April 30, 2008

the bathroom....

...is going slowly. I guess that's what happens when you just have one guy doing the work as opposed to a crew, but a whole crew wouldn't fit in there, anyway. The new shower BASE is in, the new exhaust fan/heater should be finished today. I'm hoping tomorrow he can do the walls and floor or at least SOMETHING that feels like tangible progress. Costs aren't outrageous but it's still hard to fathom how much total it's going to cost.

W isn't feeling much better. He's recovered from the surgery itself, but isn't getting the relief we were expecting. Which is not good news, because they've basically told us there isn't anything else they can do for him. So we're expected to live like this forever. Him in miserable pain and depressed about it and not being able to work, and me seeing my spouse suffering and not being able to fix it. Not to mention, if he can't go back to work, our financial situation will not get any better.

The office has been driving me crazy. I have no desire to continue to do this work, but have little choice due to the flexibilty this place provides. Nothing else would pay even close to what this does, considering the bonuses I get from both bosses. So I'll just plug along, miserable, but what can I do? And it's not like I have other marketable skills to put to any use. I'm a glorified secretary and a mom. Whoopee.

On a plus side (finally) W and I have a date night this Saturday. Missy, dont' get too jealous, but we're going to see Jason Aldean at the House of Blues, and courtesy of the radio station, we'll get to meet him, too. Really looking forward to it, I love his music, and we both need a night of fun. Oh, and I may have an opportunity to see James Otto *ducks from the daggers Missy is throwing* because he's supposed to be coming to one of the clubs in the area later this year. Not getting too excited about that one, because it may not happen.

Uh, I think that's all I got. I'll try to take bathroom pictures once there's something to show some progress.

April 25, 2008

rather than a real update, here's some pics/videos

The fat cat, Jack, crashed under the dining room table.

He lost a fight with a porch swing yesterday...I imagine the colors are going to be nice over the next few days, but at least the swelling was down this morning.

This is from our bike ride excursion a few weeks ago.

Where the shower was, water damage to the floor.

Behind the toilet, which never leaked, this is from the shower leaking.

Moldy floor next to the shower, behind the toilet.

A little bike ride in the cul-de-sac.

Thunder Rolls, performed by Bubba.

April 18, 2008


is tomorrow morning...gotta be there at nine. shouldn't be super long wait, the surgeon is on call, not scheduled.

bathroom still tore up. we're looking at probably 3 grand total to fix everything, and make some other upgrades, but we're doing it in stages, the guy just can't start on it yet.

night full of running to do, once I leave the office. Bubba going to Gma's, my brother and his son will be in, so he'll have a good time. he just damn well better behave because he's been a holy terror at home. I fear that if he does get into preschool, he'll get kicked out in a week.

update as soon as I can.

April 16, 2008

RANT AHEAD, consider yourself warned

Rant the first: Explain to me how it's good medicine to have a patient (and his wife) sitting in a tiny room with a hospital bed and a tv and a sink for NINE HOURS while waiting for his surgery? I had to BEG permission to give him a pain pill. Keep in mind, he'd not had anything to eat or drink since midnite. Once noon hit, I was pissed. Why should we show up at 7 am, meaning we had to get up at 5:00 in order to get on the road in time, when they didn't even take him to the OR Holding area until 4:00 pm. That is NOT a typo. We went from the little holding room downstairs, to the slightly larger holding room upstairs NINE HOURS after we checked in. NINE FUCKING HOURS PEOPLE. Then we waited another two hours before they took him to the OR. No other profession can get away with this, and we are powerless to stop it. So help me, for this next surgery, if they tell us to show at 5 am and we might show up at noon. I cannot handle another day of watching him writhe in pain because he can't have his meds, not to mention no food or drink for that long.

Rant the second: I pay my homeowners insurance people HOW MUCH money a year for them to say, oh, sorry that water damage isn't covered. WTF?!?!?! I have no idea how much this repair is going to cost but it's not going to be cheap. The entire floor in the bathroom needs torn up, at least two walls need fixed probably replaced, we need a new shower, then tile or something for the floor. Also, part of my closet will need fixed, floor and wall. We're screwed. All night I was trying to stay positive but as we uncovered more and more damage and mold and muck my spirits just sank. There's no telling how long the water was getting where it shouldn't be. But it's been long enough to destroy the place.

