March 15, 2008

Almost time to go

W is in the shower, I'm dressed except for shoes. Big bag/purse is prepped...Cooler for the drive is prepped. Just checked the weather for Darlington and the chance of rain is now 60%!! FUCK! Supposed to be in the afternoon, but y'all know my luck, right? i do know we're going to be the early group, so hopefully...........enough prayers have been said so I just have to have faith.

Quickly, some other things. Bubba has been a bit better about eating lately. Some of the things we've gotten him to eat without a fight: tacos! hamburger helper (made with deer meat); fried shrimp! and the biggest victory: CARROTS!!!! I don't know if some switch flipped in his head about food or what, but he's been so cute saying things like, "I'm gonna try that mama." I hope this trend continues.

W found out he's in for not one, but TWO surgeries. More on that later, as we get closer to it.

Ok, I am gonna piddle around a bit more and then keep W motivated to get dressed. He's only going so I can do this, because he can't take part, and that bugs the shit out of him. I've told him repeatedly how much it means to me that he's doing so. For all his flaws, he's still a great man. And I love him dearly.

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Missy said...

So did ya have fun?