January 19, 2007

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

Heh. Sorry y'all. There is just so little going on, I haven't written. I do the same thing day after day, and it's so utterly boring I know you wouldn't be interested.

Work still sucks. Still barely doing anything at the radio station. I've had nothing but my shift to tape the past two weeks. Same goes for this weekend. Still another month away from NASCAR starting back up, and then I'll have at least one shift over the weekend.

Bubba is fine. Rambunctious, stubborn and adorable as ever. He's a handful, that's for sure.

W is the same, as well. We haven't heard back from the doc about pending surgery, and if he doesn't call today, W will call Monday or Tuesday. I just want to get it scheduled so I can prepare at both jobs to be out for a bit.

I really want to find a new day job, but it just isn't feasible right now. Not knowing I'll need to take at least a week off for surgery. As much as I dislike this place, I have my vacation time, I have my flexibility. And the bonuses, which go a long way.

Hopefully I'll get my W-2's next week so I can get our taxes done and get whatever rebate back. I really need to get some big balances paid, which will free up a bit each month to go to other places. We still have a loooong way to go to be where I want to be debt and budget wise. Until W is better, we settle and/or he goes back to work, there isn't much more I can do.

Nanny's daughter is doing much better. She was tranfserred to a rehabilitation center last week, and MAY go home next week. She is getting her strength back but still having some issues. Thanks so much for all that have been keeping her in your thoughts/prayers. Still a long way to go, especially if they still feel she needs a transplant.

Ummm....I don't really have anything else to say. Thanks to all who commented last week. Please come back around and continue to talk to me.


Jennifer Goertzen said...

I pray for Nanny's daughter all the time and yesterday I heard something that I thought you would think was neat (in regards to prayer). I was mentioning to my mom that what with this Immigration shit and our massive money problems and other things I got very few moments of peace these days. But, I said, for some reason every so often I would feel okay for a few minutes, like maybe it would be all right after all. I could hear her smile over the phone and she said "Jenn, that's when someone is praying for you". Nice, huh?

Laz said...

Aw that's sweet :) I really like that. I understand about the post-haitus when everything feels the same.. I often sit down and think "I ought to post something, it's been over a week" and then realize I just don't have anything worth saying. These are good times for quiz links :P Hope you're well in all the important ways.

J. Cullinane said...

I agree!

Every once in a great while when my ears start ringing, I still think, "Oooh someone's thinking of me." If that's true, I don't get thought of all that often!

I love all those quizes and stuff. As some of you might have noticed, I'm the one who is constantly sending the "Get to know me!" quizzes. Cult of personality!