January 11, 2007

the 80's rule!

This was fun! Did better than I thought. Thanks to Jenn and Andrea and if I knew how to post links as their names, I would, but otherwise, they are over in the sidebar, there. Go have some fun.


Jennifer Goertzen said...


That link will tell you how to conceal a link in a word or phrase. I had to search long and hard for it a few months ago when I was trying to figure that out. Hope that works for ya!

Nancy said...

Hi there - I love the beach! We were at Myrtle Beach (off Myrtle Beach - North Myrtle maybe? I'm starting to hurt from typing myrtle so much!) and loved it. Wish I could remember the name of the dive we found for eats - beer for breakfast was on their sign. And, no we didn't but it was a pretty local cool place.

Anyway, that's just my random rant of the day for ya.