February 07, 2007

nothing is ever easy around here

The nightmare we all walked back into at the office on Monday morning was more than we'd ever imagined possible. Yes, the new floor is done in MY area, but not half the other. I have someone else's filing cabinet taking up what little space I DID have for MY cabinet. I needed to have my electric and phone rewired because of a tripping issue. And when the electrician re did my electric, he 'stole' my cube neighbor's outlet box thing and she pitched a holy fit yesterday (she, of course, wasn't in Monday, or the whole situation would have been avoided.) He's here working on it right now, so hopefully that will diffuse some things. Also, the department a few feet down from me, didn't even get their floor ripped up, but their cubicle walls got all messed up, and lots of extra cubicle parts are piled over there. It's just such a major pain in the butt. Finally got my bookshelf put back up, however, it couldn't go where it WAS because of the new electric stuff, so now I have to adjust everything. I wanted to move my printer, but the cords won't reach to where I want it to go.

In other news, we thought Bubba had a spider bite on his ear, of all places. After not worrying much, W ended up taking him to the doc yesterday, and luckily it wasn't a bite, it turns out it is fever blisters. So yay, for cold sores, but boo for forty dollar anti viral script. It should heal him up quickly, tho. It hasn't bothered him all that much, but it sure looks nasty.

Umm...nothing else going on. I'm exhausted from all the running around we've been doing. It's our nicest day here all week, with a high expected of 62, but it has been very cold lately. Then I'm reminded by my friend in Ohio, and family in Pennsylvania, that we don't have it all that bad. K in OH had a high of FIVE degrees yesterday, and got sent home from work in advance of a snow storm. Was also snowing in Pittsburgh when we talked to W's family, and their high was like ten degrees.

W's mom, dad and sister will all be in next weekend for a week, in order to be here for W's surgery. Logistics will still be a nightmare in my opinion on whether they will shuttle Bubba to and from Nanny's or keep him at home, and bring him to and from hospital. I'd rather he stay at Nanny's, the drive to and from the hospital will be way too much for him every day. Someone needs to be around at the house to take care of the dogs anyway. They are bringing loads of presents for Bubba, including a Lightning McQueen Race car BED!!!! Kinda awesome, but jeez, we just got him sheets for the converted big boy bed, and now they won't be useful. He's going to love it, I know. Maybe it will fit his crib mattress, instead of being bigger, I don't know.

Ok, off to try to get some work done. I need to bring my typewriter in here even though I don't have room for the stand because I need to type some file labels. Then I'm going to try not to fall asleep, I'm so sleepy.

Have a good time, y'all.


lala said...

It must be frustrating that people always give you grief for having nice weather.

Laz said...

Yikes, what's with the nightmare at the office? What kind of fly-by-night company do they have doing all this work? That's nuts.