February 26, 2007

A meme

I don't do many of these, but this one is different. Courtesy of Dooneybug

Aprons (Y/N): Nope, none. I only wore them back when I waitressed.

Baking (Favorite thing to bake): Butterscotch bars. Made with a spice cake mix, and butterscotch morsels....think spicy brownies. yummy

Clothesline (Y/N): Nope, I use my dryer. Too lazy for a clothesline.

Donuts: yeah, I love donuts, but try not to eat them anymore. Our family has a recipe for mashed potato donuts which are a pain to make, but are so worth it.

Every Day (One homemaking thing you do every day): Pick up after the kid and husband.

Freezer (Do you have a separate deep freeze?): I absolutely love having my extra freezer. It's normally full of deer meat and chicken and whatever else just doesn't fit in the regular one.

Garbage Disposal (Y/N): I wouldn't mind having one, but it isn't a big deal.

Handbook (What is your favorite homemaking resource?): I don't think I have one. Maybe mom and mil, but really, I'm not much of a homemaker, to begin with.

Ironing (Love it or hate it?): I HATE to iron. I leave big piles of it until i have no choice, and then spend hours. Sometimes W will do some for me, but not lately.

Junk drawer (Y/N) (Where?): One in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. We have so much clutter.

Kitchen (Design and decorating): My kitchen is lame. Not much upgrading available for a mobile home. Oh well, it is functional, what more could I want?

Love (What is your favorite part of homemaking?): I hate cleaning and organizing.

Mop (Y/N): 98% of my house is carpet. Only kitchen and laundry room have fake laminate flooring, which gets swept with a broom or vacuumed, then scrubbed with a fake swiffer thing.

Nylons: Haven't worn these since I moved south, compared to every work day while in PA. Hate them, and don't miss them one bit.

Oven (Do you use the window or open the door to check?): My oven doesn't have a window, so if I wanna check, I have to open the door. No light, either.

Pizza (What do you put on yours?): normally just sausage, or pepperoni and extra cheese. Not a veggie fan, so none of that.

Quiet (What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?): What is quiet time? Maybe surf the internet or read.

Recipe card box (Y/N): hahahah, no.

Style of house: as mentioned above, it's a mobile home.

Tablecloths and napkins? regular napkins or paper towels. Tablecloths so I don't have to dust the dining room table.

Under the kitchen sink (Organized or toxic wasteland?): It's a mess. W organizes from time to time. And I think it's time.

Vacuum (How many times per week?): Before the Dyson, luckily if it was twice a month. Since the Dyson, I am averaging about twice a week, but not so much lately, with the surgery and sickness, and what not. My inlaws vacuumed for me last week.

Wash (How many loads of laundry do you do in a week?): Umm, W does the majority of the laundry, sometimes every day. If he's not keeping up, It's normally about three or four a week.

X's (Do you keep a daily list of things to do and cross them off?): I try to do this at work, but I'm not real consistent with it. I do it at home when we have a lot to do, say before the inlaws show up for a visit.

Yard (Who does what?): W does the grass and poop clean up for the most part. Sometimes I do the weed whacking. We don't have a garden or anything, so it's mainly just grass cutting.

Zzz's: I never get enough sleep. W tosses and turns all the time, the dogs snore, I am normally up sneezing or having to pee. Some nights I'm out like a light, others I'm up many many times. I need to get more sleep.

February 22, 2007

Request *with update*

I am not here to bitch about my crappy last few days. None of it matters. Please, if you can, please pray for my nephew. Poor little A, who had a bad pink eye infection, and a bad reaction to some of the meds they put in his eye. We saw him on Thursday, after most of the swelling had gone down, but there was still a big glob of membrane-y stuff blocking his eye. Anyway, when at the doc's yesterday, for his EIGHTH check up in less than two weeks, he freaked the hell out and wouldn't let the doc touch him. To sum up, they operated last nite, and he's still in the hospital with another surgery scheduled for tomorrow. Basically, they do not think they can save his eye. As in, my little nephew, not even three years old, may have his eyeball REMOVED tomorrow. I am so losing my shit right now. I can't even imagine what my brother is feeling right now. The worst part? I can't be there. Because I'm stuck at work cleaning up messes that someone was supposed to handle for me, and I was only out TWO days!

Please, pray. At this point, some vision loss would be much better than loss of the whole eye. A full on miracle of complete recovery wouldn't be too shabby, either.

