April 30, 2008

the bathroom....

...is going slowly. I guess that's what happens when you just have one guy doing the work as opposed to a crew, but a whole crew wouldn't fit in there, anyway. The new shower BASE is in, the new exhaust fan/heater should be finished today. I'm hoping tomorrow he can do the walls and floor or at least SOMETHING that feels like tangible progress. Costs aren't outrageous but it's still hard to fathom how much total it's going to cost.

W isn't feeling much better. He's recovered from the surgery itself, but isn't getting the relief we were expecting. Which is not good news, because they've basically told us there isn't anything else they can do for him. So we're expected to live like this forever. Him in miserable pain and depressed about it and not being able to work, and me seeing my spouse suffering and not being able to fix it. Not to mention, if he can't go back to work, our financial situation will not get any better.

The office has been driving me crazy. I have no desire to continue to do this work, but have little choice due to the flexibilty this place provides. Nothing else would pay even close to what this does, considering the bonuses I get from both bosses. So I'll just plug along, miserable, but what can I do? And it's not like I have other marketable skills to put to any use. I'm a glorified secretary and a mom. Whoopee.

On a plus side (finally) W and I have a date night this Saturday. Missy, dont' get too jealous, but we're going to see Jason Aldean at the House of Blues, and courtesy of the radio station, we'll get to meet him, too. Really looking forward to it, I love his music, and we both need a night of fun. Oh, and I may have an opportunity to see James Otto *ducks from the daggers Missy is throwing* because he's supposed to be coming to one of the clubs in the area later this year. Not getting too excited about that one, because it may not happen.

Uh, I think that's all I got. I'll try to take bathroom pictures once there's something to show some progress.

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Missy said...

ghee thanks for putting me in a depressed mood again. LOL It's ok now if you had told me that you were going to see and meet Big & Rich again or Gary Allan... I'd be in tears. Have fun and take lots of pictures. Jason is coming here too, but I haven't heard of any other good concerts this summer. I wonder if Jason knows that he will be playing in a gym covered with corn??? I will post pictures of the place on my blog next time I post!!!