March 07, 2008

pictures pictures pictures

Some Christmas:

Bubba playing with his cousin, about a week apart in age....They had a blast!!

This is opening the gift from me and W, I love the expression....another pic with him IN this gift is coming up.

The newest addition, little L. This is brother M's daughter...

This is from Christmas morning, I just love how BIG he looks here, all in the foreground and whatnot. The elf is little brother B. W on the left, and the other is bro in law J, oh and the dog, Princess.

One of many vehicle themed gifts.

This is W's mom and aunts. I swear my mother in law doesn't really have antlers.

Bubba's wish from Santa: Shake 'N Go Crash Ups racetrack. Santa found this while IN Pittsburgh for the vacation, because we weren't sure what he was talking about.

W being goofy with his gift, a new gun safe. That makes two that now inhabit my bedroom corner.

Not Christmas:

The orange penis marshmallow in a bowl of generic lucky charms. Luckily this was W's bowl.

Skater boy, my oh my he looks so grown up here.

My dog looks like she has lightbulbs in her eyes.....I need to learn how to fix these things.

Disney loves us...these are all Cars diecast cars.


Missy said...

Wow now that is alot of car stuff! You need a little girly girl! You have a very handsome little guy!!! UHG... still stalking the mail... Maybe next week.

Missy said...

ha ha I'm enjoying the eye candy over here!

Laz said...

No matter what you do, dogs and cats will always look like demons in pictures :) Unless you don't use a flash. I'm also impressed with the Cars collection! Your (adorable) little guy MUST be getting big, since he's about a year older than mine and MINE is getting enormous :)