February 17, 2007

Loooong day

Hello. I'm here at the station, and have been here since nine this morning. Had an early remote, and then a break long enough to run to Walmart for a prescription and then Arby's for lunch. Now I'm back getting settled in for Busch racing at Daytona! WOOT! *I know, you guys don't care.* During the race, I have another remote to do, and then AFTER the race, a remote on another station. So I'll be here until six pm.

Once I'm finally done with work, I'm stopping to do the grocery shopping. It's much better to do it alone, because W won't be trying to throw extra stuff in, and Bubba isn't asking for toys. But, they are remodeling my Walmart, and it's more difficult to find things. Jerks.

I'm long overdue on updating on K, Nanny's daughter. After a stint in rehab to get her strength back, she was home for a day, and then back in the hospital for a few, to address all the fluid built up in her lungs and legs. Fortunately, after that treatment, she is doing much better, and best of all, the fluid has not come back. This was like the third time they treated her for all of it, and since it is not recurring, it's a very good sign. She still has a long road ahead, but she's doing great right now. Her greatest joy last week was being able to put her shoes on. Not just being able to do it herself, but to even be able to have them fit on her feet was a big accomplishment. She had been so swollen from all the fluid.

K, in Ohio, reports that the twins are growing like weeds. I can't wait for new pictures, they are getting some done this weekend. She hates being back at work, but who doesn't?

Not much else going on. Bubba's ear is much better, all the nasty blisters are gone, but he's got one stubborn spot that is scabbed up and won't heal all the way. He scratches at it from time to time, and that doesn't help, either.

In-laws are on the road at the moment...they left early this morning. They will probably get in shortly before I get home from shopping. I don't believe the race car bed is coming this trip, but I'm not sure. We did find out that M will be a proud papa to a girl come May. They finally had their ultrasound. I'm assuming everything else looked good, I didn't ask. But them having a girl means we can't pass down all the clothes I have stashed away, so I need to ship them up to K in Ohio for her little man. We are going to pass on a bunch of big stuff to M, tho, including the car seat/stroller combo, swing and probably even the crib and bedding. We still use the highchair that matches all the rest, so I told him he couldn't have that. I think we agreed to give him the changing table, too, which now resides in our bathroom as a cabinet. He'll need to rent a dang U-Haul to get all this stuff home.

Ok, this will probably be the last post until after surgery, and I don't know how long we'll be in the hospital. At the latest, I'll update the following Monday when I'm back at the office. Wish us all luck.

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Laz said...

First of all: GOOD LUCK!!!

Second: Holy moly girl. When Drew was born you sent me a big box of baby clothes. You have more??