April 18, 2008


is tomorrow morning...gotta be there at nine. shouldn't be super long wait, the surgeon is on call, not scheduled.

bathroom still tore up. we're looking at probably 3 grand total to fix everything, and make some other upgrades, but we're doing it in stages, the guy just can't start on it yet.

night full of running to do, once I leave the office. Bubba going to Gma's, my brother and his son will be in, so he'll have a good time. he just damn well better behave because he's been a holy terror at home. I fear that if he does get into preschool, he'll get kicked out in a week.

update as soon as I can.


Missy said...

Sorry about the bathroom issues. Hopefully surgery goes well though. Don't worry your little man will act like a perfect angel for every one else. Mine has been pooping in his pants and trying to hide it in the dryer with the clean clothes the last few days. I swear every man should have his thing cut off at birth. Hope you have a great weekend. I'm redoing laundry!!!

Cabol said...

I hope everything went okay.