January 29, 2007

Mondays SUCK!

I hate Mondays in this place. I walked in this morning to find half the carpet back in my area ripped up, dust all through the air, and other problems encountered when 10-20 year old carpet is ripped up. Then by the time I get up front to clock in, the girls were looking for me because I already had a fricking client up there! Seems the one boss talked to her Friday and had her come in first thing. Which I knew nothing about. We got it straightened out, but damn that's annoying.

Pretty quiet weekend. Worked a few hours at the station. Went to W's buddy's house out in the boonies for dinner and goofing off. Bubba behaved quite well until the end, when he was playing with the one girl's matchbox type car, and wanted to take it home. He cried when I told him he couldn't, how would he like if she came to his house and took something of his? In the end, get this, the little girl gave it to W after Bubba was in the car, and said he could have it. My son, the charmer.

I've managed to get 5 of the 15 pounds I want to (re)lose gone. I didn't believe the scale the first few times it registered them gone, but it's been about a week, so I guess I'm doing something right. I've been meeting my goal of exercising four times a week, and been eating vegetables almost every night with dinner. Ten more to go, then maybe a few more. Who knows. I'm sure I'll do some damage when W is in the hospital. I'll try to get salads in the cafeteria, but they haven't been agreeing with me lately.

I've been glued to my desk this afternoon because my feet are nice and toasty in this little foot warmer thing the office manager got for me. Here's a pic of it!


J. Cullinane said...

Isn't it amazing how these childhood "MINE! MINE!" episodes play out? I STILL today remember when my bratty cousin stole my Weeble Wobble Circus from me. But instead of having a nice mom like you talk her into giving it back, MY mom said, "J, just let her have it."

The pain still lingers...

Laz said...

I definitely remember that too. It's such a betrayal when your parent wants you to give up your personal possession. That was sweet of the little girl to give it as a gift. And good job on the 5lb, that's terrific!