February 02, 2007

My day at the office

We have been preparing for new flooring in my area of the office which has been a complete pain in the rear. I just happened to have my camera with me today, so I decided to do a photo montage of what my space looks like. Bear with me, this may be very boring to you. But I'm done working for the day because as you will see, 90% of my area is in boxes in my boss' office!!!

This is the unwelcome visitor I found after cleaning stuff up a bit, at least he's dead.

This is the far left of my desk, the top shelf used to filled with law books, receipt books, notebooks, and file card info.

This is directly to my left, and is usually covered with files that I am going to be working on, or waiting for call backs on or something like that.

This is what I stare at most of the day. Normally I have a desk calendar right there in front of the computer, and whatever stuff I'm currently working on. I have since moved the thing the phone is sitting on as well.

My typewriter used to be on a little table at the end of this desk. The desk used to be covered with files and my clock radio. The supplies on the little shelf underneath have since been removed.

This is half of my stuff in my boss' office. This pile is most of the organizational tools that are scattered around, normally with files and filing in them. Also my plants that are in usually in different locations.

This is the other half of my office contents. All my phone books, my typewriter and stand, the files I have to work on next week, that I couldn't leave around. All the stuff that WAS on the bookshelf from the first picture. SOME of that stuff is his mess.

So. The past two days have been trying to get work done, trying to get stuff picked up an stalking the longest Woot-off in history. And even after trying I did not score any Random Crap from Woot. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to woot.com and click the what is woot thingy.

Ok, gonna publish and see how this looks. I may not edit much, because for some reason I am only seeing the CODE of the pics as I insert them, instead of the pictures. Anyone know how to make that change? And also, if I delete the pictures off my computer will the still show up in the post? I really don't have a clue about stuff like that.

**Upon editing, another question. Is there a specific piece of code I can type that will insert, I guess, the equivalent of a hard return? When I viewed this as first published, the formatting was all wonky, and descriptions were not showing up the way they are now, and to fix it, I had to go in and put MASSIVE amounts of space in between. Can that be done a different way? I supposed I COULD have broken it up into different posts but I did not want to do that.**

I'm also getting sick of my keyboard not picking up certain keystrokes. I have to POUND on it apparantly when I am in this Blogger window to make an entry and it's getting old. Anyone else ever have this problem? Is it blogger or is my keyboard dying? I don't have this problem in word processing applications. UGH!

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