January 25, 2007

Breathing room, plans and stuff

Okay, so taxes are done and e-filed and boy am I a happy camper. No worries on getting the bills paid I want. They will be and with plenty left over. So a bit of breathing room will be available in the budget in a few weeks.

We have lots of plans for the extra money, too, like stocking up on goodies at Sams Club, like garbage bags, laundry soap, etc. etc. I need more clothes for work, again. hahah. W is getting some tires for the truck, long long overdue, and a toolbox for the bed of the truck, again long overdue. There will also be a sizable deposit into savings for emergencies. I feel so responsible.

We've finally been given news on the back issue from the surgeon. After more reviewing and stuff, he's discovered, A BROKEN SCREW IN HIS BACK! Woah. We've also been given our consult date and surgery date. February 12th for the consult and surgery on the 20th. The inlaws will be invading, of course, and I gotta figure out what I'm doing with Bubba. My mom would normally take him, and do the shuttling to and fro Nanny's. However she'll be most likely moving to her new office (same job, new location) which is five minutes from home and she will no longer be "going by Nanny's" to and from work. So it will be a huge inconvenience for her. She's my mom and would do it, I'm sure, but I feel bad asking her to. We'll just have to see.

So some worries have gone away, only to be replaced by new ones. Such is my life.

Also, tho I probably shouldn't talk about this yet, even tho noone local reads this, my boss at the station is leaving for greener pastures. Fricking Michigan! I'll miss him dearly, and wish him the best. I hope whoever they find to replace him is just as nice and likes to give peons freebies. hahaha. But yeah, best of luck, Scrubs. Stay warm in Michigan.

I went to MY doc today for a checkup and discussion about my ashtma issues. Got a sample of a different puffer, a script for one that I have a coupon for a free one and hopefully that will help get me more controlled. Needless to say, the powers that be deciding to change puffers has screwed me royally, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all this will help and not kill the budget. If the sample one helps, she'll write me a script for that, unless it is way too expensive. But if it's working, it would reduce my dependance on the other puffer. So less money in the long run, or something. I guess we'll see.

Best of luck Jenn on the next leg of your journey. Can't wait to hear the updates that you can come home and get married!

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Dooneybug said...

Sounds like things are way better! Glad to hear that they found out what the problem was with your husband's back! And the nice tax refund is always exciting. YAY!