March 24, 2009

two things

I'm leaving work tonite and heading to Walmart to buy a new CD. John Rich's solo album, very long anticipated. Anyway, weeks ago while doing radio promotion he promised ON AIR to personally sign the first 100,000 copies, and include a free year in his fan club. I'm hoping against hope to get one of those autographed copies. Wish me luck.

Also, my husband just ripped T-Mobile a new butthole because we both upgraded our phones in the past few months, because there was a mail in rebate that made them free, however he got notification that we all of a sudden don't qualify for the rebate. End result? A $100 credit on our cell phone bill, the equivalent of what the rebates would have been. Customer service at it's finest folks. This is the third incarnation of our cell phone company. We moved here with AT&T which was bought by SunCom, which was recently bought by T-Mobile. We've been customers since 1999 and they have ALWAYS gone above and beyond necessary means to solve our problems. So kudos to T-Mobile, and hooray for no cell phone bill for the next few months.


Missy said...

Well... JR is giving away free memberships to his fan club on his website. I just signed up with the user name Missy_Knits! That's really cool you got the money any how. It stinks when that kind of thing happens.

J. Cullinane said...

I've always had pretty mixed experiences with cellphone companies. I was really loving Verizon bigtime before we left the States, until I found out months later they had made all these bogus charges for hundreds. Let me tell you, having to call up these companies and fight with them from a million miles away is a HUGE pain in the ass (especially when automated systems hang up on you, grrr!).

So, if you've found a good company - stay with them FOREVER!!