At some point, I'll update on W and stuff, but I just don't feel right complaining about stuff right now.

My mom called me Friday morning, after surgery, and it seems like he will keep the eye. But there is scarring, more infection in there, and some vision loss is expected. Which we will happily deal with. I'm having another crappy day at work, and don't wanna go into it. Thanks y'all. Prayers were answered!

February 17, 2007

Loooong day

Hello. I'm here at the station, and have been here since nine this morning. Had an early remote, and then a break long enough to run to Walmart for a prescription and then Arby's for lunch. Now I'm back getting settled in for Busch racing at Daytona! WOOT! *I know, you guys don't care.* During the race, I have another remote to do, and then AFTER the race, a remote on another station. So I'll be here until six pm.

Once I'm finally done with work, I'm stopping to do the grocery shopping. It's much better to do it alone, because W won't be trying to throw extra stuff in, and Bubba isn't asking for toys. But, they are remodeling my Walmart, and it's more difficult to find things. Jerks.

I'm long overdue on updating on K, Nanny's daughter. After a stint in rehab to get her strength back, she was home for a day, and then back in the hospital for a few, to address all the fluid built up in her lungs and legs. Fortunately, after that treatment, she is doing much better, and best of all, the fluid has not come back. This was like the third time they treated her for all of it, and since it is not recurring, it's a very good sign. She still has a long road ahead, but she's doing great right now. Her greatest joy last week was being able to put her shoes on. Not just being able to do it herself, but to even be able to have them fit on her feet was a big accomplishment. She had been so swollen from all the fluid.

K, in Ohio, reports that the twins are growing like weeds. I can't wait for new pictures, they are getting some done this weekend. She hates being back at work, but who doesn't?

Not much else going on. Bubba's ear is much better, all the nasty blisters are gone, but he's got one stubborn spot that is scabbed up and won't heal all the way. He scratches at it from time to time, and that doesn't help, either.

In-laws are on the road at the moment...they left early this morning. They will probably get in shortly before I get home from shopping. I don't believe the race car bed is coming this trip, but I'm not sure. We did find out that M will be a proud papa to a girl come May. They finally had their ultrasound. I'm assuming everything else looked good, I didn't ask. But them having a girl means we can't pass down all the clothes I have stashed away, so I need to ship them up to K in Ohio for her little man. We are going to pass on a bunch of big stuff to M, tho, including the car seat/stroller combo, swing and probably even the crib and bedding. We still use the highchair that matches all the rest, so I told him he couldn't have that. I think we agreed to give him the changing table, too, which now resides in our bathroom as a cabinet. He'll need to rent a dang U-Haul to get all this stuff home.

Ok, this will probably be the last post until after surgery, and I don't know how long we'll be in the hospital. At the latest, I'll update the following Monday when I'm back at the office. Wish us all luck.

February 10, 2007


Booyah! Racin's on my TV! Not such a big deal to some, but very big to me. Granted, it's only the Shootout right now, but next week is the big one! The Daytona 500!! This means I'll be having more hours at the station. Of course, it also means weekend time away from Bubba, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I hope Jr. has a great year this year, regardless of whether he gets his contract extension garbage straigthened out. His step-mom would be insane to let him get away, and I do think she realizes that.

I don't think any of my regular readers are even remotely interested in racing, so I won't go on any longer.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Nothing much going on here, otherwise.

February 07, 2007

nothing is ever easy around here

The nightmare we all walked back into at the office on Monday morning was more than we'd ever imagined possible. Yes, the new floor is done in MY area, but not half the other. I have someone else's filing cabinet taking up what little space I DID have for MY cabinet. I needed to have my electric and phone rewired because of a tripping issue. And when the electrician re did my electric, he 'stole' my cube neighbor's outlet box thing and she pitched a holy fit yesterday (she, of course, wasn't in Monday, or the whole situation would have been avoided.) He's here working on it right now, so hopefully that will diffuse some things. Also, the department a few feet down from me, didn't even get their floor ripped up, but their cubicle walls got all messed up, and lots of extra cubicle parts are piled over there. It's just such a major pain in the butt. Finally got my bookshelf put back up, however, it couldn't go where it WAS because of the new electric stuff, so now I have to adjust everything. I wanted to move my printer, but the cords won't reach to where I want it to go.

