February 10, 2007


Booyah! Racin's on my TV! Not such a big deal to some, but very big to me. Granted, it's only the Shootout right now, but next week is the big one! The Daytona 500!! This means I'll be having more hours at the station. Of course, it also means weekend time away from Bubba, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I hope Jr. has a great year this year, regardless of whether he gets his contract extension garbage straigthened out. His step-mom would be insane to let him get away, and I do think she realizes that.

I don't think any of my regular readers are even remotely interested in racing, so I won't go on any longer.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Nothing much going on here, otherwise.


Laz said...

I confess it - what I care and what I know about racing could fit in the palm of my hand. But you're excited, and that's what counts :) I'm glad you're able to indulge in a favourite... pastime? hobby? sport?

J. Cullinane said...

I was just about to write nearly the exact same thing as Laz did..then i read her comments. Oops! So obviously, I agree! I find a passion for (almost) anything to be fantastic! So many people become lumps of blah in their own lives. Once I start working MORE I hope to get into more stuff. I'm itching to get into the exciting world of quilting myself. Woo!