March 24, 2009

oh well

well, the CD wasn't signed, nor anything for fan club. But it kicks ass, nonetheless.

two things

I'm leaving work tonite and heading to Walmart to buy a new CD. John Rich's solo album, very long anticipated. Anyway, weeks ago while doing radio promotion he promised ON AIR to personally sign the first 100,000 copies, and include a free year in his fan club. I'm hoping against hope to get one of those autographed copies. Wish me luck.

Also, my husband just ripped T-Mobile a new butthole because we both upgraded our phones in the past few months, because there was a mail in rebate that made them free, however he got notification that we all of a sudden don't qualify for the rebate. End result? A $100 credit on our cell phone bill, the equivalent of what the rebates would have been. Customer service at it's finest folks. This is the third incarnation of our cell phone company. We moved here with AT&T which was bought by SunCom, which was recently bought by T-Mobile. We've been customers since 1999 and they have ALWAYS gone above and beyond necessary means to solve our problems. So kudos to T-Mobile, and hooray for no cell phone bill for the next few months.

March 23, 2009


Man every day is still about the same around here:

Get up and go to work, wishing I didn't have to, but thankful I have a job, anyway.

Wait impatiently for 5:00 so I can rush home.

Fix dinner, do chores, play with Bubba, get Bubba into bed, watch TV with the hubby and crash.

Lather, rinse repeat. For fun, on weekends, we do the same, sometimes throwing in me going to work at the station!! Dont y'all wish you were me? hahahahaha

March 09, 2009

sheesh, I haven't updated in a while

Haven't been extra busy really, just nothing blogworthy.

Inlaw visit was good, albeit short. Bubba got tons of stuff, I got a bunch of books, CD's and movies I was wanting.

And I have finally been asked by the bride to be a bridesmaid...woo.

Dusty dog was sick when inlaws were here. Ear infection, led to a hematoma. We've been messing with it all last week, and then kinda figured it was fine. Cept it isn't, cause the hematoma is back again. They drained it at the emergency vet, and I've kept up with it, but this morning I wasn't able to get it to drain, the incision was too healed. So she may have to go to the vet again, unless W can get it opened and drained. She took a weeks worth of antibiotics, so I don't know why its still messed up. Already spent 250 bucks not looking forward to another vet bill.

Work is crazy at the office. In fact, I have to go, because my phone won't quit ringing and I have tons to do. But just wanted to let y'all know I'm alive and things otherwise are about the same.