The only way I can pay for this is with a credit card, and we'd sworn off them to get ourselves out of debt. We're SOOOO close to being done with cards and now this. The spare bathroom shower sucks ass, no wonder my inlaws always want to use mine. But now *I* have to use it and man, it was a miserable shower this morning.

Did I mention the timing really blows? W is having ANOTHER SURGERY as soon as possible, and I have a completely ripped up bathroom. He had a ton of running around planned for today anyway, picking up prescriptions at the doc and then getting them filled, trying to get a copy of Bubba's birth certificate (another nightmare, we can't find it, and we HAVE TO HAVE IT for preschool registration stuff. We've plowed through the safe THREE TIMES, gone through every other place we store papers and NOTHING.)

But NOW, he has to find repair stuff, still get the scripts filled and try to find someone to come and look at this stuff and get an estimate that won't make my heart stop cold. All the while dealing with a kid who's decided he doesn't need to do what we tell him to do, and heaven forbid we tell him not to do something.

Blah. Sorry y'all. I'm trying to keep positive, but I've been so incredibly stressed out and on the brink of a breakdown to begin with and now all this hits. Last week was hard enough with all the problems with W, this is just too much. It's hard to enjoy the roses when you keep getting gouged by the thorns. The littlest thing now has me about in tears.

It didn't help that someone here at work that I turned to for support shot me down with, "you are so blessed, consider yourself lucky that you have xxx and yyy." Umm. I come to you to commiserate and gripe and that's all you got? Gee thanks, but forgive me if I'm not gonna be back around anytime soon. How hard would it have been for her to say, yeah that does suck, I'm so sorry, can I do anything? (this has been an ongoing thing with her, so I guess I should have learned by now.) Of course I know I'm blessed with my child, my health, all of that. Whatever. Am I off base for expecting support from a 'friend' instead of whatever you want to call it that she did give me? I mean, there's always trying to see the good in a situation, like, at least the house didn't burn down, blah blah blah. But this came across more as dismissive of my anger at the situation. Maybe that is what I've been trying to say. She was dismissive and it hurt my feelings. I don't know. Y'all can tell me if I'm making any sense or not.

I'll be out of touch a while since it's likely surgery will be tomorrow or Friday. Just pray that it all goes well and I soon have a nice new bathroom that isn't going to bankrupt me. I don't even want super fancy at all. I just want it to WORK!

April 15, 2008


Briefly: Surgery went ok, aftermath was complete hell. We're on the other side of all that NOW, but we're getting ready for round two, probably the end of this week.

All of this is compounded by the MOLD and FLOODING and ISSUES W found in MY CLOSET and bathroom. Apparantly, all my clothes are now spread across Bubba's bed, meaning he'll sleep with us tonite, joy of joys. And we get to rip apart the closet to try and find the leak. I'm so over all the issues with this damn house.

I don't even wanna mention the work drama. I hate it here. I don't want to work here anymore.

I'll update again as soon as I can. Unless the mold puts me out of my misery first.

April 03, 2008

Hangin' at the station

So I'm doing an unusual weeknight remote at the station tonite. It's kinda sad tho, because one of my favorite guys from the other station quit or got fired or something and isn't here like he'd usually be. Blah.

Things have been kinda calm and relaxing around here. Bubba's behavior is better, but he still has some tantrums, what kid doesn't? Preschool registration is Monday. Fingers crossed he'll get in, because they test the kids, and first choice is given to those needing remedial help. My opinion is that he doesn't fit that criteria, but if he doesn't perform well for a stranger for the testing he might.

W is having surgery on Tuesday. The first of two regardless of outcome of this one. My mom will be on Bubba duty, since she scheduled the week off in case my bro needed help with A who had his 22nd surgery on Monday. But he's already home from New York and is back to normal, and can go back to daycare. She'll also be available to take Bubba to testing depending on when that gets sets. So much going on in one week.

It's rained off and on for like a week, so the yard is too much like a lake to get any of the wood split or other yardwork done. The weeds in the frontyard are ghastly.

Well, I'm off. Work calls...Catch y'all soon.