In other news, we thought Bubba had a spider bite on his ear, of all places. After not worrying much, W ended up taking him to the doc yesterday, and luckily it wasn't a bite, it turns out it is fever blisters. So yay, for cold sores, but boo for forty dollar anti viral script. It should heal him up quickly, tho. It hasn't bothered him all that much, but it sure looks nasty.

Umm...nothing else going on. I'm exhausted from all the running around we've been doing. It's our nicest day here all week, with a high expected of 62, but it has been very cold lately. Then I'm reminded by my friend in Ohio, and family in Pennsylvania, that we don't have it all that bad. K in OH had a high of FIVE degrees yesterday, and got sent home from work in advance of a snow storm. Was also snowing in Pittsburgh when we talked to W's family, and their high was like ten degrees.

W's mom, dad and sister will all be in next weekend for a week, in order to be here for W's surgery. Logistics will still be a nightmare in my opinion on whether they will shuttle Bubba to and from Nanny's or keep him at home, and bring him to and from hospital. I'd rather he stay at Nanny's, the drive to and from the hospital will be way too much for him every day. Someone needs to be around at the house to take care of the dogs anyway. They are bringing loads of presents for Bubba, including a Lightning McQueen Race car BED!!!! Kinda awesome, but jeez, we just got him sheets for the converted big boy bed, and now they won't be useful. He's going to love it, I know. Maybe it will fit his crib mattress, instead of being bigger, I don't know.

Ok, off to try to get some work done. I need to bring my typewriter in here even though I don't have room for the stand because I need to type some file labels. Then I'm going to try not to fall asleep, I'm so sleepy.

Have a good time, y'all.

February 02, 2007

I forgot

Umm yeah, I was sick most of this week, with horrible nausea and associated discomforts, so I've not exercised, except for once. Very afraid to get back on the scale. I'm sure those pounds are back and will be even harder to get rid of again. Why can't I just be skinny naturally? At least a little skinnier??? Bah.

Going to a going-away party for the boss at the station tonite, since I won't be going on the casino boat...I have to work at the station Saturday night so I'm glad I had already decided not to go in the first place.

See ya...

My day at the office

We have been preparing for new flooring in my area of the office which has been a complete pain in the rear. I just happened to have my camera with me today, so I decided to do a photo montage of what my space looks like. Bear with me, this may be very boring to you. But I'm done working for the day because as you will see, 90% of my area is in boxes in my boss' office!!!

This is the unwelcome visitor I found after cleaning stuff up a bit, at least he's dead.

This is the far left of my desk, the top shelf used to filled with law books, receipt books, notebooks, and file card info.

This is directly to my left, and is usually covered with files that I am going to be working on, or waiting for call backs on or something like that.

This is what I stare at most of the day. Normally I have a desk calendar right there in front of the computer, and whatever stuff I'm currently working on. I have since moved the thing the phone is sitting on as well.

My typewriter used to be on a little table at the end of this desk. The desk used to be covered with files and my clock radio. The supplies on the little shelf underneath have since been removed.

This is half of my stuff in my boss' office. This pile is most of the organizational tools that are scattered around, normally with files and filing in them. Also my plants that are in usually in different locations.

This is the other half of my office contents. All my phone books, my typewriter and stand, the files I have to work on next week, that I couldn't leave around. All the stuff that WAS on the bookshelf from the first picture. SOME of that stuff is his mess.

So. The past two days have been trying to get work done, trying to get stuff picked up an stalking the longest Woot-off in history. And even after trying I did not score any Random Crap from Woot. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to woot.com and click the what is woot thingy.

Ok, gonna publish and see how this looks. I may not edit much, because for some reason I am only seeing the CODE of the pics as I insert them, instead of the pictures. Anyone know how to make that change? And also, if I delete the pictures off my computer will the still show up in the post? I really don't have a clue about stuff like that.

**Upon editing, another question. Is there a specific piece of code I can type that will insert, I guess, the equivalent of a hard return? When I viewed this as first published, the formatting was all wonky, and descriptions were not showing up the way they are now, and to fix it, I had to go in and put MASSIVE amounts of space in between. Can that be done a different way? I supposed I COULD have broken it up into different posts but I did not want to do that.**

I'm also getting sick of my keyboard not picking up certain keystrokes. I have to POUND on it apparantly when I am in this Blogger window to make an entry and it's getting old. Anyone else ever have this problem? Is it blogger or is my keyboard dying? I don't have this problem in word processing applications. UGH!