April 03, 2008

Hangin' at the station

So I'm doing an unusual weeknight remote at the station tonite. It's kinda sad tho, because one of my favorite guys from the other station quit or got fired or something and isn't here like he'd usually be. Blah.

Things have been kinda calm and relaxing around here. Bubba's behavior is better, but he still has some tantrums, what kid doesn't? Preschool registration is Monday. Fingers crossed he'll get in, because they test the kids, and first choice is given to those needing remedial help. My opinion is that he doesn't fit that criteria, but if he doesn't perform well for a stranger for the testing he might.

W is having surgery on Tuesday. The first of two regardless of outcome of this one. My mom will be on Bubba duty, since she scheduled the week off in case my bro needed help with A who had his 22nd surgery on Monday. But he's already home from New York and is back to normal, and can go back to daycare. She'll also be available to take Bubba to testing depending on when that gets sets. So much going on in one week.

It's rained off and on for like a week, so the yard is too much like a lake to get any of the wood split or other yardwork done. The weeds in the frontyard are ghastly.

Well, I'm off. Work calls...Catch y'all soon.


Missy said...

Here's to everything going well! Hope the little dude gets into preschool. We just did that on Wednesday.

cabol said...

The thing I remember most about preschool is the weird little girl who was always eating crayons. (No, it wasn't me.) I hope the surgeries go well.

Missy said...

I hope things are going well for you guys today.