the little yellow egg shaped one was Easter Bunny for Bubba.

The Easter Bunny brought suncatchers he gets to stain himself...we've done two already...he loves them!

Grammy sent a Lightning McQueen Nightlite. Cause we don't have enough Cars stuff.

The eggs from Grammy and everyone had MONEY! Here he is with all his riches. This is my newest favorite picture of him. The cuteness is overwhelming. Too bad I know how inherently EVIL he really is.

Grabbing eggs at G-ma's later in the day. Easter Bunny should have learned by now not to leave chocolate out in the sun in South Carolina, when it's 75 degrees outside....everything had to go in the freezer for a bit. This picture also features his fancy new Lightning McQueen light up tennis shoes, also from Grammy.

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Missy said...

What a little cutie pie.